Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter


  1. Happy Easter to you too Rose!

  2. God bless America, God bless the United States Navy !!!!!

  3. Who cares about Easter? I don't.

    Oh, and regarding the killing of the pirates and rescue of the Captain: About the only time you'll hear me say it:


  4. Has anyone made the Obama-Jefferson comparison yet?

  5. Seems it's not so happy an Easter for the home invasion robbers, or the victim that shot at them, and hit one, after the robbery was over and they were making their escape.

    This will be an interesting case for the DA. To prosecute the victim shooter or not? Wonder how many times he fired? And where all the bullets went?


  6. Obama-Jefferson?

    That's even more silly than Obama-Lincoln.

    *Good One*

  7. Obama-Ayres is more accurate. He is not to be compared to any previous President.

  8. Calm down Rose, he's been in office nearly three months and the Republic still stands. Jefferson had some issues with pirates, that's how the Marines got to the shores of Tripoli.

  9. exrepublican4/13/2009 4:22 PM

    "He is not to be compared to any previous President."

    rose has made her order. no one had better dare say anything rose disagrees with or the gestapo will be at your door asap;)

    so that means that we cant compare him to carter? that was the talk radio hosts gravy for the last 3 months!!!


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