Friday, August 22, 2008

'Was only a matter of time,,,

With Palco dead and gone - who's next? SURPRISE! It's Green Diamond!

Earth First! Breaking News: EF!H Tree-sit in the McKay Tract (Green Diamond)
Forest Defenders Tree-sitters Discovered in McKay Tract, Green Diamond Land

Gotta keep those donations flowing in!

Here's another one SAVE FERAL HUMAN HABITAT Humboldt Tree-sits end, new one starts
Posted on August 23, 2008 by West Raven
Direct Action Gets The Goods!!! Treesitters in Humboldt Victorious!

But will they have money for socks this winter when the weather turns cold. Maybe Jen(nifer) Kalt will knit them a pair.


  1. This is their way of getting a homeless encampment.

  2. Where is Julia Butterfly when you need her? Just joking.

  3. Green diamond should have them removed immediatly. Give them no consideration,no lee way and no slack. Extortion pure and simple. If these anti groups have a case let them bring it through the courts like honest people do. Greed lives on both sides of the street.

  4. I just completed Green Diamond's Day in the Forest tour of their sustainable forestry operations and these creeps should be ashamed.

    GD employs more scientists than they do loggers. What the company is doing to protect the watersheds, wildlife habitats and native plant life is commendable and inspiring.

    Why would anyone who cares about the environment discourage responsible companies such as Green Diamond from continuing their massive investment in what is arguably the largest carbon offset in the entire state?

  5. As long as the media gives them the attention they crave...there will always be a new villain to persecute...however responsible.

    Besides, where else are these thugs going to find something to do?

  6. Maybe there's money is a "Tree-Sitter Camp" for wayward children... teach them forestry and how to live off the land - the modern day equivalent to a Dude Ranch... tell them that they can learn how to save the world. MOst of them are just lost, looking for something to believe in and have been duped by some unscrupulous con man who will use them to get that publicity which brings in mega bucks to the cause.

    By the time the kids realize they are just being used it's too late. But they still have a great adventure to tell their grandchildren.

    Sadly, though, they aren't learning any work skills.

  7. Speaking of having no skills- I checked out the Home Depot in Santa Rosa today and asked a clerk where the bathroom was located. She turned around, pointed to the rear of the store and told me, "over on the left side in the back." I thanked her and headed to the back left. No bathroom. I walked along the backside of the store, and found the bathroom. On the right hand side.

    I don't blame the store for giving these folks an opportunity for employment. I blame our underfunded education system for failing to teach these folks their right from their left.

  8. Will Green Diamond sell large sections of the McKay tract to developers once they have harvested the maximum number of trees the law allows? Seven thousand new homes close to the bay seems like a lot. Is there a market for that number of homes? Money for new home construction is currently tight nation wide with few exceptions. Who will these new homes be marketed to? Is Green Diamond going to replant a mono-culture once they have clear-cut. Green Diamond has more scientists on the payroll than loggers? How many tree sit extractions do you think they can afford? If those old growth trees were left one hundred years ago as not suitable why are they going after them now unless there isn't many suitable trees left to be cut? Is Green Diamond as green as they claim to be - or are they only as green as another extraction company, Exxon-Mobile, claims to be. If the EPA isn't doing their job protecting wildlife habitat and water quality for salmon and human use, aren't those sitters and their support rightly exercising their patriotic duties? Any news as to whether Green Diamond has any pending law suites?

  9. Would that be a penthouse suite? I don't know.

    The same old tired refrain isn't going to be so easy to pull off this time. Been there, done that, and you don't have the villain to throw into the mix.

    Pretty ironic given all the hoopla over the tree-sitters coming down, the Times Standard cartoon today glamorizing them coming down, stories about them cutting a deal, an agreement... and lo and behold, they're playing out the pigeon drop on the next street corner.

    It will never be over.

    But this county has been held hostage long enough - and we are left with the slimy residue of Gallegos in office.

  10. Good. Let them sell it. If you slim bucket socialist want it then raise the money and buy it. Then you can have all the useless tree-setter you want. Only problem with that is you will try to make old Joe 6-pac pay for it. You'll save your money for pot and trips to Baja with your buddy Gags.

  11. Good. Let them sell it. If you slim bucket socialist want it then raise the money and buy it. Then you can have all the useless tree-setter you want. Only problem with that is you will try to make old Joe 6-pac pay for it. You'll save your money for pot and trips to Baja with your buddy Gags.

  12. Old Joe 6-pac is paying for it with job loss in timber and commercial fishing right now with every devastating clear-cut and silted stream bed. Is old Joe going to continue to sit on his ass and let people of social conscience fight for his right to those industries in the future? Or is he going to continue to let people like Rose falsely define his issues, 'til the last grove of old-growth is viewed from a yellow with age photograph of remnant stumpage he'll show to everyone, while lamenting the lack of medical benefits available through his slave wage Walmart job?

  13. Have you ever driven up the coast? Do you have ANY idea how many trees there are? How many were already set aside and protected with Park expansion?

    Do you have any idea what the new sustainable forest practices are like? Do you have any idea the difference between a modern day 'clear cut' and the olde style clear cut?

    You need to give the foresters and timber workers credit for the vastly improved state of the art practices. And realize how far we have come.

  14. So as long as we have captured groves of old-growth in parks safe from clear-cutters then we have served posterity, you suppose. We have come a long way from a time when vast tracts of publicly owned forests fell to to the rapacious greed of private logging companies. Maybe you can explain to me the difference between modern day clear-cuts and ye olde style clear-cuts. Is it the uncut margin left along public roads known as beauty strips? Oh, yeah, they use helicopters as well as bulldozers and tractor-trailers to get the cut to the mills, in this modern day. A tree cutter gets about $70 to cut down one old growth redwood tree that may be worth up to $70 thousand. In ye goode olde days that cutter probably made less per tree. In our modern day the once bountiful has become slim pickin's. And it's all on account of modern day organized professional law-suiters - or so you have so eloquently repeated ye goode olde days propaganda. Oh, and those lazy hippie dippy tree squatters who couldn't possibly possess anything comparable to your social conscience.

    This land is your land

    This land is my land

    From California

    To the New York islands

    From the redwood forests

    To the Gulf stream waters

    This land was made for you and me!

    Do you know the original words, Rose? We could sing them together!

  15. So what is that, 7:44? A modern-day protest song?

  16. Heh - I don't think the words have changed.

  17. Are y'all familiar with these verses?

    There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me;

    Sign was painted, it said private property;

    But on the back side it didn't say nothing;

    That side was made for you and me.

    In the square of the city, in the shadow of the steeple;

    By the relief office, I'd seen my people.

    As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking,

    Is this land made for you and me?

  18. hmm..the EPA doesn't regulate logging and for having been through such death and destruction anon 4:46 from past logging, ain't it curious that Green Diamond has some of the highest densities of northern spotted owls on the face of the planet, you know the bird that is the so called "indicator of a healthy ecosystem".

  19. Major clear-cutters could not operate if the state of California enforced the following: The State Forest Practices Act, The California Environmental Quality Act, The Clean Water Act, The Endangered Species Act.

    In 1989 the California Attorney General's Office stopped representing CDF because that agency was and continues to routinely approve illegal Timber Harvest Plans.

    There were some of the largest densities of nesting robins in my yard this year - what's up with that?

  20. Oh my, are'nt you misinformed!

    What law exactly has been broken? The State Forest Practices Act requires a document be prepared for every harvest. That document has been determined by the courts to be the functional Equivelant of a CEQA document. Each and every one of those THP documents may be reviewed by the DFG, CGS, NCRWQCB (clean water act), USF&W(endangered species act), county government, national parks. Plus there is public comment allowed.

    Each one of those "other" agencies may non-concur with the findings of CDF and send it to the Board of Forestry for a decision. Each one of them may file a lawsuit against CDF if the Board does not find in their favor. Each individual person may file a lawsuit on any plan.

    Now, how exactly are there any illegal THPs being approved? Are they a conspiracy????

  21. The argument was and still is: Major clear-cutters could not operate in the state of California if the state enforced...

    Clear-cutters further degrade the environment when they replant fast growing, genetic clones. What natural forest environment has same age trees, sharing non-resistance to disease, all growing in rows? What natural forest is sprayed with herbicides year after year, mixed with diesel fuel as a sticking agent? Why the hell does the state of California allow clear-cutters to operate when select cutting maintains a diverse and sustainable forest ecology?

    Major clear-cutters could not operate in the state of California if the state enforced...

  22. You really don't understand anything, do you? You've got your schpiel down.

    Tell me this - why did Schectman/Hedlund/Vilica bulldoze entire plateaus and dig big trenches and bring in fill, and bulldoze roads?

    Why didn't they find nice little clearings and selectively plant without disturbing nature?

    Why do growers bring in mega diesel tanks and giant generators? All they need is a little sunshine and a bit'f rain, right?

  23. Well it is not an argument at all because they are.

    I would advise you to read USFS bulletin 201 for the Douglas fir region in Oregon and Washington where 6 million acres were surveyed in 1911 and to paraphrase, large swaths of land were occupied by trees of the same age the result of wildfire, 80 percent of which were Douglas-fir and trees 500 years and older were rare. Look it up. The fire frequency in coastal mountains of California is comparable to that of the northwest.

    Redwoods are terrible at reproduction by seed because good seed years are infrequent and dominated by non-viable seed. So they sprout. Sprouts are CLONES and I know for a fact that other species such as Doug-fir are planted by Green Diamond as well.

    As for natural forest environments being uneven aged you need to understand that trees do not produce good cone crops every year, more like every 6 to 10 years and most of Californias commercial crop of trees are from trees that have evolved with fire and have serotinous cones. They open from the heat of fire all at the same time. The idea that trees reproduce in an uneven aged fashion in a dynamic disturbance dominated ecosystem is a myth.

    Herbicides sprayed nowadays do not use deisel as adjuvants but instead use vegetable oil in water. Almost all forestry herbicides are sprayed on a single site once or twice in the 50 to 80 year life of that forested stand as opposed to every year in the agricultural fields of California.

    Most forestry herbicides are less toxic than caffiene or aspirin and are always diluted to about 5% of the total solution applied (about 10 gallons per acre), then directed spray with a backpack.

    I suggest looking up the Cal DPR website and checking out the sampling done by I believe the Yurok tribe which found no detections of harmful levels of herbicide and no detectable levels period in fish following spraying.

  24. Rose, we're not playing SCRABBLE and this conversation is not about marijuana grows.

    What percentage of that six million acre, 80% Douglas-fir survey is intact today?

    I understand dynamic disturbance - it is not the whole story. I would want to know the break down of tree age expressed in percentages.

    Has vegetable oil and water become the standard agent for cutting herbicides used by the industry? Is spot spray distribution by backpack at the average rate of ten gallons of acre standard procedure?

    What are your thoughts pertaining to steep slope harvests in relationship to soil movement and stream siltation?

    Do you think intact old growth redwood groves should be cleared and replanted to Douglas-fir. Wouldn't a redwood clone from a thousand year old redwood clone have the proven genetics to withstand disease. Seems to me select cutting redwood groves would actuate self-perpetuating forests of sister clones that could be selectively harvested every thirty years - equaling the board feet of a clear-cut by the third harvest.

  25. Who said anything about playing SCRABBLE?

  26. Oh. I get it. You're sayin' you're playin' hardball.

  27. If this is hardball, you better let the other guy swing the bat. He already knocked one ball out of the park while you keep knocken' them foul.


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