Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mendocino: Marijuana charges against fire captain reduced

Marijuana charges against fire captain reduced
One defendant was released and another will face only one of three possible charges related to a marijuana garden found at the home of a former Ukiah Fire Department captain.

UFD Capt. Terry Israel, her son Eric Weston and Victor Villalobos were all cited on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale and maintaining a place for the production of a controlled substance on Jan. 18 after officers seized more than 600 marijuana plants from Israel's home at 740 Canyon Court in Ukiah.

On Friday, following a preliminary hearing, Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Cindee Mayfield found that Villalobos could not be held to face any charges in the case and that Israel will only face charges that she maintained a place for the production of a controlled substance.

Mayfield ordered that Weston stand trial on all three charges.... read the rest

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  1. I would hope that she (the fire captain)gets fired over this.

  2. Aren't you just dying to see pictures of the wiring?

  3. Yup wiring - gawds - I have to run to the bathroom when I read that Rose!!! SO FUNNY - but really one asumes that if he's a local he'd have some local electrican freind wire it.

    I was going to add what I put on the 'heads up' post on this .. ie:

    So the Mendo limit (at the time of the bust) was 25 plants with Tags from:

    So how does this put this with in the 'guidelines' and I wonder how this would be writen up by the press if it was 'just any person' or worst if it was some kid who's dad wasn't the Fire Captain)...

    Intresting the press out lines that:

    "The bulk of the plants, 604, were "clones" no taller than two inches, said Special Agent Robert Moore. The rest were plants standing two-feet tall that were in a closed off room that Weston said he had built as a grow room, Moore testified Friday."

    Funny when "WE" (MMJ people) scream "but they were just clones" it doesn't matter, but if your a fire captain suddenly plant size matters.

    What was "Gag's" campaign motto, "Equal Justice for all" or something like that?!?

    How about plant size listed for every bust?

    Like "oh their okay they were so small they don't matter"

    Okay now for you who don't know about MJ growing - allow me to explain something here.

    648 plants
    604 clones
    44 two foot tall plants!

    Okay so now riddle me this, what dose anyone need 600 clones if they have ONLY 44 plants in flower?

    The area for flowring 44 two foot plants is about 100 sq ft - OR LESS. I'm thinking 'scrog' growing method. (Screen Of Green) Where plants are bent under a net or screen. (if they weren't bent over it would take less space)

    So EVEN IF they were looking at changing growing methods to Sea of Green SOG - where they put in a lot of small plants - they would NOY need so many!

    So what were the 600 clones for?

    Let alone where were the 25 plant tags.

    I want to see how this plays out - WE ALREADY GOT A PERVIEW OF THAT "CHARGES REDUCED" - so much for 'equal justice' ...

  4. Sonny boy took the rap for his proud parent.

    A shining example ........

  5. What part of "former" don't you understand 2:42? It seems this is the "in" place for functional illiterates, speculators and vicious gossips. Not my sort of place at all.

  6. The fire captain?!? My goodness, pretty soon it will be easier to arrest the ones not growing weed.

  7. In the smaller towns of the counties in the so-called Emerald Triangle where the marijuana business is so very prominant & dominant, KT, you may be more right than you know.


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