Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just wondering - UPDATED

What happens if the prosecuting DA - Paul Gallegos - gets called as a witness in the Gundersen trial?

Seal said that during that phone call Gundersen's ex-wife said her family law attorney Joan Gallegos -- wife of District Attorney Paul Gallegos -- said charges would be filed if his ex-wife wanted. Seal testified that she asked for Gundersen's ex-wife to come to the interview room to explain that. This is not the first time this has been reported or mentioned in the court proceeedings.

Then there's also the reports that the nude photos (obtained as evidence) were going to be given to Joan Gallegos. By whom and for what purpose? With whose permission?

These are serious questions.

Also The trial is on break until Aug. 25. Why?


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012



  1. Ain't gonna happen. There. Answered.

  2. He's a potential witness. Potentially involved. "Did you ever discuss David Gundersen with your wife?"

    Of course he will say, "No,"

  3. There is a huge back story on this.

    Twisted wife, twisted ex-wife, twisted defendant, twisted divorce attorney, twisted DA.

    All around the mulberry bush....

    The fact that this is all so amusing is distressing.

    All of the twisted, noted above need a reality check and so, I think, do we.

    But it is a compelling story, isn't it?

  4. compelling ?

    More like documentation of what has become of Humboldt County.

    It's sad.

  5. When asked if he would call himself as a witness, Gags stared blankly, blinked a few times, licked his dry lips, and mumbled to the NewsChannel 3 newsbabe "Can I do that? Uh, hey Wes, help!"

  6. Touche.....

  7. Notice how the local lefist have lost interest in there hero D.A.------"Paul who?"

  8. it sounds more like Joan gets called. Now that could be amusing. How many wives and ex wives of the players can get into this case. any chance of Mrs.
    clanton getting called?

  9. 1:18 has a point, Mrs. PVG would be the more likely witness. Either the jury hears from her, in which case PVG is in a somewhat embarrasing position, or they don't in which case they might wonder why not. Either way, I daresay no other DA in California would have managed to put him or herself in this position.

  10. Gallegos pressed for and the judge agreed to allow the ex-wife to testify. Since she is such an integral part of this whole thing, there will be alot of questions, and since the current wife has said repeatedly that the ex-wife said Joan Gallegos said this thing and that thing, and since there was apparently a plan of some sort to hand the photo evidence over to Joan Gallegos, at the very least the ex-wife should be asked about that, about what Joan said, about the intent, about the photos, about what was going to be done with the photos about whether or not there was a formal request for those pieces of evidence to be turned over or whether they were just going to be dropped off...

    I don't see how that doesn't lead to bringing the DA's wife in and asking her about those points and others relating to the custody battle.

    The next obvious question is did you talk to your husband about this? About any of it? Of course, she will say, "No."

    Does it end there? Or does the DA become a witness?

  11. I'm wondering when it will end. I'm wondering what the jury is thinking of this. Are they hot to trot to convict or confused and asking themselves "why is this mess in a courtroom"????

    The real winners here are;

    1. Russ Clanton (cash cow)
    2. Joan Gallegos (cash calve)
    3. the ex-wife
    4. the city of Blue Lake
    5. Paul Gallegos
    6. The Times Standard

    The real losers are;

    1. The people of Humboldt County

  12. Another scenario: After the jury hears all of this nonsense they convict Gundersen of: the "lesser and included offense" of misdemeanor battery and he is sentenced to "time served". It will be almost impossible to convict him of the weapons violations as he was the chief law enforcement officer of an incorporated municipality and if I am not mistaken the law does not specify how those weapons are to be stored.

    In that case 2 more losers can be added to the list:
    1. Gundersen (in jail since Feb)
    2. Paul Gallegos who is exposed as the incompetent fool he is

  13. anybody google "cody dwire" lately?
    I'm just curious, because PVG is prosecuting a couple of cops because a mentally ill person was killed. So is he going to add a couple of counts to that case?

  14. Why is it on hol? Another vacation for Gallegos. Wonder what excuse he will give the press for this vacation. Another illness in the family?

  15. Excuse the typo - should be "why is it on HOLD?"

  16. "LENORE, Idaho (AP) - The Nez Perce County Sheriff's office is still investigating what prompted a murder-suicide near Lenore on Friday.

    Detective Kevin Messelt says 34-year-old Cody Alan Dwire was mentally ill, experiencing delusions and paranoia. Dwire shot and wounded his mother, Kathleen Dwire, and fatally shot Ralph Douglas Mack before turning the gun on himself.

    Messelt says Dwire was placed in a California hospital between 2003 and 2007 after being accused of attempted murder and burglary in Humboldt County, Calif. Prosecutors declined to pursue the charges because of his illness.

    Investigators are still trying to determine exactly how the shootings occurred, but believe it began when Dwire approached his mother and filed a single shot at her head with a Taurus .44-caliber Magnum handgun. The bullet went through a hat she was wearing, but missed her.

    Both Kathleen Dwire and Mack tried to disarm Cody Dwire, and during the scuffle she was shot in the arm and Mack was reportedly shot twice in the chest. Kathleen Dwire managed to break away and run to a nearby home to call police. Sometime after the scuffle, Cody Dwire shot himself in the head with a 7 mm short Magnum rifle."

    Our DA fucks up again and now more people are dead. What a waste. The man ought to be recalled. we cant take 3 more years of this.

  17. Huh - AX ATTACK: A recently released inmate of the Humboldt County Jail went on a rampage in downtown Eureka Sunday morning, attacking Thomas Randolph, 51, an Oregon tourist with a knife and an ax. Idaho resident Cody Alan Dwire, 29, appeared to have chosen his victim at random. The EPD arrived on the scene after a Eureka Inn guest tried to stop Dwire by bashing him over the head with a chair; the police took both men to the hospital, where the victim underwent surgery and is recovering. Dwire will be charged with attempted murder. Journal Oct. 9, 2003

    I remember the Eureka Inn case, didn't know the guy ended up in a murder-suicide. But how is this related to Cheri Moore?

  18. Rose...go ,easy on ,the commas . You , don't , need that many , with your , trollish nonsense .

  19. The unfortunate Ms. Moore was an unbalanced person, who pointed a deadly weapon at police, who were sent in to end a dangerous stand off. The DA says that was a crime, and that the on scene commanders are responible for her death. Well, who is responsible for the deaths caused by Mr. Dwire? Since the rationale of the Moore case has to be, not Mr. Dwire, isn't there an opportunity for the DA to charge the police, or the outpatient clinic, or someone, anyone. There are headlines to be grabbed here, lets' get on it. Oh. Wait, there might be some questions asked as to how Mr. Dwire was allowed to walk away, no beeper, no nothing. Let's just lay low on this.

  20. My prediction. If the condom doesn't fit the jury must aquit! Seriously, aquittal on the rape charges and 18 months for the weapons charges less time served. Wait and see.

  21. Predictions are a bad idea, because
    the persons in this case will do
    stuff you just can't imagine, much less predict. Of course you are predicting what the jury will do, on the theory juries may act rationally. Maybe. But maybe they
    all voted for Gallegos both times. Once again, Humboldt (including Blue Lake) gets the government it deserves.

  22. Word out of the courthouse is that
    the Gunderson case is suspended
    while Gallegos goes on vacation?
    Is that possible? The judge tells the jury to wait, and the defendant and witness to wait, and lets the DA go on vacation?
    Must be bogus.

  23. Nope, Gallegos is out of town and everyone else is here.

    How many vacations can this guy take a year.

    What a joke that he even collects one dime from the county.

  24. So he is on vacation. Yet that's not even whispered in either
    "newspaper" or reported on any
    "news" broadcast.

  25. Only the FBI investigation into Paul will perhaps shed some light on the corrupt extentthat hewent to band together with his wife to frame up Gunderson, word up is that the supervisors of the Ex knew exactly what was going on abd theywent along with the whole idea.
    I see Federal Charges not just for the DA but the DAs wife and all sheriffs dept personel involved


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