Monday, November 17, 2008

Glenn Beck: Big bad Wal-Mart

...why is Wal-Mart succeeding? Why is Wal-Mart succeeding while others fail? It's easy. ... Wal-Mart is one of the only businesses that runs themselves like a business today. Everybody else is running their business like a government. ...


  1. Beck sees Wal-Mart as representative of "American values." What values are those? The notion that bigger is better, that cheaper is better, that earning a profit is the all-American goal, no matter the ultimate cost?

    Walmart is essentially a business bully, forcing American companies to take their manufacturing overseas and have it done by people even poorer than those who shop Wal-Mart, and some of those underpaid workers are kids.

    The ultimate playout of Wal-Mart economics is a world where everyone works for one big company, where everything from healthcare and medicine to food, clothing and tools comes from one central depository. Power is concentrated. The bosses rule every aspect of life — if we're luckily, benevolently. Is this starting to sound familiar?

  2. You are so utterly predictable Rose

  3. Yes bob you are absolutely correct. We must not allow the stupid boobiosie to have a choice as to which businesses they will patronize. We progressives are so much more enlightened and qualified to make those decisions for them.

  4. Humboldt heretic11/17/2008 7:02 PM

    Please excuse bob and 6:24 PM. They have watched the movie Soylent Green a few too many times sans popcorn.

  5. If you substitute "Obama" for "WalMart" sounds a lot like their (not my) new socialist president's idea of the USA.

  6. Rose, I live in Crescent City, and Walmart has truly wiped out all of all local shopping choices. It's really an unfair playing field. If the local stores really had the ability to compete, I'd be all for the competition. But the locals never had a chance.

    It's really sad actually. You should come up and see for yourself sometime.

  7. Now that "...all the local shopping choices..." are wiped out we have noticed that the prices at Wal Mart have gone through the roof (Yeah right!). Now you have to drive all the way to Arcata in order to pay more for less selection. Well, after all "fairness" would dictate that progressive shoppers should be required to pay more right after you drive to Brookings to fill up your gas cans with cheaper gas.

  8. Yes, 7:10. I hear that alot. The same thing is said of our Mall here in Eureka. Oddly, it isn't said of Costco.

    There was a raging discussion about this on the Humboldt Herald blog.

    So here's my question(s) - what do people buy at WalMart? And what local businesses carried those things - because from what i see for the most part, people buy basics from WalMart (and Target and KMart) - sheets, towels, toasters and blenders, diapers, shampoo, dog food, baby clothes...

    Down here, no one can answer what competition carries(d) towels and sheets, except for the fancy linens shop in Old Town with the $300 sheet sets.

    Yeah, there's a little competition in the home decor and garden dept. But I don't see the garden section at target filled with people like Miller Farms and Mad River Gardens (local nurseries are... but really, there never was a cheap furniture competitor.

    So, I'm asking you, what do people buy up there at WalMart, and where would they buy it IF WalMart was gone?

  9. Walmart wouldn't exist without government aid.All employees are set up with welfare assistance upon stamps.....Medical.....all of it.That is the hidden side effect of why Walmart's destroy communities.So yes,Beck is a complete tool who obviously realizes that Walmart relies on running like a government,but I have to admit that Beck does normally make for a good,well paid,propaganda tool.

  10. The problem with Beck is that he never argues his case with any facts or logical arguments. He just rants. It's not a good place to start a serious discussion.

  11. You elitists whine all you want. I am driving to Walmart to go shopping. Will stop at Home Depot on the way back so I don't have to make a left hand turn off of 101.

  12. 7:10 here-

    Rose, I used to be able to buy everything I needed from other stores, but those stores no longer exist. That's my problem- Walmart didn't come to co-exist in competition, they came to replace the competition. I could easily deal with an option to shop at either store. I no longer have that option.

  13. Fair enough, 7:10. But what were the names of the stores where you used to buy sheets and towels?

    See, here with regards to big boxes - we used to have Montgomery Wards, JCPenney, Sprouse Reitz, Ben Franklin...

    "Locally" we had Daly's Department Store, who worked on expanding, but just didn't have Walmart's success.

  14. jack says: "The problem with Beck is that he never argues his case with any facts or logical arguments. He just rants."

    Well it works for mresquan. Why not Beck?


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