Saturday, April 04, 2009

"father-daughter hold-up" not how I'd describe it

◼ FOX Police: Girl, 9, Who Went With Father During Armed Store Robbery Found Safe (photo source)
◼ FOX Sheriff: Armed Robber Brings Daughter, 9, Along to Hold Up Washington Convenience Store
◼ Seattle Times Girl in father-daughter holdup back in Washington
When reached at the airport, the 9-year-old girl told King 5 News that the situation has made her "sad" and that it has been "hard."

Webb - described by police as a man who cares for his daughter but has troubles with alcohol - told the clerk at the AM-PM minimart he had lost his job and needed money for his daughter. Store video shows the girl in a pink coat watching as he pulls a gun and takes about $200.

At-large robbery suspect abandons daughter in Fortuna

◼ TS Manhunt continues for Robert Daniel Webb

A former Arcata resident who abandoned his daughter in Fortuna while fleeing from officers after allegedly robbing a convenience store in Washington early this week remains at-large, investigators reported Friday.
Police across the West Coast continued searching for 42-year-old Robert Daniel Webb's silver Toyota Corolla Friday, but according to Fortuna police Lt. Bill Dobberstein, investigators “haven't heard of any sightings or found where he is.”

...Court records show Robert Webb had a history of domestic abuse allegations in Humboldt and Kittitas counties.

In 2006, he was arrested for allegedly hitting and choking his wife, Susan Webb, before driving away with Meadow while intoxicated. He later pleaded to driving under the influence and disturbing the peace, and was sentenced to treatment, which he never appeared for.

In 2006, Susan Webb was granted a restraining order against him, but in the summer of 2007, she requested a judge drop the order, and it was dismissed.

Court records in Kittitas County show in November 2007, Susan Webb again filed for a restraining order, alleging Robert Webb had resumed the abuse. In the Kittitas County court documents, Susan Webb alleged on separate occasions her husband -- who was reportedly sometimes suicidal and often mixed his prescribed psychoactive medication with alcohol -- had threatened her with a bow and arrow, poked holes in the bathroom door with a screwdriver while she was hiding from him inside, and threw eggs at her car while she and Meadow attempted to leave the house....

...On Wednesday, Robert Webb took his daughter to the home of his former Alcoholics Anonymous mentor in Fortuna.
According to Dobberstein, Robert Webb called the Fortuna resident while traveling to the area, and once he arrived explained that he was on the run with his daughter and needed a place to stay for a short time.

Robert Webb left his daughter at the residence, and while he left to run errands, the former AA mentor called his son-in-law, a Humboldt County sheriff's deputy, and told him he suspected Robert Webb of kidnapping the girl, Dobberstein said.

The deputy contacted Fortuna police, who traveled to the residence and found Robert Webb had just returned, and was sitting in his car. Dobberstein said when he was asked, Robert Webb gave his full name, and a subsequent records check showed he had a recent arrest warrant issued for armed robbery in Washington.

Fortuna Detective Aaron Starcher said as the officer approached the vehicle again, Robert Webb started the car. The officer reportedly reached into the car to take out the keys, but was unsuccessful, and Robert Webb sped away, leaving his daughter.
”He wasn't planning on leaving his daughter with this guy,” Dobberstein said.


  1. How wierd. We watched the story on MSNBC the other night. The next day the fellow was in Fortuna. I guess Highway 101 is the main coastal route. I hope the daughter is OK and the Mom keeps the Dad way from the child.

  2. Was the Fortuna officer's name Barney Fyfe?


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