Friday, February 14, 2014

So, which one is the sacrificial lamb? UPDATED

Rumor has it 2 names being circulated to run against Virginia - John Chiv/Words Worth

Larry Glass? Or Chris Kerrigan?

No money in running for mayor. Board of Sups is where it's at. It's Larry who'll have to swallow the sword.

◼ UPDATE 2/18/14: Larry Glass cannot run for 4th District Supervisor according to Election office rules - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. I guess it's time for Larry to get the ol' carpetbag back out.

  2. I think you misspelled "eventual winner" as "sacrificial lamb". I know, the darn spell checks do that a bunch.

    You're Welcome!

  3. LOL! So you like comedies. I like the detective/thrillers - so I submit it's the man behind the curtain figuring he'll throw in two, split the vote enough to take it past June and into November - and everyone knows where his true love lies.


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