Friday, November 14, 2008

Pled? Plead? Pleaded?

Which is it?


  1. Ask Gags. Seems to be a popular word in his limited vocabulary.
    Usually used in conjunction with "..a lesser charge..." and "..more serious charges dismissed.." and "..significantly reduced sentence.."

  2. sean garmire11/24/2008 4:42 PM

    It's a style choice. Plead is the the present form. Pleaded or Pled? Associated Press says it's "pleaded," but that just never sounds right to me.

  3. I prefer 'pled' - He pled guilty.

    Because 'plead' reads like 'pleed' at first glance and it invariably causes you to stop, back up and self correct, ok, 'plead' like 'read/red' - so it is disconcerting UNLESS it has a modifier, like 'will plead' 'has plead' 'refused to plead' in those cases 'plead(pleed)' makes sense.

    But 'pleaded' just sounds wrong every single time. Even 'pleaded for his life' is awkward. And, you're right, it gets used alot. I suppose 'pleaded' makes more sense than 'plead' without the modifier, but 'pled' is the better word, Just my opinion.

    Just a (minor) pet peeve of mine.


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