Friday, November 28, 2008

Fritzsche heads to London

☛ TS Humboldt's Fritzsche heads to London for world fish conference
Humboldt State University fisheries professor and former harbor commissioner Ron Fritzsche will go to London in January as part of an elite panel that will investigate the status of the world's endangered marine fishes.

Fritzsche is the only West Coast representative on the 18-member panel invited to the conference, and has specific expertise to offer. The conference is the Sampled Red List Index Marine Fish Workshop, organized by the Zoological Society of London and the Global Marine Species Assessment.

A world authority on pipefish, seahorses, cornet fish and trumpet fish, Fritzsche has worked for more than 30 years with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to develop fish identification guides for fishery workers around the world.


  1. Just another example of the quality people we have in Humboldt County. Ever wonder why zeros like Mike Wilson and pat higgins are pushed on an uninformed public by baykeeper,epic,hwc? Could it be that they are so weak in fishery science

    and morally that they can be very easily lead around? Could it be that Fritzche rocks their phony world with reality and class? No litigous agenda on Fritzsche's work list.

  2. Kinda the way i see it, too, 8:03.

  3. Truth is stranger than fiction. To dump Fritzsche from the harbor dst for someone like Wilson,a dope head without a clue,is like hiring a plaza bum to do open heart surgery. Thankfully the Zoological Society of London knows whos who in Humboldt Co fishery. Or maybe Nichols,another bum, was just to busy fund raising.

  4. If you don't know Ron ,you are missing out. He is as good as it gets. He saw the scam baykeepers is pulling that's why they turned the dogs on him. Nichols isn't worthy to wash his balls.


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