Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random thought for the day

In the pseudosciences, a challenge to accepted dogma is often considered a hostile act if not heresy, and leads to bitter disputes or even schisms.


  1. Rose,
    This post has been up for 2 days and no warmistas are calling for your head?

    Could it be they have seen THIS?

    Naw. A small issue over FACTS shouldn't deter them from true belief.

  2. It's not just that No significant global warming since 1995

    It's NASA having to revise their 'alarming' data because of bad numbers from Russia... AND New Data on Sea Ice Contradicts Media Climate Change Reporting
    Atlantic Hurricane Season 2008 Withers on the Vine
    Is NASA’s Hansen Playing Enron Accounting Games With Climate Data?


  3. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, perhaps their dogma was run over by their karma?

    *couldn't help myself*

  4. You knew they were in trouble when they switched to 'Climate Change.'

    A Gore oughtta be tarred and feathered and every single "Global Warming" piece of legislation ought to be rescinded.Schwarzenegger ought to start there in his budget costs/fixing the state economy plans.

    And if the planet turns out to be cooling, will they suddenly want us all driving SUVs and upping our carbon output? And does anyone honestly believe it will make a difference?

  5. Yep, cap and trade and taxing CO2 to reduce warming makes a lot of sense when the climate is COOLING (to a leftist dingbat control freak that is).


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