Monday, February 24, 2014

A welcome change: Élan Firpo for DA

The race for district attorney is shaping up to be a rare event in Humboldt County politics. It just might be that we can elect the best candidate without first deciding which side of the polarized political environment they reside. Perhaps in this race the candidate's name will be more important than the names arrayed below them in support.
That candidate is Élan Firpo.

Ms. Firpo is a tough prosecutor, with an impressive track record of putting violent criminals behind bars. She is passionate about stopping the constant plea bargaining that creates a revolving door for Humboldt's most chronic offenders.

But she brings much more than passion and vision. Ms. Firpo has a background as a successful project engineer, having managed teams as large as 50 engineers and production facilities that employed over 3,000 workers. Élan Firpo will bring her private sector organizational talent to bear on improving the beleaguered district attorney's office.

But more than any other trait that sets her apart is her passion for making Humboldt County a safer place to live. She moved here 30 years ago when her father took a job as a local CHP officer. She worked her way through College of the Redwoods before graduating with a BS in engineering. Her engineering career took her around the world. But now she is home. And she intends to stay.

Élan Firpo is the right woman for this job. And we are lucky someone of her caliber is willing to step up.

Neal Ewald/Letter-To-The-Editor/Times-Standard


  1. Progressive GANG of FOUR Alert! Proof positive Judy is working with Sims and Salzman and the OCD blogster LibJon in a political gang. I tried to post this comment on Sim's Lost Coast Outpost and it was censored with Discus telling me the site had blocked my comments. When I tried to post the same comment on Judy's NCJ I got the exact same blocking and message. The NCJ and the LCO share the same political censorship program for your truly. So when our ever-present political identity fraud says he's agin any Gang of Four, well, you should know Richard by now..Here's the censored comment:

    It appears that Richard can't tell the truth if it bit him on the tukus. He's a farooking hypocrite who's now here trying to tell us he's for campaign reform when he arranged the biggest of any political contributions in any Humboldt County election from Leonard Bowman's Bear River tribal funds for Gallegos to win his election.

    Yes, Hank has sunk to a new low in hiring Salzman. We Zsee the New Gang of Four right here developing, Sims, Salzman, LibJon,
    and Judy Hodgson as promoters of a rather viciously insane anti-worker anti-job creation "Progressive" political agenda that wants to further strip Humboldt County of employment for local people without college degrees which is always the majority of people seeking jobs.

  2. Well Neal, I hope you have been doing your research on all the candidates because you will find that firpo is the least experienced and capable person to handle the job. In fact, she is an extension of the current Gallegos management practices practice. So nothing refreshing in store there. Furthermore her disregard for prosecutorial ethics in evident in the recent Ferrer case.

  3. BTW, you are right, the Bowman funds in Gallegos campaign eventually got the Bowman family a favorable outcome on their son's criminal case. Check the records.


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