Monday, April 13, 2009

Wrap up

Woman in Rodoni wreck case pleads no contest
No contest plea entered in Rodoni crashA Miranda woman's no contest plea to vehicular manslaughter Monday ended the criminal proceedings surrounding the death of late Supervisor Roger Rodoni one year ago.

Diane Johnson pleaded no contest in Humboldt County Superior Court on the eve of her trial, and was sentenced by Judge Marilyn Miles to three years probation and 100 hours of community service and was ordered to pay a $672 fine.


  1. As a former law enforcement officer who has made arrests for similar violations I would call your attention to THIS.

  2. Not to be outdone by the Greek guy (with whom this swamp dweller occasionally disagrees) you all might want to consider this as well.

  3. Hello, Rose, you getting my emails?

  4. Although it is a good thing that this was prosecuted, it is still a stark reminder how fragile life is and how much an individual can affect our lives.

    As I consider the various issues of the day, I often ask what would Roger say?

  5. Rose: on Monday right after she pled and was put on probation, Diane Johnson drove back to Garberville and jumped the side walk while driving. Her car hit the corner of the Theatre. She then backed up and left the scene. She did come back after the CHP was called and now claims that her foot hit the gas rather than the brake. What is she doing driving? Hasn't she already violated the terms of her probation.


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