Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The KMUD Debate

Candidates for District Attorney of Humboldt County will appear in a debate sponsored by the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project,

Monday, May 5 at the Veterans Memorial Hall, Garberville, from 7 to 9 pm. Doors opened at 6:30.

This debate was broadcast live on KMUD!

7:01 PM: CLMP Welcome, Introductions, Overview of Process
7:05 PM: Brief Opening Statements by Candidates - 1 minute each
7:10 PM: Prepared Questions - Facilitators decide how much time for a question. Each question is answered by each candidate with time for any rebuttals.
7:55 - 8:05 - Ten Minute Break
8:05 PM: More Questions asked by Facilitators and from the floor. Each Answered by each candidate with time for rebuttals.
8:55 PM: Brief Closing Statements by Candidates

Did you hear it? What did you think? Will link the podcast if and when it becomes available.


  1. I went and had not made up my mind yet.

    I thought all the candidates came off well enough when they spoke. Arnie was quite entertaining and the only one who called Firpo out. She claimed to have prosecuted for 6 years but she has only been at the office for 5.

    She also said she had 20 years of relevant experience, but at the end, she said 20 years of management experience. That can't be true as she hasn't managed anything since she recently switched to law.

    In any case, I do not like her inflating her experience. That concerns me.

  2. "Had not made up my mind" hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. I'm confused. What did the first commenter say that calls for an abusive, dismissive response? It seemed like a measured comment, with a legitimate concern. Surely if there is something incorrect in the comment, the reasonable response would be to point that out?

  4. If you believe that the commenter hadn't made up his mind. I don't.

  5. I read the comment to say that the person, gender unspecified, went to the forum and hadn't made up his or her mind at that time, said all the candidates came off well and made a perfectly reasonable observation about one area of concern. What precisely did I miss?

  6. I read this thread to say Anon at 8:00 and 5:15 talk about themselves (Anon at 10:52) in the third person.
    Now you should act like a 4th person weighing in on this important topic! hahahahahaha

  7. I was the first person and not the other person. Just because I am concerned about one of the candidates inflating her experience, does not mean that I have all day to spend on this blog pretending to be multiple personalities.

    Why would someone claim to have 20 years management experience, when she doesn't? If she has not managed in the last 9 years (since 2005 when she started studying law), then she would have to have managed from the ages of 18 years old to 38 years old. This is clearly not true.

    I want to vote for a DA that tells the truth.

  8. " Just because I am concerned about one of the candidates inflating her experience, does not mean that I have all day to spend on this blog pretending to be multiple personalities."

    Me thinks you doth protest too much.

  9. Yet still no one responds to the issue.

    Instead of shooting the messenger, why not respond?

    Why is she lying about her experience?

  10. 8:22 and 10:30 if you are concerned about the truth, ask questions of all candidates.

    You keep bringing up the one issue Fleming and Klein and their supporters seem intent to keep harping on.

    Been answered more than once, so the only truth is that you are not getting the answer and result you want.

  11. No, she only just said that she had 20 years management experience a few days ago. Not the same issue being harped on.

    Can someone from her campaign state why she said 20 years of management experience when that is clearly untrue?

  12. "Why is she lying about her experience?"


    I think the real question is why are asking anonymous bloggers anonymouly? Because we all know that Rose's blog is where genuinely concerned voters come to get real answers from the candidates.

    You are entertaining though.

  13. Ok, here's a real answer.
    Elan is the least qualified candidate in the race. She simply does not know the job, nor the law. She has not had the time or a fair opportunity to learn.
    Elan Firpo was admitted to the bar in 2008, just 6 years ago. She has been a prosecutor for 5 years, she has gone to trial about 23 times, and lost or hung a 6 of her cases. Everything she has "learned" she learned from Paul Gallegos. Everything she thinks she knows about "managing" a DA's office, she learned in that office. She has never worked in a functional DA's office with a stable of competent experienced prosecutors to learn from and confer with.
    She has never tried a murder case, a child pornography case, never tried a case with very young witnesses or victims at the time of trial. She knows nothing about forensics, DNA experts,
    computer crimes, environmental crimes.
    Maybe that's why she's claiming 20 years of experience. She is not ready for this job, and should not pretend that she is. If she fools the voters, the voters have only themselves to thank.

    1. Arnie Arnie Arnie. Maggie Maggie Maggie.

      Desperation is so sad.

  14. Ask an anonymous nonsense question- get an anonymous nonsense answer. Do you people ever get tired of arguing with yourselves?

    1. No occasionally we get to argue with you.

    2. Touché. Though I am no match for you in the nonsense war. I surrender.

  15. This letter appeared in the North Coast Journal this week (submitted by Jason White of McKinleyville), and his thoughts resonate with me.
    "In evaluating each DA candidate's potential to effectively manage the office, voters should reflect on their own experience. Most have undoubtedly suffered under supervisors convinced they possessed some rare and mystical set of universally-applicable management skills that trumped inexperience and an incomplete familiarity with that which they managed. This view is particularly dangerous in a field as complex and highly-specialized as prosecutorial law, where few would consider four to five years of experience "seasoned" and where outcomes affect public safety not overseas manufacturing targets.

    Our next DA will need to build an effective team of prosecutors and staff, a challenge that will demand knowledgeable oversight, skilled mentoring and respectful collaboration and communication with other offices and agencies. With this in mind, a review of verifiable, relevant qualifications and testimonials from people with direct knowledge of the demands of the position will lead to the best choice for district attorney — Maggie Fleming."
    Jason White, McKinleyville

  16. Since Arnie Klein uses that line in every debate, are Maggie and Arnie working together?

  17. According to Firpo's own website, she was a manager in the engineering field from 1993 to 2002...if we are generous, then that is 9 full years...no where near 20 years.

    The last time she managed anything was 12 years ago and it certainly was not an uber busy law office.

    She cannot run the DA's office. What she can do is continue to learn as a deputy and not try to take over something that she does not understand....

    All credit to her hard work but she simply isn't ready for the job.

  18. Wow. So firpo is lying about her management experience too! She clearly is not ready for this important position. Would you hire a chief of surgery with only 5 years experience over candidates with over 20, 30, or 40 years experience? I know I wouldn't. Think about it.

  19. Actually, the Chief of Surgery usually works for a department head, who is usually a Registered Nurse with an MS and a management background. Since you asked

  20. The way you can tell Firpo's management strength is cutting through is by rash of commenters working overtime to diminish it.

    1. Actually that applies to Maggie supporters like you. Quick to respond to both Fleming or Firpo comments.

      Arnie supporters too but Maggie lemmings do it full-timd, retired or employed.

  21. Not diminishing it...just pointing out her inflation of it.

    It was only 9 years of it...12 years ago...

    When you hear her in debates, she states it as though it has been the last 20 years. That is lying...bold faced.

  22. Hmm Candidates selling themselves?? Craziness. I'm sure you also mention Fleming claiming she has hired people because she sat on an interview panel for new attorneys in Contra Costa. pS: the term Firpo uses is "20 years of relevant experience to the job". Not 20 years of management experience. She has been I. Criminal law specifically since 2008

  23. She said 20 years of management experience at the KMUD debate. I was there.

    At the end of the day, what Firpo managed or didn't manage was done outside of our county so impossible to verify.

    1. So were other people who attended. They don't have defective or selective hearing.

      At the end of the day, Maggie is bought and paid for by law enforcement, unions and elected officials. That is verifiable. Start with the 460s. Go down her list of supporters.


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