Friday, April 03, 2009

Get y'er Grow Room a goin'

The Total Package-Complete Grow Room - $2500 (Mckinleyville)

Complete Grow Room Equipment
This epuipment has been very well taken care of...we are moving, must sell
$2500 for everything - will sell seperatly

-Very nice 5000 watt panel with breaker box
- 4 Hoods
- 4 Ballasts
- 1 CANFAN outtake fan/filter
- 1 intake fan
- Sturdy pots/trays
- Some discount fertilizer avail.

You can advertise this stuff on Craigslist?????


  1. Growing equipment is perfectly legal.
    Why couldn't it be on Craigslist?

  2. Seems a little blatant.

  3. Even if used for growing weed, that is legal for many medical users here.


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