Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deluded and Brain Dead Op Ed (X 2)

Taxation and the California nightmare

Utter BS.

A LTE by Robert C. Van Fleet

This is sad.

Here's the deal... ◼ "...It says something about the relationship of liberals to political power that they can overlook domestic dissent when they're at the wheel. When the GOP is in office, America is seen as hopelessly divided because dissent is the highest form of patriotism. When Democrats are in charge, the Frank Riches suddenly declare the culture war over and dismiss dissent as the scary work of the sort of cranks Obama's Department of Homeland Security needs to monitor...."


  1. Agreed. Isn't he the guy that used to be part owner of some retreat in the Garberville area and later moved to Eureka and Pete LeVallee tried to get him on the City Planning Commission?

  2. The name is familiar.

    You're right - Robert Fasic
    Photographer from Eureka, attorney, financial planner and former co-owner of Heartwood Institute. He is Vice-Chair of the Eureka Redevelopment Advisory Board (of the Redwood Art Association).
    Financial planner? Boy I wouldn't hire him with his misunderstanding of Prop 13 and his desire to see everyone taxed to death. What an idiot.

  3. I have no problem with the tax rate that we on average pay.Well maybe it's a bit too high,but I do have a huge problem with how those tax dollars are being utilized.Government,at least Ca government is very creative at finding ways to mangle (hee hee hee!)finances.

  4. Rose, what do you think about Coleman continually fighting for the Senate seat even after the court rules against him?

  5. I think Franken was going to keep counting until he won, and he finally got there. With ACORN influence we will never know what the real results were/are.

    Al Franken is a hideous addition to an already worthless bunch of representatives.

  6. Just a note - deleted posts have been/are being moved to their own thread.

  7. Wow, hideous bunch? Do you now fill the same way about Spector?

  8. "Al Franken is a hideous addition to an already worthless bunch of representatives.".

    Agreed and, as I mentioned on Eric's blog, anyone concerned about liberty in this country should be concerned when one party has so much power as the Democrats do with Specter's defection to them.

  9. Specter's defections doesn't mean anything. he already voted with the dems anyway.

    He belongs in JAIL along with every other representative who voted to spend TRILLIONS on a bill they had never even read. Period. No matter what party they belong to, no matter what color they are, no matter what sex they are, no matter what planet they are from. It is unforgivable.

  10. Do you think the economy would have completely collapsed without the bailout?

  11. We may really need a bicameral legislature.And we certainly need some form of proportional representation.But truly,the best deal for us in the northern end is the State of Jefferson.
    The economy will collapse regardless of the bailout.The bailout just gave the banks more of a right to dictate when and how.
    And Rose,Franken won fairly,but if Coleman can prove otherwise and more power to him,but I'd predict that he'd come up short at every turn.

  12. mrdumb-dumb.

  13. How dare Spector break the party line and occasionally vote for bills sponsored by Democrats! True Conservatives refuse to budge and inch, refuse to work with anyone other than their own and always stick to their morals and high beliefs. They are true American soldiers. Cowards need not apply.


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  15. That was hilarious 12:09, did you dream that up yourself??

  16. google it. Posted so many times, you can't even find the original author.


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