Monday, April 13, 2009

Still think crime is down?

◼ TS Man shot, in custody after McKinleyville robbery
One man was shot and three others remain on the run after a victim in a home invasion robbery fired a gun at their fleeing car....

HCSO Press Release:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a residence on the 1400 block of Harden Drive in McKinleyville early this afternoon after receiving a report of a home invasion robbery. At about 12:25 Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the home after the residents there called 911. The three occupants reported they heard a knock at the door and upon answering the door three black adult males shoved their way into the house. The three suspects stole marijuana from the victims and fled the house. As they attempted to drive away, one of the victims fired a weapon toward the vehicle. An additional witness reported seeing a total of four suspects in the fleeing vehicle.

A short time later a local hospital reported they were treating a man for gunshot wounds. Witnesses at the hospital reported seeing three men flee from the car after dropping off the injured man at the hospital. The men were seen running into a field near Pacific Union Elementary School. Sheriff’s Deputies, Arcata Police Officers, and California Highway Patrol Officers responded to the scene. Additionally, the CHP launched a fixed-wing aircraft to aid in the search. Officers were unable to locate the three suspects.

The suspect being treated for his injuries is in stable condition. Anyone with information about this case should call Sgt. Wayne Hanson at (707) 268-3639. The investigation is ongoing and additional information will be released as it becomes available.

Adding a "McKinleyville" label. Crime is up in our town. No matter how the spin doctors twist the statistics.

Three suspects at large after Sunday home invasion
Humboldt County sheriff's spokeswoman Brenda Godsey said Monday that the patient -- whose name is being withheld due to security concerns -- is considered a suspect in the case, but has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

”To make an arrest in any case, we have to make sure that proper police procedure has been followed,” Godsey said. “In any case, there can be times when it seems an obvious conclusion can be drawn, but we need to make sure we have proper physical evidence before we can make an arrest.”

Witnesses at the hospital reported seeing three men exit a blue Hyundai on foot after leaving a companion to be treated at the hospital. According to the press release, witnesses told deputies that the three men fled on foot into a field near Pacific Union Elementary School. A multi-agency manhunt ensued, with sheriff's deputies, Arcata police officers and California Highway Patrol officers all scouring the area on foot and a CHP fixed-wing aircraft searching from above.

Officers were unable to locate the three suspects, and they remained at large as of the Times-Standard's deadline Monday.

The blue Hyundai, which has bullet holes in its windshield, has been recovered and is being processed for evidence, Godsey said, adding that investigators have also seized marijuana and the handgun used in Sunday's shooting from the Harden Drive home.

Godsey said the injured suspect remains in stable condition at the hospital being treated for a pair of wounds and, according to a legal expert, the man who put him there could soon find himself in hot water.

University of California Hastings School of Law professor David Levine said that, because the shooting allegedly occurred as the vehicle was leaving the scene, it doesn't seem to be an act of self-defense.

”At that point, you call the cops. That's about all you can do, no matter how frustrating that might be,” Levine said, adding that danger is a prerequisite for using self-defense as a justification for shooting at someone. “You're not entitled to retaliate under self-defense. You're only allowed to actually defend yourself if you or another person is in danger.”

Godsey declined to comment on whether the occupant who fired the handgun at the fleeing suspects may face charges in the case, or if residents of the Harden Drive home may face charges for marijuana possession.

”When our investigation is complete and we have a clearer picture of events as they unfolded, we will forward all of that information on to the (District Attorney's) Office and they can determine if any charges will be filed,” Godsey said.

Based on the information provided by the Sheriff's Office, Levine said it seems the shooter did violate the law, but added he wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't see any charges filed as a result.

”Essentially, it's assault with a deadly weapon and could be a potential attempted murder,” Levine said. “The problem is, it's a pretty tough case to win with a jury. Absent some extreme case, these things are rarely prosecuted because the sympathies always rest with (the shooter).”


  1. It's pretty obvious that "crime" is not down in Humboldt County. And it's not just the marijuana home invasion robberies.

    Why? The lightweight prosecution of criminals.

  2. What is up with Mckinleyville!

  3. I guess we have more growhouses now than we used to. For one.

  4. This is going to be interesting, as someone pointed out in the thread below - who will get charged? the victim of the robbery shot the guy as he was driving away -

  5. Victim of the robbery?
    Dope Grower?
    Dope stealer?

    Now, I am going to really rev things up. The victim of the robbery is a doper, growing and selling illegally. I don’t give a damn if his/her/their dope got ripped off. You live your life that way, you deserve what you get.

    The dope stealer? Criminal. Break into another criminals house to steal. I don’t give a damn if you are shot. Sue the guy, but keep this out of the criminal courts. We don’t have the resources to waste on scum.

    The so called “victim” and dope grower ought to be charged. But not with shooting the dope stealer. That is a wash. The shooter needs to be charged with discharging a firearm. There is no justification for a dope growing dirtbag to risk the lives of innocent neighbors because he is pissed someone took or tried to take his grow. Jesus, the dope stealers were in their car speeding away. Is this what we have come to? Protect your illegal, illicit crops with all means while you sit on your ass smoking dope and not paying taxes? While you risk the lives and safety of law abiding folks who live all around you?

  6. The grower should be charged with growing dope and assault with a firearm or attempted murder. Shooting at the guys after the robbery is over, when the growers are no longer in any danger, is criminal. If the cops did that the growers/lefties would go bezerk.

    It would be different if the grower shot them inside his/her house or as they were trying to break in.

    The press release doesn't say if the suspects had guns, although I'm assuming they had at least one but who knows. Nor does it say how many rounds the victim /grower fired? One, five, thirteen? What kind of gun was used? Where did the rounds go? Somebody's house? Somebody's car? Somebody's pet?

    The robbers are the first priority and their crime is the most serious but it doesn't make the grower a true victim. They should all be prosecuted. The robbers to prison and the growers to the county jail.

    This is what Humboldt county's liberal/unreasonable 215 guidelines have brought to Humboldt County. Do you really think this would happen if the "victim's" had 3 or plants and maybe 10 ounces of pot?

  7. Just wondering....if you compare population vs. crime rate, how does the Big H. County compare with L.A.?

    Although I've always known of Humboldt's pot resume, I had still thought of it as a pretty safe place.......

  8. Howlsatmoon wondered how Humboldt and LA County compare...
    There's no comparison. It's worse in LA.
    I'm assuming Howlsatmoon meant percentage wise.
    If anyone has any stats that disprove my assertion that LA is worse, I'd like to see them.

  9. What a maroon - what kind of stats do you want Dave. I mean, stats as to how many people are self reporting their grow houses in LA? Or stats on how many dope grows are interceded in LA?

    Or do you just want the stats re: all crime to compare HC with LA. If so, just go to the state attorney generals web site. It is always about two years behind. So if you want to see from the mid 90's to 2006 you can check it out. Most of us in LE will tell you that HC has been pretty much following the national trend as to reported crimes. Except, our rapes and property crimes are much higher. But, the only thing that you can verify will be up to 2006.

    Other than that, do you feel safe Dave? No one I knows does.

  10. Mr./Ms Anonymous..

    Name calling doesn't mean anything, especially from someone afraid to ID themselves.

    Take a stroll down East LA, or maybe somewhere in Orange country, or perhaps some neighborhood in San Bernardino and tell me it compares to ANY NEIGHBORHOOD in Humboldt County.

    Only a maroon would think so.

    By the way, I feel very safe up here. Of course I'm not involved in illegal activities and that might have something to do with it.

  11. I guess da crips and bloods are coming up here for some cherry picking....expect more of the same.

  12. lmao - so be it Dave, take offense at someone calling you a maroon. What I said was that Humboldt is following the national trends proportionately EXCEPT we have higher then the rest of the state proportionally in sex offense rates and property crimes.

    Sheesh - what part of that aren't you getting.

    BTW PROPORTIONATELY means that after the crimes are all broken down by actual numbers they are then looked at per crime per 100k people. So, I will try to be kind and translate - per 100k people we have about the SAME NUMBER in most crimes EXCEPT we have a higher rate per 100k people in sex crimes and property crimes.

  13. Eureka has home burglaries every day. The cops can't do a damn thing about it. Are you libs happy? If someone breaks into your house ---shoot the son-of-a-bitch,then give the shooter a medal. Then keep it up . How many dead assholes and how many medals do you think it will take to change this equation? I'll wager not many. If you have to chase the thief down the road a mile before you catch him ,that's OK too.Just make sure you don't miss. Cry us some more boo-whooo liberal tears Richard.

  14. exrepublican4/13/2009 10:37 PM

    are you referring to social or fiscal liberals? and exactly which "liberal" policies do you believe cause home invasions in Eureka? please elaborate, your ramblings remind me of the guy who killed the "liberals" in the unitarian church last year. eerily similiar.....

  15. Perhaps I was too quick to take offense.
    It appeared to me your comments were an assertion that it's just as dangerous here (in Humboldt)as it is in Southern California.

    The details (property crimes and sex crimes)weren't an issue in my mind.

    The message I got from reading your comments was broader than that.

    Perception is a funny thing.

  16. Let me be clear Greg/Ex its fucking jerk libs like you. You make me sick. Go the f*^# away. You have nothing to add to any issue but crap.

  17. Greg Connors / exrepublican is gonna try to find a way to fit gay sex in here somehow.

  18. Dave - apology accepted. Usually folks on this blog are pretty decent in their posts, but every once in a while things degenerate. Ex-repub, why not tread water over at Heraldo. They suit you better.

  19. BTW Dave, if you want to know why folks are so PO'd at exrepublican/Greg Connors, well on another post he offered to shower before he crammed his genitals down Rose's throat. Pretty disgusting and rude if you ask me. Unfortunately, that is all he is left with - vile sexist remarks.


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