Friday, May 02, 2014

MOST WANTED: Well, they caught Silverio Sanchez, found him hiding in an attic

$5,410,000 Bail Set for Silverio Sanchez - Kym Kemp/LoCo
Sanchez was wanted for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, felony evasion of a police officer and felony hit and run.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office press release:: Attempted Murder Suspect Silverio Sanchez Found Hiding in Attic by K9 Unit - Andrew Goff/LoCo
◼ Earlier: Silverio Sanchez: Wanted for Attempted Murder/Bail over $1,000,000 - Kym Kemp/LoCo April 9

Canine brings attempted murder suspect Sanchez out of hiding and leads to arrest - John Chiv/Words Worth
The agencies involved with the apprehension of Silverio Sanchez.
US Marshals Service
Humboldt County Sheriff Department
US Forest Service
Trinity County Sheriff Department
US Drug Enforcement Administration
Eureka Police Department
California Fish and Wildlife
California Highway Patrol
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Arcata Police Department
Fortuna Police Department
California State Parole
Ronald Sanchez Jr., 26 years old who is Silverio Sanchez’s brother is on active parole, and was arrested for a violation of parole and is being held without bail. Additional charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm, a felon being in possession of ammunition and harboring a fugitive are being sought against Ronald Sanchez Jr.

Silverio Sanchez bail enhanced by 5 million

◼ Then, there's his cousin by the same name, also in court: Silverio Sanchez court hearing this afternoon; the cousin of the fugitive Sanchez - John Chiv/Words Worth
This afternoon Silverio Sanchez was scheduled for a court hearing at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 4. Same name but not the guy undone by the canine. Same family, same name even the middle and they are cousins.

Sanchez #2 has been in jail for 10 days. There is one case with a criminal protective order; it is a felony with the charge being assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm. That case was scheduled for Intervention today and result was from a complaint filed on April 25, 2014.

The other case was on for Pre Trial conference for a misdemeanor traffic case. Charge was showing false ID to a police officer....

When Judge Reinholtsen called the cases, Mr. Lee informed the court that there had been a resolution in the case with the felony charge and protective order. Mr. Lee said the People are amending the felony charge of assault to a misdemeanor, penal Code 242, battery. "Mr. Sanchez will plead guilty," he said. The other case was being dismissed.

"The reason for the reduction is because I spoke to the victim," said Mr. Curtis. "She told me what happened. The police report got garbled somehow. There was no misconduct."


  1. Why is Kelly Neel commenting on a case that Ben McLaughlin is appointed on? The cess pool of the DA's office knows no bounds.

  2. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 9:51 AM

    I believe that she commented on the case before I was appointed. Didn't know I was going to be appointed until I got to court on another matter.

  3. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 9:53 AM

    Insulting Kelly's ethics is a really poor way to go about criticizing the DAO. She has 15 years of criminal experience and is exceptionally fair-minded and good.

  4. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 10:06 AM

    Sorry, appears you're right. Kelly did, in fact, convey the next court dates to the reporter. The article clearly states that Mr. Curtis will be the prosecutor.

  5. Ben. Stfu. Your wife should not be involved and never should have commented. She should not be in a position to assign curtis. The office should be recused. The corruption there is disgusting.

    Btw stay off the blogs. You are part of her problem.

  6. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 11:43 AM

    The case is out of Mr. Curtis' courtroom, so I don't think anything was assigned.

    You are entitled to your opinions about Kelly and myself. I happen to disagree.

  7. Well your wife should be investigated by the state bar and she is also a big part of that office's problems which a lot of us hope goes away with a new d.a.

  8. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 12:11 PM

    That's rich. If a State Bar inquiry would assuage your concerns, then request one.

    Perhaps you should also call the AG, to see whether the entire office should be recused on my cases.

  9. No that's poor. Poor judgment in her part and yous and this isn't the first time from what I have heard. Perhaps that will occur and she can explain her involvement with the other deputies and the plea bargains that have come out on your behalf and the other lawyers you practiced with. It looks And smells bad.

  10. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 1:53 PM

    From what you've heard?

    That's all I need to know.

    You really passed POST?

    God, help us.

  11. Yes from your wife and Lawyers like you. This is why people make lawyer jokes.

  12. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 3:41 PM

    And you are why people make fun of POST folks... You're (personally) are not too smart. Challenged, perhaps, by the fact your cases are never charged?

  13. Post? Maybe why that's why you are a shitty lawyer. I am not a cop you idiot. You assume. That's why you are a solo lawyer. Good luck with that. There are more than cops who are critical of your wife and you. Quite a few of us have been victimized by her and her lame excuses. Deal with it. The first one to get my vote will be the one who will tell your wife to seek other employment.

  14. Ben McLaughlin5/06/2014 4:40 PM

    Fair enough...

  15. Question for the anonymous who posted the first comment.

    Where is Kelly Neel or Ben McLaughlin commenting in any of these articles or links to the complete articles?

    Keep your blogs straight because I read it and so you read it on another blog.

    You seem to have a personal issue with Ben McLaughlin, Kelly Neel or the current DA or the office.

    Most of the comments on this blog here veer off on personal issues instead of the topic.

    Keep your personal BS out of the comments section. No one is interested in your personal drama

    As for who gets elected and who gets fired. Maybe your cowardly ass should be canned for airing your dirty laundry on the blogs instead of doing your job.

    Either use your name you cowardly ass and stick to the topic covered or STFU.

  16. Fucking you too
    Ben interjects all the time. His wife trashes victims I'm the blogs. Stfu you cowardly stick back to you.

  17. That would be "on" the blogs not I"'m".

    And if Neel isn't fired for being incompetent and corrupt at least she can be ordered to work 8 to 5 brush her hair and dress professionally instead of showing up at all hours in sweats and looking and sounding like she woke up late!

  18. As an outsider the level of interpersonal savagery from former and apparently current members of the office is very distressing, It is unprofessional, unseemly and makes a strong argument that things have gone very wrong in that office. Frankly nothing I have seen from Ms. Firpo suggests she has the legal knowledge, gravitas or experience to lead. The Ferrer case and the Trinidad forum ended her for me. Dollison has some leadership experience, but his ceaseless emphasis on all things military strikes a jarring note. Mr. Klein is amusing but is in no sense a leader. Having met and listened to all four of them Fleming gets my vote for now.

  19. 7:37 The opinion of a Fleming supporter who has myopia and can use some big words does not win an election.

    Maggie Fleming should not be the DA for many reasons, especially her colossal failure to oversee her own campaign and her poor choice of supporters. She has no clue how to act outside a courtroom.

    FPPC violations, contradictory statements, letting her supporters run amuck on blogs. She cannot lead, she is led well though.

  20. Personal attacks and not one positive thing to say about any candidate. Sad. The FPPC itself, in fining Mr. Gallegos, said that one or two violations are to be expected especially of first time candidates. The concept of "choosing" supporters is interesting. Having met Ms. Fleming as well as the others, it seemed to me that they all behaved very well and very intelligently outside the courtroom. Sorry to have upset you. Stay positive.

  21. This fellow seems reasonably well informed. Let the flaming begin.

    A district attorney's office is really quite unlike any other kind of place to work. The DA is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, and personally sets the tone for all law enforcement throughout it. The job is not easy. It requires a great deal of a person to be done correctly and well.

    I was a deputy DA in four Northern California district attorneys' offices, serving under eight different DAs. I formed and ran task forces, taught at law enforcement trainings, and worked with many prosecutors. I've seen good and bad performance and I know what it takes to run a DA's office.

    The Humboldt County DA's office has long been in disarray; its dysfunction and damage is real. Everyone in local law enforcement and many others know this sad truth. The need to rebuild the office to wholly professional standards is as urgent as the need for competence and integrity to run it properly. The skill set to successfully do this is not easy to come by.

    I'm voting for Maggie Fleming for DA because she has impeccable ethics, long-proven service in many DA-office capacities, and an understanding of what the job really entails. She's smart, energetic, listens well, and understands people. She is the only candidate who has everything it takes to do it all.

    Maggie is a candidate quite unlike any other. We need a tried-and-true professional with the values, ethics and skill sets it takes to be your district attorney. Please vote Maggie.

    Paul Hagen, Arcata

  22. Yes! From someone that knows what he is talking about...!

  23. I guess my question for Mr Hagen are:
    1. Do you overlook Ms Fleming's ethical and FPPC violations?
    2. Does it not bother you that she has never worked full time but wants a 60 hour per week job?
    3. If what you say is true, why has she been defending Paul in recent forums?

  24. Hagan? Don't think so. Sorry. You have little experience other then poorly prosecuting environment so called crimes.

  25. Ms. Fleming has not been defending Paul in recent forums.

    Give us specifics of these allegations.

    "Never worked full time" is also untrue.

    The Firpo campaign keeps harping on the same misconceptions.

  26. Ms. Fleming has no ethical violations, has never had an ethical violation, and no one on this blog or anywhere else can show otherwise. Especially not you, Richard. You sounded lame on the radio last night, by the way.

    As the FPPC has said before, it is very common, if not the norm, for first time candidates to fall out of compliance.

    It is a flat out lie to say Maggie has never worked full time, and even when she was on flex time, anyone who worked with her
    knew she was working more than full time. But you know that. Richard.

    Ms. Fleming, being honest and gracious, does give Mr. Gallegos credit when credit is due. She also candidly says that the lack of structure and organization took its toll on cases she had worked on because junior lawyers were disposing of her cases without checking with her. She discussed it with Mr. Gallegos,
    the situation did not change, and so when offered a job with county counsel, she took it. But you know that, Richard.

  27. Mike or Joel or unnamed Fleming crony, the long time campaign advisers Maggie has she shouldn't fall out of compliance.

    As for the Richard false accusation, does not work. He is too busy trying to fool people into believing Kerrigan is a candidate.

    The grumpy looks on Mags supporters show the truth. You are not fooling the voters.

  28. Sorry Anon 6:16 that's not me your accusing. I always use my name when I blog, you though hide behind anon so you can say whatever it is you want. Paul Hagen knows the truth and says the truth. The best candidate is the person with the moral character, personal experience as a prosecuting attorney and the most experience in Humboldt County. That person is Maggie Fleming, period!

  29. Mike Losey, you could use your name and you could comment anonymously too.

    But I will take your word for it. After all, it was not you who went around Fortuna trying to smear Estelle Fennell on a personal level unrelated to the Supervisor's Race.

    Yes, your word is gold.

  30. Losey, you lost me at "moral character." If we are hiring based on experience, Arnie damn near doubles Maggie

  31. Arnie doubles Maggie but experience is not the word.


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