Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An interesting exchange

It wasn't intended by either of the candidates as campaign fodder, nor am I presenting it as such - I just thought it was an interesting exchange, precisely because it IS about real world work. See what you think. (Note: I abbreviated the names to initials, except for those related to the DA topic)

The conversation relates to this bit of information from Allan Dollison: ◼ Ok, thanks to the excellent investigative work by Elizabeth Fletcher and Lindsey Jones Ziegler I followed up on the DEC program here in California. DEC stands for Drug Endangered Children. Much of the discussion on HMAAP has focused on individuals with Meth Addiction, the law, and health policy concerns such as treatment, but the DEC is extremely important because it recognizes that there are truly innocent victims out there of this terrible affliction with Methamphetamine t... (snippet, click for the full comment)

LJZ: Thanks so much Allan. I am super excited about this. Does the state cover all of the costs for the training? Or would some funding need to be secured for the venue and other ancillary costs?

JG: Thanks for following up on this, Allan. I sent you a message, it may be in your "Other" inbox.

SS: I'm all for it and interested!!

EF: Thanks so much Allan! This is so exciting. As for who should attend, I think that docs, nurses, EMT's, anyone who goes in to families' homes to work with them - HCOE, Regional Center, Changing Tides, Northcoast Children's Services, I know there's more, but I haven't had any coffee yet. You get the idea. I am excited to hear about this and would be willing to help in any way I could. Thanks again!

PM: Nice job Allan. Good info!!

VGR: Good work Allan. CWS front line workers need to attend. WHen you get a date, contact Keri Schrock, (phone number redacted, available on the Facebook thread)

LV: Allan Dollison Thank you so much !!! For me personally this is the best thing I have seen come out of the group yet !! Not to discount anyone's' contributions but something like this is what I have been looking for. No one is accountable for these conditions that these kids are exposed to and left in. I was reading on here the other day that meth positive mothers often get discharged with their newborns I thought that was just crazy.

LV: To have people given options and accountability across service lines is a very good thing for the kids.
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Allan Dollison: I appreciate all of the comments. I do think the right suggestion of folks have come in, and I will compose the E-Mail to Mr. Brown. Interestingly, I was contacted by a former colleague of mine who informed me that a couple of lawyers, a CPS interviewer, and Drug Task Force did some training in Red Bluff about 3 years ago, but there was no one else from Humboldt that participated. I will insure that ALL law enforcement, and these added folks get the training, because it is not a small universe of people who can impact the problem. It needs to be a WIDE net. As it was explained to me this training would be free for the County. They pay for the trainers and the location even if there is a cost. that will be finalized with my discussions with Mitch of DECAlliance, CA Chapter. I will compose the E-Mail tomorrow and hopefully they can come soon. Yes Linda Villano that is tragic if that is happening. Perhaps that can be discussed, all of the more reason why we need to get Medically-trained personnel in the training. There is no more drug-endangered child than a baby born to a Mother addicted to Meth.

EF: Allan Dollison, the more I think about this, the more excited I get. I just want to thank you for jumping on this! Clearly, it is such an important issue and I have been hoping someone would come along and see that importance. Someone that has the tools to actually help this community move on it. This group is amazing and your input and involvement is just awesome! I will be voting for you and will be happy to have your sign on my lawn when the time comes. This isn't the place to talk campaigns, but you have certainly earned my vote. Thanks again, really.

Kelly Neel: Allan, There was a DEC training in Red Bluff roughly three years ago and the Child Abuse Services Team went in whole - as well as DTF and at least one detective from the HCSO. It was a large group participating from Humboldt and it was a great training.

Allan Dollison: Kelly; Melinda mentioned that after she saw this post. When I spoke to Mitch Brown statewide coordinator for DEC he said that they had not been to Humboldt in a very long time. The advantage of doing the training here is a much larger audience to include CPS/CWS workers, educators and health personnel as well as substantially more cops on the beat will be able to attend. I am glad to hear the training was good, and now I want to help bring it here for a much larger audience of Humboldt personnel.

Arnie Klein: Thanks for bringing up this important topic Allan. I wanted to add that I will throw our own and invite all the counties to participate when elected DA. This would be the most beneficial to Humboldt.

Allan Dollison:Yep. We need urgent action now. This can't wait for the election!

Read more at the Facebook page. This is a dedicated group of people who are trying to address a huge problem in our community. Stephen Smith, one of those people, urges you to "Take Action: Please visit our website to learn about how to participate in our Working Groups."Join the conversation.

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