Friday, May 23, 2014

Fleming Addresses Campaign Donation Snafu, Law Enforcement Support

The district attorney candidate was responding to questions about a recent $2,500 campaign donation from the Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization, a group that has endorsed her and that includes deputy sheriffs, probation officers, DA investigators and other members of law enforcement. - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

Blogger John Chiv, who actively supports Deputy DA Élan Firpo in the race, pointed out last month that the Fleming campaign had apparently not reported the group’s $2,500 donation within 24 hours as required by law.

As of last year, the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission requires campaigns to report within 24 hours all donations of $1,000 or more made during the last 90 days before an election. Before last year the window was just 16 days.

Fleming said yesterday that her campaign treasurer, Rick Grimm, was unaware of that regulation until someone read Chiv’s blog and questioned him about it. “Rick has not served as a campaign treasurer before and although he spent a lot of time going over the rules he didn’t catch that one,” Fleming said.

The donation was made on either April 1 or 2, she explained, and the required 497 form was submitted on April 8. What’s the penalty for that lapse? A $10-per-day late fee, according to the FPPC.

Some blog commenters have, perhaps predictably, interpreted this late reporting as a deliberate attempt at obfuscation, and they say she’s tried to hide the endorsement of the HDSO.

“I never tried to hide it and shared that information with others,” Fleming said, adding that all four DA candidates sought the group’s endorsement. “At the first forum we had on March 13 I listed the agencies that had endorsed me including the HDSO,” Fleming said. “That was televised.”


  1. From Loco:

    More money hidden by Fleming. According to Fleming's latest report, she spent $10,992.00 with Times Printing. and $32,185.00 with J Garland media plus another $26,000.00 in other radio and media. No 496 on file for any of those late expenditures. A serious violation of FPPC law to hide those expenditures until the last minute before the election. The money she has hidden during this reporting period exceeds the money Kerrigan and Bass have spent together. She has outraised and outspent any candidate in history to this point in an election. Why is Loco not reporting on this? Oh yeah, Joel Meilke, her brother in law works at Loco! Educate yourself and your friends, or you risk letting her buy the election. The FPPC fines won't matter after she is in office.

  2. More. Fleming has raised over $118,000.00 as of the May 17th reporting period. She failed to disclose over $50,000.00 in media buys on a 496 as required by law. Looks like hiding this little $2500.00 contribution and her mea culpa was to cover a much bigger story. The fact she has broken every record for fundraising and spending in a primary and hidden the money until the absentee ballots were in. Precisely what the late expenditure rules are there to prevent. I'm thinking a lot of people would have never voted for her if they knew the story and they saw where her money was coming from. Let's turn this around at the polls people!

  3. As of 2 days ago only 6500 out of 38,000 have been returned, so most of this money has been wasted.

  4. Or, maybe folks are backing Fleming because she is the best.

  5. Blogger John Chiv said...

    It is well known that I am supporting Elan. In the case of those media expenditures, Maggie's campaign did nothing wrong.

    She does not have to file a 496 for campaign expenditures, she does if they were independent expenditures.

  6. God knows, we wouldn't want a DA who has earned the confidence of law enforcement.

  7. 8:45 confidence of law enforcement is one thing. Maggie is not the only candidate that has the confidence of law enforcement.

    Maggie would be a DA bought and paid by law enforcement. They are her largest donors as her 460s indicate and they are her largest volunteers.

  8. Listen folks. I am NOT voting for Fleming because simply because she has been a prosecutor for years and now is in the county counsel's office doesn't do it for me. . The fact that her committee missed the date to declare is a stupid non issue. Happens all the time in small campaigns. So its a lame argument. So how about focusing in the the fact that She has no courage nor leadership.

  9. The Firpo people (especially Salzman) are attacking Fleming with unrelenting bald-faced lies. Fleming has unflinching courage, and has shown leadership in every aspect of her professional life. Consider the source when you see or hear the smears. These people are scum.

  10. Which lies? Her failures in CAST? Her Career Part Time Government Employment? Her lack of integrity in running against the liberal agenda with conservatives and vise versa? Her attitude of entitlement? Her anti-transparenecy record with County Counsel?

    You tell me which of those is a lie, and I shall provide you the evidence of fact.

    I started as a Fleming supporter, but she's shown a complete lack of ethics in this campaign.

  11. 10:33 the Fleming people talking about ethics is a joke. They keep repeating the same lies against the Firpo campaign and other opponents in an effort to distract from Maggie Fleming's weaknesses and complete lack of backbone.

    Many of us Fleming ditched her for another candidate because her decent supporters and pluses been overshadowed by the unscrupulous people Maggie choses to associate herself with.

    Courage would have been running on her record.

    She is not representing her true feelings on marijuana.

    Courage would have been running on her record. She is not representing her true feelings on marijuana. That is one example.

    Bonnie Neely, Mike Losey, Joel Mielke, to name a few, are the kiss of death in any campaign.

    If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    1. Talk to John Chiv. He heard Kathlern Bryson say, "We are going to re-brand Maggie for Southern Humboldt." Translation: We are going to lie about her record and belief of aggressive Marijuana prosecution. Courage and conviction counts. Fleming has none. Abandoned the office for the higher-paying County Counsel. Now in order to curry favor, trying to get Gallegos' endorsement. Maggie is who she is. She decided to not be that person for the campaign. We'll see how that works out for her.

    2. Anon, I don't think you are. an Elan supporter but one who supports another opponent and don't use my name about what I said and do not sully Elan's campaign.

  12. Richard Salzman has bigger fleas than all the rest and that is who Firpo is sleeping with.

  13. Oh no. Sorry to say Salzman has nothing on Mike Losey, Max Cardoza and Joel Meilke in the sleaze department. They are just less effective.

  14. I never said that. Jason Chand claimed that he overheard me say that and he put it on his Facebook in February. Untrue.

    Now someone is claiming John Chiv heard me say that. Still untrue.

    Desperate stuff from a desperate campaign.

    Also, what is this nonsense that Maggie is trying to get Gallegos's endorsement. He is clearly supporting Firpo.

    Anon 1:28, where do you get this stuff?

    1. I never said that Kathleen said any such thing. So whoever posted that can post in their own name

  15. Why did that print as Bryson4DA?

    Now I have to post anonymously.

    Rose, what the heck is up with this site of yours?

    LOL that is a blast from the past.

    from Bryson NOT 4 DA aka Kathleen Bryson

  16. John, you sully every blog now with your presence as a liar telling lies about people you disagree with. Nobody respects a slanderer which you've become, another Prog hit and run first class ethically-challenged pol who lets politics dictate moral values. Why did do you have resort to low-life libeling of your critics? If you can't take criticism, why are you here posting?

  17. Let's get Rose and Stephen backpack on the radio together! Was your show on KHSU?


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