Friday, May 02, 2014

This week in Plea Deals: Trinidad stabbing defendant gets a year in jail and five years probation for the January stabbing death of Jesse Alvin Ruiz

Trinidad stabbing defendant gets 1 year in jail; Larry Clinton Morrow could face up to 11 years in prison if he violates probation - Jillian Singh/The Times-Standard

Judge Marilyn Miles said she was following the recommendation of the plea agreement when she handed down the sentence. Miles ordered Morrow to pay Ruiz's family $4,200 in restitution. He faces up to 11 years in prison if he violates the terms of his probation....

Public defender Gregory Elvine-Kreis said Morrow was defending himself and what happened “will haunt him and Ruiz's family for the rest of their lives.”

”My client would like to apologize for the family's loss,” Elvine-Kreis said. “He's been nothing but forthright with police officers and remorseful, repeating 'I stabbed him, I stabbed him,' as soon as they arrived. This was a story of self-defense. My client was attacked. He was challenged to a fight and there was damage done to his trailer.”

What do you think? No real word here on what he pled to... If it was self defense, that's a harsh sentence. If not, it's awful light.


  1. Assuming the 11 years of prison exposure if he violates probation is accurate then he had to have plead to Voluntary Manslaughter. That is the maximum punishment for that crime. In this case that is what he was charged with. They did not have to agree to probation, but that was a trade-off for the Guilty Plea. It is more of "what is it going to take to move this car off the lot" type of thinking.

  2. It's tough not knowing the facts yet, if ever. For instance, if the dead guy was the original aggressor, and if the accused was losing the fight when he pulled the knife, or if the dead guy was known to be violent and dangerours, then the killer could have a legally insufficient self defense case, but a fairly sympathetic set of facts. But who knows. Of course, if the stabber was the aggressor, and the other guy had no weapon, then this should have been murder. The media are not telling us enough to form an intelligent opinion.

  3. What does it take to move this car off the lot?'that is so paul gallegos. So paul. Vomit. Excuse me but just vomit.

  4. Larry clinton morrow had the knife out before the door to the trailer was even opened.I know him. He is a piece of shit.the owner of the trailer told me that rhe victim was not being violent in any way.& clintin pulled the knife before going outside. Its the systems way of not dealing with stuff. Hopefully he'll get dealt with on the outside.

  5. Here is yet another example of how violent crimes has being mishandled by the current DA ADMINISTRATION. Remember his come June 3rd. Our community desperately needs and deserves change in the office.

  6. And change it will get with four candidates running.

    Your not so subtle tactic is a cheap shot by candidates that cannot run on their own merit.

  7. Verda W. Pitts5/08/2014 11:25 AM

    This was an atrocious agreement made again, against the wishes or well being of the victim or the victims family. He did plea guilty to voluntary manslaughter. I am friends of the victims mother. She was "helped" through this horrible event by Kelly Neel. Neel assured Jesse's mother this was the best they could do. Ruiz had MULTIPLE self defense stab wounds, as well as the fact there were welts from someone holding his arms behind his back. This crime is not being properly investigated so its no surprise its been so horribly dealt with in the court room. Unfortunately, like so many other Humboldt County residence, the family of Jesse was fooled, deceived, flat out lied to by the people who are in fact put in place to DEFEND and PROSECUTE FOR the victims, ON BEHALF of the victims. There is no justice here, its sickening. As I pay more attention to our DA's office, read more on our local government, and do research of my own, I get more sick and upset. Also, the man who killed Jesse already had a violent crime on his record- which involved him STABBING someone. Kelly Neel you should be ashamed as a mother, and woman of "power and position". You take advantage of people and seem to have confused who is the victim and who is the defendant.


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