Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charges dropped in Rooster case

Cockfighting charges dropped against Christie

A county prosecutor on Wednesday announced the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office would drop several charges related to allegations Ray Christie, a McKinleyville rancher, was raising roosters to be used for cockfighting.
Christie faced five misdemeanor charges for allegedly raising roosters for cockfighting after police raided his McKinleyville rooster breeding operation in December and seized more than 1,300 roosters, as well as dozens of knives and gaffs -- illegal implements used in cockfighting.
Christie still faces one misdemeanor charge alleging possession of a cockfighting implement....

...Following the trial, Deputy District Attorney Sherissa Edmark said she would prepare to retry the defendant. But Wednesday, Christie's attorney Kenneth Bareilles said he plans to discuss with his client whether another trial is the best option.

”I plan to advise Mr. Christie and encourage him to settle if possible,” Bareilles said. “It might be less expensive just to pay the fine. But sometimes you can't measure this stuff in dollars and cents.”...

But that's not the end of the story, as I understand it. Developing.


  1. You mean the cocktrial

  2. GOOD! now lets file charges on the livestock deputy that lied on the stand and the deputy DA who tampered with a witness.


    New blogpost.

  4. The chickens have come home to roost.

  5. What, you mean this creep will be free to engage in his heinous activities again?

    Cock-lovers everywhere will despair. This will cost Gallegos some of his key supporters like Dennis Huber.

  6. Dennis Huber! who the f### cares about that nut? If Gags keeps charging bad cases we all loose. The real case is over zealous cops who lie on the stand and an incompetent DA who will tamper with a wetness. If we had a real DA in charge this crap wouldn't happen. Any idea how much this 2+ year investigation and chicken-shit trial has cost the tax payers? Now there is a crime. Huber, no chicken soup for you.

  7. Who would tamper with a wetness?

  8. Someone who typed a typo Eric. This eludes you?

  9. Yeah, kinda feeds into the whole sick feeling of this thread. Whenever one of these brain-dead Measure T-type Gag sycophants like Huber comes up, the conversation goes downhill real fast.


    Bravo bitchslaps Rob Amerman!

  11. Never mind the birds. What's up with this:

    Police have halted the investigation into an assault at the Bayshore Mall after the alleged victim signed a no-prosecution agreement with the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office, a Eureka Police Department official said Monday.

    They have a form for not going forward? They need a form? It happens that much? What's it called? Maybe the "Remember Darcy Seal" form? The "form used for all uncooperative witnesses who don't have something bad to say about cops?"

    Or "the form for non-mexican drug cases or cases involving southern humboldt dealers who support the DA for perennial re election??

    Just curious.

  12. omg

    8:18 - right on! I was thinking the exact same thing.


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