Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fundraiser: Allan Dollison

When: Saturday, May 17 5:00-8:00
Where: Eureka Vet's Hall, 1018 H St., Eureka

A delicious Santa Maria Tri-Tip Dinner will be served
Live Music
Silent Auction
$35 per person, $50 per couple
For info or to RSVP, contact Allan at dollisonforda@gmail.com

Please join us for this gathering to help support Allan's efforts to become the next Humboldt County District Attorney. We will be honoring Armed Forces day as well as Allan's 48th birthday.



  1. Gumshoes McBlogger (aka liberal jon)5/14/2014 6:57 AM

    Rose - Question - on the DA's race or any other, do the Republicans endorse anyone, ever? Do they have endorsement meetings like the Democrats had recently? It's a real question, because I have never seen an endorsement coming from the Republicans.

  2. It was an error in judgment?
    Dollison explains his sordid legal history, including forgery, fraud, larceny, false and misleading statements to the State Bar, and abandonment of his law practice and clients without notice. Dollison asks that we look forward, not backward, in considering him for Humboldt District Attorney. Well, he is qualified in knowing a criminal when he sees one. Dollison committed two serious felonies as a lawyer.
    Claims his military career has prepared him to lead. Why does this matter? Leadership and experience take many forms. He only spent just less than 5 years of actual D.A. practice. Dollison was absent for 18 months on Army assignment. Military leadership is autocratic, and not founded on principles of mutual respect for a team such as the District Attorney’s Office. Enlisted personnel did not question the officer corps.
    So what are we to expect from Mr. Dollison? A man with a criminal background whose judgment and ethics remain a major issue in whether he is qualified to lead because he is respected by his peers in the prosecutorial profession? Or the autocratic do what I say military leadership model because I am in charge and you are a subordinate?
    Either way you look at whether Dollison is qualified, he has none of the character nor ethical leadership respect he will absolutely need to be an effective District Attorney.
    Humboldt County will not be more prosperous, nor a safe place to live and raise children with Dollison as D.A.


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