Thursday, February 27, 2014

Élan Firpo makes her formal announcement at the Vance

Ben Shepherd, Patty Clary, John Woolley, Mike Newman, Neal Ewald, Marian Brady, Julie Fulkerson, Michael Evenson. Fred Sundquist

...The District Attorney’s office and law enforcement must be Justice Partners. When the system works well, there are effective checks and balances between prosecution and law enforcement.
I pledge to vigorously prosecute Marijuana grows that are damaging the environment by diverting water sources, polluting the ground, killing wild animals, or negligently using firearms. This includes indoor grows that are endangering neighborhoods.... Read more at Words Worth

Elan Firpo announces candidacy for District Attorney VIDEO KIEM-TV

One thing catches my eye- Channel 3 reported that Firpo intends to end polarization WITHIN the DA's Office - what? Within the 9 who are left?

No - I think, after reading John Chiv's update, that the correct wording is polarization OF the DA's Office. I'm assuming that refers to the division with law enforcement, since that seems to be the context... But I'm guessing.


  1. Five co-chairs ??? What is up with that? What point is this supposed to make. Seems kind of silly.

  2. Rose has such a crush on Salzman. She's dreaming of a bukake suprise!

  3. Very disappointed to see John Woolley supporting Firpo. I had a lot of respect for him, put now that is gone. Guess everyone has a price.

  4. Anon at 6:11, that comment is so immature. Why don't you focus on the fact that this candidate firpo is not experienced enough to run this Office. The recent Ferrer case shows her lack of judgment and companion for our community! All of Gallegos folks backing you doesn't change that! You can't buy experience that comes with time which you do not have much of. Wait 10years, then come back to the race.


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