Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did anybody READ the DA's Grant Proposal?

Item D. 5 on today's Board Of Supervisor's Agenda
District Attorney
5. Workers' Compensation Grant Application.
RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Supervisors approve the attached grant application and sign the attached board resolution; and Direct the Clerk of the Board to return the resolution to Chief Michael Hislop so it may be processed with the grant application.

Who is assigned?
How many cases?
How many brought to trial?

It doesn't look very good to me.

Funny that this DA announced he was working to "wean" himself of grant funding, yet this is the second application in the last few weeks. One is for a nice new Hummer or something to go with his nice uniforms and semi-automatic rifles.

These are just applications. Whether he gets them, whether he should, and whether adheres to the promises made in these applications is another.

More to follow.


  1. How's the CAST funding going? And where are the CAST stats?

  2. The stats will continue to be hidden until someone who believes in open and transparent government sues the DA for the information.

  3. Do it then, Anon. Or don't you believe in open and transparent government?

  4. Shouldn't have to, Tuna. They're too much SUING. A DA who runs on promises of openness and transparency ought to comply with a public records act request without having to be sued.

    That he won't speaks volumes.

  5. CAST went from Alison Jackson, whom
    El Supremo fired, to YougoFree Schwartz, whom his Paulibanidudeness hired, then promoted, then fired. Really, doesn't that sum it up? Do you really need stats? Of course, the fact that the public is entitled to them, the DA won't give them up, and the Times-Stupid won't ask for them, that's another issue.


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