Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ferrer intervention

This afternoon, in Courtroom 4 there is Intervention for the Ferrer case. Courtroom is closed with attorneys only. Will Houston from the Times-Standard is waiting with me in the hallway to speak to attorneys. They came out within a few minutes. - John Chiv/Words Worth

Preliminary hearing is confirmed for May 28 by Mr. Benjamin Okin. Mr. Marek Reavis, attorney for Ferrer said to expect 2 full days of testimony.


  1. Didn't Elan Firpo call Arnie Klein a liar at one of the debates when he pointed out that the victim had three stab wounds, and don't we now know that there were indeed three wounds? Wasn't Firpo's plea deal misleading, and that's why the judge rejected it? That's how I understood it.

    1. Not three stab wounds, only one. This from court testimony in the last two days.

      So now we know who lied. Not Firpo but Klein.

  2. 8:51 we know nothing since the case has yet to be tried again.

    So you are 1. either an insider and friend of Arnie's from the office/courthouse releasing confidential information or 2. a supporter of Arnie's that has access to information you went and got just to dig up dirt.

    Or 3. you could be a Maggie or Allan supporter playing some dirty tricks trying to discredit Arnie.


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