Monday, April 20, 2009

Hung jury. Mistrial.

No decision for jury in cockfighting trial

After deliberating for three days, jurors were unable to agree on a verdict for Ray Christie, a McKinleyville rooster breeder charged with breeding roosters for cockfighting and possessing cockfighting implements.

On Monday morning, the panel of 12 jurors notified Humboldt County Judge John Feeney they were unable to reach a verdict. Feeney then declared a mistrial.

According to one juror, in the final vote on the first five counts of breeding roosters for cockfighting, the jury was hung seven to five, with seven jurors in favor of his innocence.

In the last vote concerning the single charge of possessing a cockfighting implement, the jury was hung 11 to one, with one person in favor of Christie's innocence.

Not the end of it.


  1. what's worse old pole is the corruption with the deputy and the DA. This whole case stinks to high heaven and should scare the hell out of anyone that might have some currently deemed illegal family heirlooms. Or a minor building code issue, An issue that is created out of our modern PC madness. SCARY! Don't forget to add in that the DA tampered with a wetness. The county is out of control. A least the birds won't be destroyed and Mr Christie can continue to give them the quality care he always has.

  2. I've been hearing about the witness thing - wondering if that is in the trial transcripts - do you know, Anon?


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