Wednesday, April 15, 2009


◼ OLD GLORY RADIO Tea Party Eureka Ca April 15 2009 Video and pics...
Tea Party Eureka Ca. (Humboldt Co) - April 15th 2009. Crowd estimate
1,200 - 1,500 people. There was a hard head count at the highpoint and the crowd covered the entire block and down the street. Everyone anticipated the undercount by those on the left and care was taken to accurately measure the crowd....

◼ TS Tea party brings hundreds to courthouse Hundreds? An understatement.
◼ JN Mad As Heck

City: Eureka
When: April 15, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Where: County Courthouse
Sponsored by: Group of local Concerned citizens.

◼ Roger L. Simon No Tea Party sightings at CNN online and other curiosities of the mainstream media

◼ Michelle Malkin A Tax Day Tea Party cheat sheet: How it all started

◼ Afrocity The “Black Tea Parties”


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  1. Yeah, a non-partisan clusterfuck for the right wing nuts who can't believe after 12 years of screwing the country their philosophies and programs were heartily repudiated by the voting public. I wonder where all these tea baggers were when Bush was chucking big bucks to his corporate backers last summer? Where were all these asshats when the Bush administration decided that bailouts were the way to go, you know where they were, at home playing with their Bush action figures and fantasizing about killing all those evil mooslems in mooslem land.

    Ohh, and I see Rose has a soft spot for Geert Wilders, what Rose, no Stormfront links?

    No wonder Palin is so popular, people this stupid deserve her.

  2. Tea party, as compared to the Boston tea party? I believe that the Boston tea party was a protest against the monopoly that was created by the Dutch to screw the East India Tea Company.

    Very different from what the conservatives are bickering about...

  3. 10:52 -Now that is a poorly thought out response from an idiot. What you fail to wrap your pint sized pea brain around is that across this country are protesters from both parties who are pissed off. Bush et al started this. Obama et al took it to new heights. Am I glad to be rid of Bush? Yes, resoundingly! Am I happy with Obama? No, resoundingly. Am I a registered Democrat? You bet. Have I ever voted republican? A couple of times when I was pissed since I vote for people and issues and NOT party lines. Do I think you are a troll? Definitely

  4. You don't like Geert Wilders? Don't like Free Speech? Why am I not surprised.

    Anyway - all of the pot growers ought to come to this - they aren't going to like paying 60% of their incomes in taxes.

    Don't worry, you can try'n spin the rhetoric against "right wingers" all you want - we are nowhere close to Bill Ayres, and you seem to love him. So you have ZERO credibility.

  5. What is really happening here is the forlorn neocon Repubx/Fox Noise types are trying to hijack the longstanding populist anti-tax day protests held by both Ron Paul-style Libertarians (who rightly point out that the 16th amendment assigns income taxes to CORPORATE not PERSONAL income) and by anti-war progressives who point out how the war machine and world empire (and the consequent debt) is swallowing up so much of the federal budget.

    I say show up to the tax protests...and then talk about the real issues, how both puppet parties are expanding the federal government and sacrificing our liberties.

    There's also a protest this friday at Congressman Methyl Mike's office at 3rd and D st in Eureka at lunchtime, there's something real progressives and real conservatives can agree to oppose.

  6. You don't like Geert Wilders? Don't like Free Speech? Why am I not surprised.You're not surprised Rose because you have no shame linking to a demented racist asshole. Sure, he's about free speech, the freedom to call for the murder of fellow human beings, but hey, that's what free speech rights are for, amirite?

    And as for the idea that pretending this tea bagging lunacy is anything more than manufactured outrage from the remnants of what used to be a viable political party known as Republican is like saying Bush was an honorable fellow who didn't order the invasion of a nation that posed no threat to ours. I wonder if I'll ever be merkin enough to considered a true citizen by the likes of Palin.

    Please, don't stop, keep it up, the work is being done by your self parody, all we can do is gaze on in wonder and try to figure out how you can mock people who are so damn successful at mocking themselves.

  7. Guess 1:05 isn't partying at the courthouse with the sane folks. I just got back and it was wonderful. The turn out was huge, the cars were honking like crazy. It was great. Finally, the average joe has said, "enough."

  8. Loud angry conservatives honking at each other... sounds like a fabulous time!

  9. Anonymous said...

    What is really happening here is the forlorn neocon Repubx/Fox Noise types are trying to hijack the longstanding populist anti-tax day protests held by both Ron Paul-style Libertarians (who rightly point out that the 16th amendment assigns income taxes to CORPORATE not PERSONAL income) and by anti-war progressives who point out how the war machine and world empire (and the consequent debt) is swallowing up so much of the federal budget.

    I say show up to the tax protests...and then talk about the real issues, how both puppet parties are expanding the federal government and sacrificing our liberties.

    There's also a protest this friday at Congressman Methyl Mike's office at 3rd and D st in Eureka at lunchtime, there's something real progressives and real conservatives can agree to oppose.

    4/15/2009 11:53 AM

    As was just said on live TV at the thousands-strong rally in San Antonio, the Democrats stink and the Republicans stink, and the Congresses over the last two decades stink, and they've all brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, insurmountable debt, currency devaluation and overtaxation of REGULAR wage-earners and SMALL businesses alike.

    The corporate welfare, the corporate tax dodging and the evasion of hedge-fund managers and other financial elites from paying tax rates even their low-wage employees pay are the real culprits here. Those are the same scum who fund both parties to squeeze the people for everything they've got.

    Real wages have been stagnant for the working class workers and small businesses since 1973 in this country. It's time to repudiate the scum Dems and Reps alike and their avarice and rotten corrupt desires for total domestic control and arrogant world empire.

  10. Oh and fake liberals who drink the Obama kool-aid, cutting taxes (starting with the REGRESSIVE payroll tax and phone tax etc.) is perfectly consistent with cutting back on the 700 overseas military bases in over 130 countries.

    Japan and Western Europe are perfectly capable of defending themselves, and some of these anti-tax protesters are on our side in wanting this money returned to their pockets, or at least to retire our enormous debt.

  11. exrepublican4/15/2009 4:45 PM

    your increase in estimated taxes is based on your estimated income, not on a rate is a link showing how the rate has stayed the same from last year to this year, while the income allowance has actually been increased.

    given the added deductions offered this year, plus the increased income allowance, your tax burden will go DOWN if you gross the exact same amount of money this year.

  12. Rose,
    I'm sorry to see what this thread has degenerated to...
    You're entitled to your opinion. If someone disagrees then they should skip the name-calling and stay on point.
    You asked me why I moderate my blog. After seeing some of the trolls that have gone after you recently, why put up with such infantile chatter?
    Back to the main point...
    it would be nice to see more intelligent replies, but then again...this is a circus without a ringmaster.

  13. 11:53 and 2:13 made excellent points. Thing is, they don't fit in your phony left-right paradigm, so you won't touch them.

  14. Well, Ex, you like to accuse me of pushing talking points.

    Yet here you are pushing the foulest of the hate-filled leftist talking points. I don't know in what smoke-filled room they decided to go for the gutter with the tea-bagging shit, but you're right there with the tool Andersen Cooper.

    Time and time again here, when you feel threatened, you revert to sexual denigration. It's not just you. It is your type.

    And, Dave, the reason I don't censor is that now, it is clear to everyone EXACTLY what we are dealing with here.

  15. It's very clear.

    I'm sure the Ex's wife is very proud of him.

  16. 6:25, if you wanna call out others for making crude remarks, you might refrain from language like "P.O.S." Makes your argument somewhat meaningless.

    Good day

  17. Anyone who thinks that the Tea Parties are just about taxes is crazy. In CNN and ex's one-dimensional world, maybe, nowhere else.

    It is about the bailouts; it is about the government punishing people who are responsible, do pay their mortgages, do take care of their families, suddenly being forced to foot the entire bill for the irresponsible. It is about 10 to 15 TRILLION dollars in spending, money we don't have, voting on spending bills when you haven't even read what you are voting on.

    It's about government waste, pork, arrogance, and irresponsibility.

    That and much much more. And it obviously has people like ex shaking in their boots.

  18. FW1997

    Thank you for your timely and enlightening comments. You are obviously a superior being.

  19. 9:23 - way to go. lol at FW1997's superiority.

    Here is how I see it: there is a bit of jabbing and tongue in cheek humor that we all expect on the blogs. Stomping on the likes of ex-republican for the demeaning tea bag offer to Rose is just plain different. He is a POS - whoever he is.

  20. Bush kicked off the worst of the irresponsible spending and Obama accelerated it. The concerns of everyday Americans have been ignored in the process. None of our representatives – Republican, independent, or Democratic – listen to us. That is what the TP’s are all about. And that is why the crackpots like the guy who calls himself ex-republican are scared shitless.

    This is the result of the winner take all mentality that both parties have had. They are both very guilty. Lie to the People. Tell them anything to get elected and then screw them over afterwards and tell them tough shit.

    Well, tough shit to Congress and tough shit to the executive. You will listen to the people AFTER you get elected instead of ignoring us after you get into office.

  21. This was rather funny given the conservatives history since 1994! Did these people just step out of a time machine or is it just plain denial?

  22. rudely denigrated a Lady for having a different political view than yourself. I don't care what your credo, but to make such an offensive offer to a Lady is simply reprehensible.

    There is much to "dialogue" about with this issue, but not with people of your ilk.

    Kindly stop it. As in forever.

    You are no kind of man at all.

    I'll be up in Humboldt this summer, maybe you'd like to go out for a cup of coffee......

  23. No 11:36 - the grass roots folks that did this did not use the phrase. That was spun by the ultra, ultra koolaid drinkers. It was the organizers that figured out quickly what these attack hounds meant.

    The insult is the same and the joke is on the ultra, ultra koolaid drinkers.

    And 2:46 this is not a conservative v liberal thing. It is a grass roots movement of dems, independents, libertarians and conservatives who have actually found common ground. You lose.

  24. No, this was a bunch of ornery libertarian/conservative types. They loved Gingrich, accused Clinton of 'wagging the dog' when he bombed terrorists, still joke about Bill CLintons BJ, thought GWB was the second coming,are too prideful to admit they were duped/wrong on Iraq, supported Ron Paul through the primaries, voted McCain, can't wait for Palin to come back...

  25. 4:15 nailed it

  26. And so you see that people who hoped that the hate would dissipate when Bush left office can see that it really hasn't gone away.

    The left is just as hate-filled as it ever was.

    In fact - it wasn't really about Bush at all. he just bore the brunt of the 50/50 polarization that manifested in the Election with he and Gore.

  27. Do you people -- those of you who were at the Courthouse yesterday and those who support them -- understand how all this looks to people of color? I didn't see another African American when I strolled through the crowd. Just angry white people. I felt like I was at a KKK rally. It's so transparent. You lived with five years of out-of-control spending by a white man Republican president on an unust and disastrous foreign war. Where were you all then? Now that we have a person of color in the White House for the first time, suddenly all the conservative white people are protesting. It really is sad.

  28. These pigs care only about themselves. Me me me! Taxes? Fuck that! I want whats mine! Responsibility to community? Thats for charitable saps.

    Yeah, old white people.

  29. I wonder how many of these people have actually read about the Boston Tea party. If they had, I better see them protesting at the next WTO meeting.

  30. Ex....I'm a "puss" alright. The kind who is definitely going to make it my goal in life after those last remarks to get to know you a little bit better,

    Really, the coffee date is still an offer, and I think you might take back a whole lot of your anonymous words.

    I'm the real deal, little boy, an I've become more than irritated by you.

    Either control your tongue, or leave this site. You are not worth my time, but seriously, don't push your luck.

    I called you no names, little man. I wouldn't do that but in person.

    If your wife is impressed with your cowardly vitriol, so sad for her.

  31. anon 9:19pm said"What we don't believe is that government can become our King?"

    Then why were so called anti-tax,conservatives so silent when the Supreme Court decided that it was time to install Bush into office.And the poster who commented about seeing those yesterday at the next WTO meeting was dead on.

  32. And thus you see that the Tea Parties have struck a nerve.

    Why? You guys are used to protests. Why get upset about this one?

    By all rights you should have joined in. Anyone with a brain would protest the Horrific spending that's been going on, the passage of bills that hadn't even been looked at, shouldn't take a party divide to call BS on that.

    Maybe it is because the tide is turning.

  33. You're right mresquan. I am dead on about the WTO. I'm also dead on that you're a sniveling little drug pusher sucking up to David Cobb/Heraldo who should fuck off.

  34. Rose,will you please ask Charles yourself just why he is targetting me?I've already posted reasons why he won't post under his own name.Hell,look at the shit from I get just after agreeing with him on something.What a piece of shit he is.So,Chucky,care to allow me my right to face my accuser.I'd love to see the look on your face when a question is asked of you about your activities in that field.A little word of advice,quit telling folks around Has Beans and elsewhere exactly what you do during your stays in Willow Creek.

  35. So I get that Rose and her husband put themselves in a situation where she can stay at home and raise her kids.If they can pull it off,more power to them.And if she inherited some money,that's fine too,it's a dividend of being raised by a family who established enough financial security so that money could be passed on.Now I most certainly disagree with her on just about anything politically,and may likely disagree with some of the means as to how her situation became afforded upon,I just don't know what those are at this point.

  36. i do NOT at all appreciate the super-crude remarks made by ExR in his malicious attempt to besmirch us bon-bon connoisseurs.


  37. seems like ex-repub is constructing this straw-man of Rose to bayonet so he don't have to face the real thing, an honest and intelligent woman who has a lot of smart things to say about our corrupt DA.

    same with mresquan and Charles or chuckie or whoever, none of us know and none of us care about both of you in case it ain't obvious.

    let's not get distracted by the crazies and keep focus on reining in our power mad government. lots of tea got dumped this week, and don't it just drives the king crazy.

  38. Rose, Fred and Stephen. Whats in common? They're all the biggest conservatives on the Humboldt Blogosphere. Whats another thing in common? They all sit on their asses collecting checks they NEVER EARNED!!!


    What do Richard Marks and Eric Kirk have in common? Big time leftist socialists on the blogosphere. What else? They work HARD FOR THE MONEY! Well, at least Richard did until the global financial crisis ended his career of almost 30 years. Oh, that was initiated by conservative policies run a muck.



  39. Rose reminds me of Bill Kristol. Wrong on so many issues. Proved time and time again to be wrong by mountains of evidence. Yet he persists. Rose Persists. It's almost as if that part of Roses brain that has shame receptors is missing or horribly deformed like Nick Bravo's face.


  40. Between Konkler, Salzman and Miller, the left loons are in full force here lately, making the most disgusting personal attacks on foes real and imaginary.

    Bravo almost looks relevant by comparison. I bet he was at a tea party too.

  41. I prophesize that Nick Bravo will go on a shooting rampage. He is a known terrorist and is on a gov't watch list. He belongs to a third party, is a white male, is unemployed, believes in the principles of the founding fathers and the Constitution. We all need to watch out for him considering he has nothing left to lose but his freedom he could become the next Alex Jones or the next Anti-Christ....wait! Those are the same thing. It is known that Bravo considers himself to be one of the Illuminati and has taken part in satanic rituals aimed at overthrowing political officials such as Rob Ammerman, and Dave Meserve. We must all be vigilant against his righteousness...err I mean, his wickedness.

  42. Careful Nick, you'll be next on esquan's hit list of ex-Greens to hate on.

  43. It is good to see that publicans have learned to protest. Hope to see some of them at Mr. Thompson's office today for another protest.
    11am to 1pm in case you only listen to Fox news.

  44. First I am supposedly a paid stooge of, alternately, Palco and Rob Arkley, then I'm a trust fund baby sitting home eating bon bons - who knew.

    Go ahead and sling away. It isn't going to change anything. There isn't any point in attacking mresquan, either.

    The facts remain.

    And you're losing business after business because of the shut-it-down crowd's ascension to power. Locally and nationally, attacking and denigrating successful business is having an effect.

    Like the story in the paper today - on Natural Selection closing their store in Eureka. trying to blame that on Target and Bed Bath & Beyond is ludicrous. Natural Selection's competition is Many Hands Gallery and Kokopilau, not Target - and I don't recall Natural Selection EVER carrying towels, sheets and small appliances, so saying Bed Bath & Beyond is putting them out of business is just laughable.

    More likely that those people you are running down for attending Tea Parties were their customers, and they have seen their retirements cut in half or worse, their investments decimated, and discretionary purchases like nice gifts from Natural Selection are no longer a priority.

    None of your precious "stimulus" funds are going to fix that.

  45. Actually I'm still a Green. But I'm also aware of the illusion of being partisan, The federal reserve is out to destroy the country. Bush was the bad cop, Obama's the good cop, and most of you people are either to stupid or evil to see it. Its NOT about political parties! It's about CHARACTER! There are people of character in ALL parties, races, nationalities, etc! Stop letting yourselves be divided by these NWO operatives like Esquan and Cobb!

  46. Barfo, you're the character who hasn't been able to make it on his own ever since mommy and daddy cut you off. Your own physical deformities will hold you back from ever achieving any form of true achievement. Look at you! Gollum! Gollum!

    You couldn't hack it in Humboldt, now you can't hack it in Arizona. Soon enough your latest couch surfing bitch will realize you're nothing but a deformed little leper - both mind and body have rotted away like cabbage left out in the sun.

  47. What do Richard Marks and Eric Kirk have in common? They work HARD FOR THE MONEY!a hard man is good to find,

  48. Come on now Rose, nobody ever accused you of being on the Palco dole. We know they had bad business sense, but we never accused them of having THAT bad of a business sense.


    Tell us Rose, what's it like never having to worry about milk prices, or not having enough time in the day to give your children the attention they need? Tell us Rose, are you just lucky, or did God ordain that you would still be sucking off your fathers tit well into your middle age?

  49. Rose may be correct that the right is beginning to see some life after the November elections, but in order for them to secure a significant movement, they need to first clearly separate from the religious groups who refuse to recognize the separation between church and state. These people spew more hate and nonsense than anyone in America. Next, they must claim responsibility for the Iraq war. It is the number one reason why we are facing such a huge deficit today. The stimulus would not have been necessary if we hadn't gone to war for no reason. And finally, they need to produce leaders, not personalities like Sarah Palin. Lets see some great thinkers come forward who can really grasp the conservative ideology.

    What do you think Rose? Is it possible? Let's make it happen.

  50. The evangelicals are the only group putting real wind into conservative sails right now. If the Republicans cannot make gains in 2010 then it will probably be another decade before they make any kind of comeback.

    Republicans can either play to their small narrow base, or move more to the left in hopes of regaining the center. Problem is, they would have to get rid of most of their representatives right now, who are deeply entrenched. It doesn't look good for them. Jindal? Palin? Romney? They need more of a Guiliani or Bloomberg at this point.

  51. Let them keep talking,Rose. The more they talk the more we see what dumb asses they are. For crying out loud, do these idiots really think you are a TFB?

  52. Where the hell were these people when I was saying on the air that George Bush was granting himself powers fit for a king?
    It is clear that either these people are ill informed due to continued exposure to Fox News and right wing talk radio or they were o.k. with Bush having the power because he was a white republican.

  53. Tom - that's the thing - if you look back - BUSH DID NOT GRANT HIMSELF POWERS FIT FOR A KING!


    I do not care what color Obama is, green, red, white, blue, or purple, or black.

    It is his inexperience, his associations and his disregard for, and disrespect for his own people.

    I don't like Nancy Pelosi, and i don't care what color she is. I don't like Chris Dodd, and i don't care what color he is... It is what they DO that evokes contempt. Nice spin you guys are getting from - where? Air America? MoveOn? HuffPo? KOS? Or could it be

    The Tea Parties were not 'astroturfing' - but it is a veery interesting glimpse into how Pelosi and the others operate when they reveal how they see the world. It tells you exactly how they work and who they really are.

  54. Rose, do you support limits on stem cell research?

  55. Anon 11:00, Nick Bravo has more character and spiritual authority in the hand he masturbates with than you have in your entire body.

    My geuss is you are david cobb, or any of a small number of failed politicians that Infowarrior Nick Bravo took down during his time in arcata. You know what sweetens this pot us that Nick has proven he can knock down politicians who are corrupt. His time in Arcata helped to hone his skills as an infowarrior and defender of truth. You tell him to get a job, he doesn't need a job when he already has a calling. His calling is to fight the darkness and corruption in government.

  56. Yes, an infowarrior who can't even keep a job at a run down Arco station.

    Gollum! Gollum!

  57. He's still better than that closet dwelling Ex.

  58. Barfo needs to get onboard with the Phoenix Performers version of Goonies. I hear the role of Sloth is uncast, and Nicky doesn't need makeup, prosthetics or anything. He just needs to take lessons form the Kevin Costner acting school. Go as yourself Nicky. You can be Sloth

    Hey you Guuuyyssss!

  59. Nick is up front and not afraid to use his real name and back up his statements with facts instead of bullshit. In this regard he's miles ahead of Mark Esquan the DUHC troll, his brother Theo/ex and the rest of this sorry sack of Heraldassholes.

  60. Kinda like yourself there" Jesse"

    May to make a point

  61. Anons disgusting attacks against nick say more about anonymous than about nick. Face it! Nick has more character and wisdom than most of us here in humboldt ever apparent in comments onvarious humboldt blogs. I'm glad he left, but only because up here he was casting pearls before some pretty grotesque swine.

  62. My brother is theo/ex?Really.And how do you know?I don't know that.
    And #1 DUHC ndd anyone close to defending them in any way,shape,or form,attacker on the blogs,Charles Douglas posts anonymously so does that put me,heraldo,etc. miles ahead of him?

  63. So, anyone defendng Nick has to be Charles? Last I heard they were at each others throats and can't stand each other. To think that they are choreographing these attacks on DUHC is absurd and as rational as thinking Bigfoot chauffers George Bush in around in a big UFO.

    First of all there are a lot of people in Humboldt who consider Nick quite fondly including quite a few political higher ups and business owners. Yet they won't admit this because they know they'll be blacklisted by the Democrat Mafia running Arcata.

    Secondly, to think that Nick has nothing better to do with his life in phoenix than to stew over losers, like david cobb and harmony groves, whom he royally thrashed years ago is as I said similar to believing Bigfoot Chauffers George Bush around in a UFO...and personally steals your mail and spies on you when you're using the toilet.

  64. Only esquan has a deluded enough ego to think the world revolves around his blog poop. At least Rose, Heraldo etc can get it up enough to maintain their own blogs instead of squatting hunched over on everyone elses. Heck even Barfo has a blog.

  65. Mark is welcome here.

    And if you don't have anything better to contribute than constant insults and defamation, you're not.

  66. Sr.Esquan, though fairly the opposite of my political leanings, is almost always respectful.

    A troll, he is not and doesn't deserve to be treated as such.

    "X", on the other hand, seems to be one. *By the way, "X", the name is Malsom N'qoss, not howlsattheteabag*......

  67. "At least Rose, Heraldo etc can get it up enough to maintain their own blogs instead of squatting hunched over on everyone elses."

    Hypocrites make me laugh.LOL!!
    But I am sure you just made a little mistake and forgot to provide the link to yours.Yep,that's it.

  68. I went by this demonstration and heard positive response by people honking and waving. It was a positive group expressing their right to peacefully assemble. Nothing negative about that. Obviously many agreed with their position.

    (I have my doubts that X is Greg.)

  69. King George! LOL! Love it, Rose!

  70. So let's get this straight Rose, it's not ok for unfounded personal attacks to be made against Konkler, but it's ok for Konkler to make his own unfounded personal attacks at enemies real and imagined?

  71. "unfounded personal attacks to be made"

    I guess I'll give you an iota of credit for your admission of the comments you've directed at me.
    Who are my enemies?

  72. Esquan your enemies are people who stand for truth and justice! Your enemies are people with character and intelligence. Your enemies are the complete opposite of who you are as a human being!

  73. 'K - I am not into censorship, so from now on these kinds of comments 8:06, are going to have their own thread, not unlike the Censored by heraldo thread.

    Not sure what I will call it - think of something creative.

  74. maybe "Esquan vs the Luciferians". it'll feed into his egoistic self-righteousness.

  75. Rose, do you support limits on stem cell research? What do you think about Obama's latest announcement here?

  76. Just for the record, ex-republican IS NOT, my husband, Greg Conners.

    Thank you,

    Carol ConnErs

  77. Carol just called my attention to this post today. I don't visit often because your blog is slow on the PC at home. I wonder, Rose, if you allow defamation on your blog does it make you responsible for the consequences? Just curious.

    We have had trolls over the years. This one seems pretty unbelievable. I sure hope no one believes the nasty stuff he is throwing my way.

    I was registered to vote in the Republican Party in the seventies and eighties and got out a long time ago. I am not sure why I am a problem for anyone at this point, unless they saw my letter to Obama dissing single-payer health care (and offering some better ideas).

    Oh well. Sticks and stones...

  78. Rose....Second thread, the "Fight Club"?

    An aside, I went by Greg Conner's Blog, and although I don't agree with his perspective, it "seems" that he is much more reasonable than "X".

    I'll go with Carol's assertion.

  79. Sometimes it seems more like a brawl, Wollf.

  80. Robin.....nah, buncha folkes just letting off steam....a "brawl" would be if I was up there, personal and in the room.....

    Hey, I tell you I'm getting married?.....whooaa


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