Friday, April 10, 2009

Rooster trial

Trial begins for cockfighting suspect
A Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputy who investigated properties belonging to McKinleyville rooster breeder Ray Christie, testified in court Thursday that Christie admitted to participating in the illegal sport of cockfighting in the past, but said he had not done so in decades.

Thursday was the first day of trial for Christie, who is charged with five misdemeanor counts of possession of cockfighting implements and one misdemeanor count of possessing a bird with the intent to use it in a fighting exhibition.

If convicted on all counts, Christie would face a maximum of six years in jail and a $30,000 fine....

...Christie's attorney, Kenneth Bareilles, questioned (Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Deputy Todd) Fulton about whether the circumstantial evidence presented demonstrates Christie was recently participating in cockfighting, or if it only shows he was simply interested in it.

Questioning Fulton about the cockfighting magazines found throughout Christie's properties, Bareilles asked whether the owner of such magazines could “be an enthusiast and not a cockfighter?”

Fulton replied that they could be an enthusiast.
Deputy District Attorney Sherissa Edmark is prosecuting.

Who is taking care of all those roosters?


  1. You post heading should be Cock Trial

    We all know you thought about about it Rose. Just go for it next time!

  2. LOL! No, it hadn't occurred to me, but that is pretty funny!

  3. The guy must be guilty if Kenny B. is his lawyer !!

    I hear Kenny B. needs a lawyer of his own !

  4. Humboldt Heretic4/11/2009 7:19 AM

    The roosters have been released to the custody of Colonel Sanders.

  5. Just long are you going to censor (as in not print) my comments?

    Surely you can't be upset over my post on Blog wars?

  6. It's an interesting post, dave - I just - submitted a comment

  7. There are hens and roooooosters. They are game cocks and are prized for showing as well as cultural uses. Many ethnic Americans value them in ceremony,as medicine,and as food both on the table for all and as the only food for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Game cock fighting in the US is the lowest level of use. Most Game Cock fights use gloves not spurs as the birds are to valuable as gene pool. Not to mention that Christie is a good neighbor in the greater N. Coast region,this case is more about a jealous failed farmer ( livestock deputy)than anything else. A waist of 2+years of county time and money and a waist of Christie's time and money, which equals lost productivity. It's a PETA wet dream.


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