Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hey, candidates! Got someone on your team who can write, sort of?

Then you too should be allowed a "Guest column" at Lost Coast Outpost.

Yes, while "R Trent" Salzman is skulking around the DA campaign, and soliciting donations, and setting up to run Chris Kerrigan, he gets a free platform.

Yes, the man who brought EXPENSIVE campaigns to Humboldt County, the man who set up his own special "PAC" (remember the so-called Alliance For Ethical Business?) now gets to proselytize about campaign finance limits and reform.

Maybe he can explain how one comes up with money to offer a journalist a $1,000 to write a hit piece.

To get YOUR free hit piece column, call up Hank at Lost Coast Outpost.

Get 'em while they're hot!

Mielke soliciting supporters on LOCO; Salzman needs to do this county a favor and move on - John Chiv/Words Worth

John mentions "Redwood Progressive." That is one of Salzman's groups/listserves. AEB (Alliance For Ethical Business). Ourhumboldt.org, Redwood Progressive, Citizens for Real Economic Growth, SaveEurekaWaterfront.org, Behind the Redwood Curtain, and more. Like boiler room scammers. Orwellian names, really, for example, do you really think Citizens For REAL Economic Growth was ever about economic growth? No. It's always about destroying his target.
Two new aliases for Richard "R Trent" Salzman
One has to wonder...

In the comments thread at LoCo, Mitch tries deflecting criticism of Salzman with THIS gem: "And you know what they've found? That he signed his cat's name to a letter to the editor."

Not so fast little Mitchie.

In fact, he used the names of people who were indigent, and unable and unlikely to be aware that their names were being used. He used the names of supporters (after asking if it was ok that he signed their name to his letter, then using it again and again for his own purposes...caught because he wrote a letter attacking a FRIEND of said supporter, who did NOT approve being given author credit for Richard's hit piece.) And he made up names, and yes, he used the name of his dog, not his cat.

He did it over and over and over again.

And that's not all.

Sure, you can pretend it doesn't matter. But, Mitch, you profess to care about honesty. You're all about honesty in elections, right?

Apparently not.

KINS and other media outlets around here have always put 'columnists' on hiatus during the political season if they are involved in a campaign. I am sure Hank will do the same with BOTH Matthew and "R. Trent"/Sara the dog.


  1. This is Salzman's cat. Stop giving Richard credit for my work.

  2. Pardonnez-moi, M. Chat.

  3. Seems like a decent counter opinion to Matthew Owen. But I guess that neither is conservative enough for Rose?

  4. Anonymous it is not about conservative or liberal, it is about Salzman fabricating words.

  5. I could care less Anonymous

  6. No, you, anonymous. Who? You. Anonymous. Who?

  7. Anon at 8:50 obviously you care or you would not comment. And your style is typical of Salzman or his cronies.

    You couldn't be ethical even if you were paid to be.

  8. I would like to point out that this piece yesterday was put out a short time after the LOCO posted a letter from a friend of the chef that was stabbed. No one really noticed the letter because Salzman took center stage. I wonder if it was a tactic to draw attention away from that. If that is true then they just continue to disrespect the victim in this case. Can you post it here rose? That ways they can't get away from the gross injustice.

  9. Here is an article that rose has posted on her blog. I thought maybe adding it here might be useful. It shows Salzman's absurd lack of ethics.


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