Thursday, February 27, 2014

Meeting on Jail Release Policies

John Chiv kicked off the coverage:

Chinn, Damiano, Crandall also panelists on Public Safety Forum
Community versus public safety? Basic gist of public safety forum
The title summed up in 1 sentence the dilemma presented by most panelists, mainly law enforcement, court and DHHS. Betty Chinn provided her unique perspective and I was really glad to see her as a part of the panel.

The audience was wonderful and diverse. There were community members, people from various faith organizations, business owners and elected officials. My 3 favorite comments of the night were from the audience were from Kathleen Bryson, Estelle Fenell and Sylvia Scott....
Highlights of public safety forum panelists
Sheriff Downey, the first panelist to speak gave some statistics, kinds of crimes people were booked for in 2013. Average hold time for a person 51/2 hours. He explained the current policy and spoke about night-time releases. 647 (f) is the code he referred to and mentioned, "subject is placed in detention state to protect the public and because they are unable care of themselves." He elaborated on what that meant....

This procedure was countered by some audience members who spoke and they also addressed the practical difficulties of family members or friends coming to pick people up, money being one issue, mental illness for some.

I applaud the Interfaith group that put this forum together. I thank all who came. Many took notes and did not speak.
Our loved ones should not be a statistic
The most poignant moment for me was to look around the room. I had friends there, some who are family. There is a bond we share because we have lost loved ones, some very recently. It was hard to sit there and remember the events of this New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and listen to statistics....

This forum was educational but the healing we seek as a community is to be listened to without excuses being offered and to see some action being taken that make us feel safe in our homes and on our streets again.
Virginia Bass
Great turnout at the Public Safety forum today. Thank you to all who spoke and the panelists. This was a wonderful idea and I applaud the organizers for their hard work on this event.
Arnie Klein
I attended the public meeting in #Eureka yesterday regarding jail release policies. The community came together to try and identify and solve problems of early release. It becomes apparent that it's a question of resources and working together to solve the myriad of issues facing us.

Law Enforcement Responds to Jail Policy Concerns - Grant Scott-Goforth/North Coast Journal
In a meeting organized by local interfaith church leaders, a panel of Humboldt County’s top law enforcement officers addressed concerns this afternoon about the Humboldt County jail’s release policy. Marketed as a general community safety discussion, the meeting arose out of criticism of the jail’s policy to release inmates detained for being drunk in public during late-night hours — but passions were clearly still high over the killing of Father Eric Freed, who was named by multiple community members and remembered in a moment of silence following the meeting.
Grant Scott-Goforth on Twitter

Public calls for change to jail release policies: Local law enforcement and Humboldt County officials address growing safety concerns - Will Houston/Times Standard

link - Lashay Wesley/KIEM News Channel 3

Photos From Yesterday’s Public Meeting on Jail Release Policies - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost

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