Tuesday, May 13, 2014

John Chiv: Justice in the Randall Cook case

On March 20, he gets 270 days; Randall Miles Cook out on SWAP already, with no victim notification
On March 20 this year, Randall Miles Cook was sentenced to 270 days in jail by Judge Marilyn Miles for molesting his own 7 year old granddaughter.

Originally the plea had no jail time. Cook, of Cookhouse Realty, who is also a member of Humboldt Association of Realtors plead guilty to a felony on 12/17. The charge is child endangerment. PC 273 (a). This was a change in plea. Two charges of PC 288 (a) were dismissed.

There was no notification to the victim and her mother. The victim's mother just returned from a vacation yesterday to find this out on her own. "My daughter was robbed of justice," said Veronica Cook. "And then I find out Randy has been released last Thursday."

...Ms. Neel told me that Penal Code 4019 which allows good time credit and if the sentence left is a certain amount of days, the inmate can apply for SWAP. That was confirmed by Lt. Marco Luna who supervises SWAP.

Randy Cook served his time in custody, he received good time credit. Lt. Luna said he was SWAP eligible. He was evaluated for risk. Since his felony was reduced to a misdemeanor and since he was not a registered sex offender, he was put on SWAP.
Randy Cook SWAP revoked? Hopefully yes.
2 answers in the affirmative; only jail confirmation pending
Randy Cook told to turn himself in to custody; does not meet SWAP criteria
"After speaking with the SWAP officer, and reviewing the case a little closer Mr. Cooks case does not really fit our SWAP criteria. We decided to have him turn himself back into Custody and serve the rest of his sentence in custody".
You, the public, deserve the credit, thanks to all who called and followed up on the Cook case
You the public who called made the difference. You deserve the credit for standing up for Cook's victims.


  1. That is not justice in any place on the plant Earth.....that was the most convoluted concept of justice I Have ever witnessed in 42 years.

  2. Justice would be a public hanging of the sob


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