Sunday, February 16, 2014

If you saw the local political cartoon in the Times-Standard today

It's about Virginia Bass's appointment to the Planning Commission...

Did you see a corresponding cartoon about Mark Lovelace's appointment of the EPIC guy to the Planning Commission? Maybe I missed it?

And on the topic of Planning Commissioners - if you aren't going to show up for meetings - resign. And if your appointee isn't going to show up - replace them.


  1. Yes, please. Susan Matsen is a bulldog on the PC. She is a reasonable breath of fresh air and rationality and fairness against the rest of the board that was selected to make the "Planning" Department a "Service" Department as Supervisor Bass proudly declared during her announcement.

    Supervisor Sundberg I'm sure would be as happy as you are to find another Commissioner. Why would I like him to remove Susan? Because she is so good at what she does. It would help Sundberg define who he is if people haven't already figured it out for the election.

    So, if Supervisor Sundberg did remove Commissioner Matsen, which truth be told would be a travesty, the silver lining would be that it would be another clear example of exactly what these Representative Jared Huffman endorsed Supervisors and 2014 Supervisorial candidates are doing to the GPU.

  2. Either of those appointments are much less controversial than Lee Ulansey. Estelle Fennel's former boss, who ran the political organization that was suing the County? What a joke.


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