Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sorry to hear this.

Michael was a nice man. And some of his political observations were dead on. Didn't know he had died.


  1. I worked in Arcata for a very long time and had some very interesting conversations with "Quarter Mike" at Sacred Grounds and out on the Plaza. He was annoying and troublesome to a lot of people but I always enjoyed talking with him.

  2. Me. too. Sacred grounds. I knew him as Michael.

    He had a rant - the homosexual job-ocracy, Bonnie Neely and Terry Farmer, with special disdain for the "Poverty pimps." And once the rant button was pushed, he could go on for hours.

    But if you could keep from pushing that button, he was very interesting, very interested in all things political, with sharp and incisive observations about local politicos. He didn't miss much. And he called 'em as he saw them.


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