Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have we moved on? No.

Are builders and developers calling the plays? - North Coast Journal May 1997 Cover Story

Can we move on now? Please.


  1. When I read your post headline, I thought you were talking about Gallegos, Miller and Salzman


  2. That's funny. So did I.

    And meanwhile, back in the DA's race, the Gallegos/Salzman (yes indeed) campaign of alternate realities continues.

    Regarding Rose's comment of May 8 that the Paul Fan club has closed its doors, apparently not. He's announcing his protege (again) on Sunday.
    (Although Paul's Introduction is mentioned in some places, as here on Sohum Parlance II, KMUD, and the Independent, his name is omitted in several other announcements. No, not a timing issue, he's omitted.)

    Elan Firpo at Beginnings on Sunday
    May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized | by Eric Kirk | Leave a comment
    From the Firpo campaign:
    Join us for a good time, Sunday, May 18th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the Beginnings Octagon in Briceland
    Spend the evening getting to know Elan and her team!
    Introduction by Paul Gallegos
    Music by Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy
    With comments by: KMUD Monday Morning Show host, Dennis Huber, Michael Evenson, Mattole Salmon Group

    Paul is there - to say whatever the people want to hear!

  3. Well, the asshole is still her boss and like it or not every vote counts. You can't have a shot at a new vision if you don't win the election. Like dealing with God's own chosen 2nd son ( Ken Miller ) , you must just shake your. Head and move on.

  4. 11:34. Well said. She'd be crazy not to take help getting elected. She's said Paul has been supportive going all the way back to January. Anyone who knows Firpo at all knows she has a different vision for the office than Paul. That includes Paul. Says something to me that he still supports her despite how critical she has been of the office management.

  5. I can't believe agree we agree. Can we please move on from builders and developers calling the plays?

    If Sharon and Chris are voted in, we'd take a giant step toward putting the public back in public participation.

    1. Wtf? It'd be 2 steps back. No thanks.

  6. Fripo is a real positive you idiot LJ. Kerrigan and Latour are not. Ewald is a good guy for Fripo but an evil for Sundberg. LJ, you and Salzman and Miller and HCDCC and Baykeeper and on and on are fucking jokes.

  7. Interesting. The post is not about the DA's race but some comments are.

    Looks like some people are threatened.

    Firpo must be the forerunner, her critics think so.

  8. The beautiful thing is we all have our reasons to like it not like each candidate. I am with 7:25. Firpo might be the only thing Salzman and I ever agree on. There is not a candidate out there who wouldn't take the breadth of support Firpo has from the likes of Ken Miller all the way to the likes of Mike Harvey. You won't see these anons posting this garbage on liberal blogs.

  9. Ya, look at Salzman's letter posted on this blog. He is saying Firpo is against law enforcement and there will be no change from the Gallegos era. If you expect Firpo to work with law enforcement as she says she will, forget it. Read his letter, he outlines how it will be with her in office. Firpo and her supporters must really be getting scared,speaking through Salzman they think will get her more votes, wrong!

  10. You tried this on another thread Maggie-Arnie lemming.


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