Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So much for hopes

for a kinder, gentler NEC...

Former Earth First Activist, Greg King, the new head of the 'North Coast Environmental Center' has apparently decided that going on the attack is the best way to bring in money. So much for the NEC being a big tent - it is just another partisan, extreme fringe activist attack group...

In his opening salvo he attacks Rob Arkley, then turns his sights on Simpson/Green Diamond.

It's obvious that now, with Palco on its knees, Simpson/Green Diamond is the next big target. This is something they should have known was coming. King claims that they are seeking an amendment to their 1992 Habitat Conservation Plan that would allow the company to kill eight pairs of spotted owls, and that they have "destroyed" 45 pairs of spotted owls. He delivers his threat "...Though litigation is always a last-resort measure, we will not hesitate to stand in the way of a plan that threatens to kill the last owls and salmon."

And, like Salzman, he asks for money after bringing up the Klamath Dam removal... It's almost as if he, Salzman and Nichols were acting in concert...


  1. Litigation is the last resort? Hardly! Look at Nichols's last press release. Litigation is how many of the unethical ones fund their existence. They have to have it

  2. And that be Rose again posting on her own blog. Pathetic.

  3. And you're wrong. yet again.

  4. Hey Richard at 11:56...

    Wrong again brother - I am 4:05 pm...but keep up with conspiracy theories and obsession with Rose.

    Talk about pathetic - look in the mirror or re-read your own lame posts and emails that you send off to the orks.


  5. Hey - is HWC a 501c3 or what. Should be able to somehow get to their money base and find out who is financing this.


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