Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Lovelace Hath Wrought: Continued

Lovelace Says General Plan Update Process Now ‘Completely Corrupt’ - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace is outraged over the latest turns in the tortuous saga of the county’s general plan update. Specifically, as he wrote in a Facebook post yesterday, he feels the process has devolved into
“… a stacked Planning Commission with its own agenda holding endless meetings with no clear process or direction and little public notice. Their meetings have been marked by numerous Brown Act violations and significant cost over-runs, and the process keeps changing from one meeting to the next. We finally have the completely corrupt General Plan Update process we’ve been accused of having all along.”

There's more, lot more, at the link, but the shorter version is, "I didn't get my way, my guys aren't winning, and this isn't any fun anymore."

Remember, It was Mark Lovelace, and his cavalcade of trained seals, who pushed for the Board of Supervisors to act - to, in one day, with virtually NO NOTICE, strip every property owner in the county of their property rights.

In his zeal to destroy Palco, Lovelace did the impossible. It wasn't what he intended. He awakened the mythical, proverbial sleeping giant.

Property owners of all sizes, stripes and ideologies woke up and came together. The Southern Humboldt homesteader to the builders and 'developers,' little old couples and up and coming 20-somethings - in a wave that hadn't been seen since Tom Conlon's attempt to criminalize homebuilders.

They realized they had been asleep, and they vowed, no more. They were going to stand up for their rights, and they were going to use the very same tactics Lovelace & Co. employed so successfully.

And given that Mark Lovelace's latest appointment to the Planning Commission is an EPIC guy, you better be darn glad they did.

Planning Commission's trail vote raises hackles; commissioners, supervisors speak out on General Plan changes - Will Houston/The Times-Standard

Mark's hissy fit over the General Plan short on facts, big on spin - John Chiv/Words Worth

(Mark claims) that the Planning Commission deleted trails from the plan when they combined it into another section. He further claims being outraged by how the Commission reduced setbacks from creeks and wetlands when they actually recommended that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife determine the appropriate determination of setbacks, which is their role and responsibility.

Trail Champs Rally: Video Highlights from a Wild Planning Commission Meeting - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

GPU actual changes ton draft, not my personal interpretation


  1. There's no such thing as "property rights". Just because you own property does NOT mean you can do anything you want on that property. Your outlook is twisted. Look out, land speculators - what goes around does come around.

  2. Not too bright, are ya 11:58? There's not such thing as unlimited property rights -- but no one's claiming there is. Of course there is such a thing as property rights. And of course they are not unlimited.

  3. If you want to hand over your property rights to the social engineers, you belong in another country.

    Maybe you want the government to own everything, and make decisions for you. And, some dweeb in some cubicle somewhere to decide that you all have to live in government high rises, and maybe they'll grant you a little park with some benches to sit on if they can afford it, which, of course, we know they won't... maybe you think that's just dandy.

    I don't. And a lot of other people who don't are standing up for their rights. It's really about much more than property rights. It's about the right to self determination as opposed to being a drone.

  4. The Constitution is quite clear on the rights we have regarding our property. For instance, we are not to be deprived of it without due process of law. Our property, real and personal, is secure from search or seizure without a warrant. Of course, for many years governments have worked assiduously at every level to strip us of those rights.

  5. It seems what he has "wrought" is a spotlight on a stacked panel of pro- development interests. Are you saying that his call for public participation a bad thing? Of course what many people came to speak about was a trail that connects our communities, which is a horror that the choo-choo crowd is in fear of.

  6. LOL - NO, public participation is a GOOD THING.


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