Friday, February 14, 2014

No contest pleas in fatal Arcata stabbing; Ferrer faces up to 4 years in prison

Three Arcata residents entered no contest pleas Thursday to charges associated with the fatal stabbing of a popular Abruzzi chef and musician late last year. - Will Houston/The Times-Standard

Juan Joseph Ferrer, 35, pleaded no contest to a single charge of involuntary manslaughter for the Nov. 25 fatal stabbing of Douglas Allen Anderson-Jordet, 50, after an early morning altercation near the intersection of 12th and H streets in Arcata. The two others -- 24-year-old Sophie Buttercup Rocheleau and 28-year-old Nicholas Benjamin Stoiber -- pleaded no contest to lesser charges.

Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo said that Ferrer's charge was reduced from murder after review of the evidence.

”In hearing the evidence, it was three strangers that got into a fight that went horribly wrong,” Firpo said. “(Ferrer) didn't seek to kill Mr. Jordet.”

Anderson-Jordet died from a single stab wound to the heart.

Juan Ferrer Faces Four Years in Prison For the Stabbing Death of Douglas Anderson-Jordet (UPDATED) - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

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Ferrer to serve 4 years in jail; Trio enters no contest plea for fatal Arcata stabbing - KIEM-TV (image source)

...The trio were originally charged for murder when they were arrested in December, but the Humboldt County District Attorney's office reduced those charges. Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo said the autopsy (revealed) that the fatal blow to the heart could have been a defensive move or that Anderson-Jordet could have fallen on the knife. Firpo said the three were eager to enter into a plea deal before going further in court.

"It's a tragic situation and a good reason not to carry knives," said Firpo. "If Ferrer had not had a knife, probably, there would have been an argument, some blows and nobody would have been killed."

The three will be sentenced on April 3rd.

Ferrer Gets Two Years Jail For Killing A Man - Kevin Hoover/Mad River Union

...While two years jail may strike some as a light sentence for killing someone, Firpo said Anderson-Jordet’s family are satisifed with the outcome, as is she.

The family wasn’t interested in the matter going to trial, where the victim’s behavioral excesses would be publicized and scrutinized in detail. While normally a reserved individual, she said, “there was evidence from several sources that when he was intoxicated, his personality shifted,” Firpo said. “The family wanted disposition so as not to go through a trial.”

She agrees with their judgment. “I think this is the right resolution in this case,” she said.

“It was very unfortunate that Mr. Ferrer was carrying a knife,” Firpo said. “This should have been no more than a verbal kerfuffle that everyone walked away from.”....

(UPDATED) Three Arrested by APD for Homicide - Lost Coast Outpost
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  1. "(Ferrer didn't seek to kill Mr.Border" Really Ms. Firpo!!!! Because that's exactly what Ferrer did when he stabbed Mr.Border in the heart!!!! You lost my vote. That last thing Humboldt County needs is another Paul G.

  2. Murder is a general intent crime. Murder is not a specific intent crime. Did Ferrer intend to stab the victim? Because that's all the intent you need. Did the vicitm have a weapon? Because you can't employ deadly force in self-defense unless the other person employs deadly force first. And how is this involuntary manslaughter?

  3. 4 years for stabbing some one the heart. What did Ferrera think was going to happen. You'd get more time for a Butane hash lab.

  4. It wasn't three strangers who got into a fight, it was three people piling on one guy. "Firpo explained during the hearing that during Stoiber's altercation with Anderson-Jordet, he 'struck him on the mouth, splitting his lip and the inside of his mouth.'” They ganged up on him, beat him up, and stabbed him. Involuntary manslaughter? Baloney.

  5. At least she has time to campaign effectively now. Good for her. Effective time management. That shows real dedication.

  6. Everyone knows this whole thing reaks of bull shit.

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  8. So good to see friday night quarterbacking.
    All the candidates have cases they tried. I cannot wait to see all of you brave people quiz em all face to face.

  9. Ok but this is not a case she tried. This is a case she gave away for a steal. This was Murder and it was an insult to resolve for IVM, prior to Prelim. If she had held out for VM, he could have gone to Prison. She could have even added a year for the knife. That did not happen. This is a tragedy. It shows bad judgment and poor lawyer skills on her part.

  10. This is a horrible injustice to the family of deceased victim by Firpo. And the DAs office. It shows clearly firpos inability to handle this level of criminal cases. She has do business handling murder cases because she does not have the experience and it is now evident. Unfortunately, at the cost of the victims. Firpo is handling the murder of father freed, which she will probably give away as well. The best thing firpo can do is drop out of the DA race because she has no business thinking she should be considered for the top law enforcement position in our county.

  11. BTW, firpo is handling the murder case of father freed.

  12. BtW firpo is handling the murder case of father freed!

  13. The defense attorney on three ferrari case is maerk reavis who is also a supporter of firpo for DA. Go to her website and see for yourself. He is on the list of supporters. More reason for him to have recused himself from the case from the start.


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