Friday, November 28, 2008

Inside India: Graver than the news

⦁ aljazeera Timeline: Mumbai assault (photo source)
⦁ Irshad Manji - Inside India: Graver than the news
⦁ Little Green Footballs - Breaking: Battle at the Taj Hotel
⦁ Reuters - Staff emerge as heroes in Mumbai hotel sieges
⦁ RBO - ISI Goes Rogue
⦁ Roger L. Simon - CNN wins, FOX loses, Deepak Chopra and other Mumbai thoughts
⦁ Reuters - UPDATE 1-Operation at Mumbai Taj hotel is over - TV
⦁ - The longest day
⦁ NEWS Coverage


  1. Those are some good links.

  2. Two comments on Simon's post stand out.
    11. BMoon:
    I say we need an immediate no-holds-barred attack on every Al Qaeda group and sympathizer by every country that means business in the world. Liquidation. Everywhere. No rights. No wavering. No hand-wringing. Every mosque and mullah must take an oath of rejection of the group and jihad or simply get executed. Every mosque take the vow or get levelled.
    It is only a matter of time before they get a nuclear bomb from the N. Koreans, Iranians, or Pakis. There is no more time to waste.

    18. John Moore:
    No, we are witnessing 8th century savagery with 20th century weapons. Nihilist wouldn’t single out Americans, Brits and Jews as targets. This is militant Islam on display. We’ve seen them cut off heads. We’ve seen them blow up civilians. This time they shot people up close and personal. Same folks, different methodsl, same end result: scared and dead infidel.

    Are we getting it?


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