Monday, April 23, 2007

And Walin makes five... w/update

Walin filing latest in recent rash of gag order requests

A motion for the protective order request, filed by the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office, will be heard before Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Christopher Wilson on Monday.

If the request for the protective order — also known as a gag order — is granted, it will prevent trial attorneys, court officials and other trial participants from talking to media about the case.

On Friday, Walin’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Jennifer D. Dixon, declined to comment on why the gag order request was filed....

Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Arnie Klein said a judge found sufficient evidence — following an April 3 preliminary hearing — to hold Walin to answer to all charges listed on the complaint against him: felon in possession of a firearm, a sawed-off shotgun; felon in possession of ammunition; possession of a sawed-off shotgun; assault with a firearm; felon in possession of a short-barreled shotgun; and grand theft auto, with a special allegation that Walin allegedly did so with a sawed-off shotgun and another special allegation that Walin has a prior felony vehicle theft conviction.

Mr. Schwartz called us
"Gag" Orders
California Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct
California Bar Association Rule 5-120. Trial Publicity
American Bar Association Rule 3.8 Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor

Judge denies protective order request in Michael Walin case "without prejudice."


  1. It's just pathetic when the PD's regularly display more dignity and professionalism than the senior DA's.
    Once upon a time a proper prosecutorial response to media inquiry, absent a public emergency, was a simple
    "We do not try our cases in the media". O tempora, o mores.

  2. Even the defense attys are disgusted.


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