Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stranger than fiction

☛ TS Alleged murder plot against a prominent local family thwarted

It was a late November night when Robert Primeau allegedly sat his two children down to take a blood oath, according to court transcripts.

”We made a blood oath to kill the Barnums,” Primeau's daughter, Collette Primeau, 23, testified at her father's preliminary hearing. “We all cut on our thumb and the three of us swore together to keep it between the three of us because if we didn't, we'd be dead.”

”When you said, 'we'd be dead,' who specifically?” Deputy District Attorney Allan Dollison asked.

”My brother and I,” Collette Primeau replied.

”Who said you'd be dead?” Dollison asked.

”My father,” Collette Primeau answered.

After the preliminary hearing, Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson ruled there was sufficient evidence to hold Robert Primeau to stand trial on eight charges, including two counts of soliciting murder, a count of assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury and a charge of cruelty to another's animal.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges in April, and remains held in the Humboldt County jail on $100,000 bail awaiting trial, which is scheduled to begin Sept. 2.

Transcripts from the two-day preliminary hearing paint the picture of how a Eureka Police Department investigation into grisly allegations of Robert Primeau's spousal abuse uncovered allegations of a plot to kill an affluent and well-known Eureka couple, Robert and Patty Barnum, who own the Barnum Timber Co. and whose family owned the Eureka Inn for a time.

It's quite a story. Wait til you read the plan!
The case is being prosecuted by Allan Dollison, who is headed for Iraq ☛ ER Deputy district attorney to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people
Dollison has reached the position of major in the Army Reserve and works as a civil affairs officer. Dollison said his job is to “win the hearts and minds of the people.” More specifically, he identifies a need -- a school, clean water, roads -- and figures out ways to meet those needs.

In Afghanistan he obtained a light-therapy machine to help babies with jaundice in the hospital....
Best of luck to you, counselor.


  1. "Collette Primeau testified that her father is a “military junkie” "

    So does this mean that this 'loving father' (UGH!!!) was IN the military or just military want-a-be? ie is he a PTSD war stressed out person or his he just a nut from his own poor childhood rasing?

    See back in WWi then WWii it was proven that 'shell shock' (what we now call PTSD) could be avoided by troop rotations, every 250 days (I'd have to look up the Milatry's Psych studies for the exact amount of days they determined that it takes for 'shell shock' to most frenquently happen - 200 and some I think its about 250 may be 225 or 260 some where in there) off the front lines.

    Another words our USA Military KNOWS since the 1920's and proved again in 1940's you GOT TO ROTATION 'they men' off the front line, out of Harms Way every 250 days for a while. (2 weeks to a month) for them to remain 'sain' and top grade fighting people for the USofA (thank you all who are out there laying EVERYTHING on the line for US here!)

    But the US Military ignorned that in the Veitnam War and made soliders stay 'in harms way' (in country) for well over that 250 day cut off. 2 or 3 tours back to back, never leaving the war zone.

    Right now in Iraq our men and women in uniform are demanded to serve some 7 tours, with out ever entering an area where they are totally safe. This is why the susicide rates are so high and self inflicted wounds also, we are creating worst mental cases by perlonged exposure to overwhelming stress, then we did in Vitnam.

    Note I am NOT discuing the war it's self one way or another here ... just saying that you got to get these KIDS out of HARMS WAY every 250 days for a coule of weeks, send them up to Germany or some where in Europe, SAFE. Rotate them through to a SAFE station for a few weeks, or even a month every 250 days and you won't have so much crazeness comeing home, ruined lives - like we had after Vetnam - but worst!

    so is that's why I'm wondering if this “military junkie” was in the military or just a want-a-be?


  2. After reading one of the posts to the article in your link that mentioned his wife had died a few years ago, it made me wonder what she died from. If there was spousal abuse - hitting current wife in head with a hammer along with stabbing his own cat, he certainly had the potential to have been dangerous before this. It was also odd how he thought he would get money from the Barnums. Most people just don't have a lot of cash laying around the house to pay someone not to kill them.

    Wouldn't be surprised if his attorney advises plea out on a mental.

  3. Who will do the case now that Dollison himself is heading to Iraq?

    See link:

  4. Was hopeing that dollison would run for DA in the future

    Dollison is a married father of two small children. He is a Military Officer, has been a local attorney in Amador County and served as the Public Defender for the county with a law firm who contracts with the county.

    In the U.S. Army Reserve, he holds the rank of Captain, and is branched in the Field Artillery. He is also a graduate of the United States Army Infantry Officer Advanced Course. He currently commands Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade, 91St Division in Dublin, California. He has also served as an officer in the California National Guard. He protected Los Angeles in the LA Riots of 1992, and the Northridge Earthquake of 1994, earning the State Service Ribbon, (x2) and the Humanitarian Award.

    above addpted from:

    Also could it be? ... (chuckle)


  5. He's turned out ok. But not DA.

  6. Paul Gallegos is a great DA, the people's DA ! Justice for all ! Remember? The hero that had the courage to go after Palco and the Good old Boys. The courage to take the Cheri Moore case to a Grand Jury, indicting former c.o.p. Douglas and Lt Zanotti. What a guy. Remember he just wanted to give back to the community when he ran for DA. What a guy.

    He's personally prosecuting the Gunderson case, with his best buddy as the defense attorney. I'll bet they are laughing their collective asses off. Gunderson is a sad excuse for a cop but to them still a cop just the same. PVG is running the show and Clanton is milking Gunderson for every penny he has so even if he doesn't go to prison he will be absolutely broke. Way to go guys. Gallegos supported Measure T !!!! HE brought us Tim Stoen !!! He brought us He brought us Arnie Klien. The dream team. Oh yes Gallegos is a great DA, the best Humboldt has ever had.

    Gallegos is the pot growers best friend and we all know the pot growers make the local economy what it is. They are all hero's.

  7. Is Dollison posting on his own behalf?

  8. Anonymous 9:28 PM said...
    Is Dollison posting on his own behalf?

    If your refuring to thinking that he'd make a good DA - that was me =


    Several times Paul has hinted that he wasn't going to run. Once espically when Jonie got cancer. And I've met and talked with Dollison and think he's a heck of a guy + his resumay looks good. Anyway just something I (DT) came up with ... just tossing out the idea for those who don't know who he is ...


  9. How can Dollison be a "local" attorney, DT, if he worked in that capacity in Amador Co.? "Local" on this blog would imply Humboldt Co.
    Sounds like he would, at least, know how to use the sub-machine guns stocked by the DA's office.

  10. DT - Joannie never had cancer. She had a bad thyroid that was killed with dye. Gags tried to spin it that way to get out of a meeting with the Supes and a demand to appear before the Grand Jury. He Gallegos went to Trinity Lake with his wife and rented a boat when he was supposed to be at Joanie’s bedside in the Bay Area. Most in the courthouse laughed their ass off about it.

    As for Dollison - this guy is an embarrasment. Read below about him:

    "Summaries from the California Bar Journal are based on discipline orders but are not the official records. Not all discipline actions have associated CBJ summaries. Copies of official attorney discipline records are 1. available upon request.
    August 26, 2000
    ALLAN LEE DOLLISON [#177299], 34, of Saipan was suspended for one year, stayed, placed on two years of probation with an actual 60-day suspension and until he makes restitution and proves his rehabilitation, and was ordered to take the MPRE within one year and comply with rule 955. The order took effect Aug. 26, 2000.
    Dollison stipulated to 16 counts of misconduct in four consolidated cases: three counts each of failing to perform legal services competently or respond to client inquiries and improperly withdrawing from representation, and two counts each of failing to return client files, refund unearned fees and cooperate with the bar’s investigation.
    As part of one case Dollison was handling, he agreed to file a motion to set aside a default that had been entered against his client. After not responding to his client’s inquiries, Dollison told her he had filed a motion that was denied by the court. He provided a copy of the motion, a notice of ruling which stated an attorney had appeared on behalf of the other party.
    In fact, Dollison never filed a motion, there was no hearing, he fabricated the notice of ruling and forged signatures on documents he sent to the client. His misrepresentations were acts of moral turpitude. He never refunded his fee.
    He vacated his office and did not notify clients or the courts, he failed to appear at hearings and failed to follow court orders. Two cases were dismissed as a result of failure to prosecute. One client’s wages were garnished to pay a default judgment, and other clients were forced to hire new counsel to complete their bankruptcy petition."

    This guy isn’t local and this guy shouldn’t be in that position. 16 counts of misconduct! Fabricating documents and forging signatures. Misrepresentations = moral turpitud.
    You have to be joking correct?

  11. A "bad thyroid killed with dye." Couldn't you use layman's terms for us idiots? LOL! Oh wait, don't they use radioactive dye in the treatment of thyroid cancer?

  12. Yes, and they use it in preventative treatment for sick thyroids that are may be precancerous.

    LOL at your attempts to make that cancer and LOL even more about not even mentioning the lie about being at her side in SF while they were speed boating and partying at Trinity Lake.

    In fact LMAOROTF!

  13. Unless you have access to Joan's confidential medical records which you are releasing illegally, your claims have no credibility. For your information, lots of people undergoing cancer treatment find that relaxing is an important part of their cure and I say this from experience regardless of what the water cooler gossips say on the subject.

  14. Good grief, people talk. Anyway, I saw Joan and Paul at a big get together a couple of days afterwards drinking and talking like a sailor.

    You need to stop your paranoia and think a little bit. This has nothing to do with relaxing. It has everything to do with lying.

    So why the lie - A: he was dodging the grand jury and the board.

    These people are pathetic and 11:31, you need to work on your critical thinking skills.

  15. Yes, people talk and most of what they say about other people is guesswork and speculation. People speculating and then spreading that speculation as fact is nothing but gossip. Your claims as to what he said and what he was trying to avoid by saying what you claim he said has no credibility. PERIOD. My critical thinking skills happen to be excellent and I can spot a lying gossip in 1 post or less.

  16. You obviously have no critical thinking skills at all if you think their presence at a party a few days after receiving radioactive treatment for thyroid cancer means she didn't have cancer. What an idiot you are.

  17. Just go ahead 11:46 and 11:48 - never thought a "true believer" would change their mind at all.

    I listened to Joan talk. So did a lot of folks. The trinity lake story is infamous. Think what you want. The rest of us can put 2+2 together.

    I can also spot a close minded zealot fairly quickly also.

    FYI - As much as 75 % of the population will have thyroid nodules - the vast majority are benign. That's right, most of us have nodule in our thyroid glands! Young people usually don't have thyroid nodules, but as we get older, more and more of us will develop a nodule. By the time we are 80, 90% of us will have at least one nodule. Far less than 1% of all thyroid nodules are malignant. A nodule which is cold on scan is more likely to be malignant, nevertheless, the majority of these are benign as well. The majority of patients present with a nodule on their thyroid which typically does not cause symptoms. Remember, over 99% of thyroid nodules are not cancer.

    Radioactive iodine (commonly called radioiodine) is a form of iodine chemically identical to nonradioactive iodine. The thyroid gland, which takes up iodine to make thyroid hormone, cannot distinguish between the two. However, the nucleus of a radioactive iodine molecule has excess energy and gives off radiation that can have effects on the cells in which it is concentrated. Radioactive iodine is given either in a capsule or in a tasteless solution in water.
    The treatment is safe because radioiodine can deliver sufficient radiation to the thyroid gland to slow its function while delivering only a small amount to the rest of the body. This occurs because radioiodine remains within the thyroid gland for a moderate period of time, while that not collected by the thyroid gland leaves the body rapidly in urine. The radiation exposure to the rest of the body is quite small, on the order of that of one or two routine diagnostic X-ray procedures such as a GI series

    There is no danger with radioiodine treatment. Since the amount of radiation you receive from radioiodine treatment is not dangerous, it is reasonable that no one else in the vicinity receives a dangerous amount of radiation. Nevertheless, physicians make an effort to minimize all radiation exposure to every individual. Exposure to others is most likely to occur if a patient who has received radioactive iodine is extremely close to another individual for a prolonged period of time. Since radioiodine accumulates in the thyroid, such contact would include dancing cheek to cheek for an evening, or possibly sleeping together in the same bed. For this reason most physicians suggest that patients sleep alone for two days and avoid such close contact. In addition, since a small amount of radioiodine comes out into the saliva, kissing is not recommended for two to three days after treatment. There is no hazard for pets.

    Now - radioiodine is used after your thyroid gland is removed (if it shows precancerous cells or if it is cancerous.) It is also used to treat hyper and hypo thyroidism. (over and underactive thyroids - weight gain is a symptom of the underactive thyroid!)

    In Joan’s case she was out and about 2 days after her supposed iodine treatment with nothing on her neck like a bandaid or bandage of any sort that would indicate that her thyroid was even removed. (unless of course she can heal spontaneously!) She talked about having to do radioiodine treatment as a precaution, thus no cancer, just precaution. I guess she could have been lying to folks!

    Now, 11:46 and 11:48 - you are obviously not very informed!

  18. You just demonstrated a complete lack of medical knowledge but you get an E for effort. Using radioiodine after removal of the thyroid gland would be quite unusual since there would be no thyroid gland for uptake. Radiation therapy, however, is used in some cases after thyroidectomy although not all. As to danger from close contact with someone who has received radioiodine, I'll have to ask my doctor why he didn't warn us about that. You aren't even a first class idiot.

  19. Goodness. No, you are. You don't get it do you. A piece of your thyroid is removed and biopsied. You are then treated with radioiodine to basically kill the thyroid if it is precancerous or cancerous.

    Radioiodine is most often used however to treat over or under active thyroid conditions.

    Just a suggestion, if you wish to remain so closeminded even in the wake of hearing that your the folks you are trying to cover for you have made statements to the contrary, then go over to Heraldo with the rest of the zealots.

    and btw - the gathering was at the Avalon. I will look back on my calendar for the date.

    have a good time now Missy!

  20. Trying to stay on topic.

    Isn't this TS article odd? Clearly, the reporter is quoting the preliminary hearing transcript, which is five months old. To me, it sounds like the family called this into the paper. I don't think that's a good sign.


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