Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Plea deal

☛ TS Sequoia Park kidnapper sentenced to eight years
A man arrested in May for kidnapping and robbing a 20-year-old woman at gunpoint from Sequoia Park, pleaded guilty to two of four charges Friday and was sentenced at the Humboldt County Superior Court.

Court documents indicate Juan Jose Estrada-Chavez, 31, was sentenced by Judge John Feeney to eight years in jail and ordered to pay undetermined restitution fines. The documents show, at minimum, Estrada-Chavez will be ordered to pay $2,600.

Estrada-Chavez initially faced four charges of robbery, kidnapping, assault with a firearm and false imprisonment. The charges of false imprisonment and assault with a firearm were dropped as part of the plea.

He was sentenced to serve five years for the robbery charge, and eight years for kidnapping. Estrada-Chavez will serve those terms concurrently


  1. Well, Estrada-chavez was originally charged with a violation of 209(b)(1) - kidnaping to commit robbery, 211 - robbery, assault with a firearm. The sentence on the kidnaping for robbery alone is life in prison. So our lazy DA changes it to kidnaping under 207 and makes him plea to kidnaping and robbery in order to avoid sending him to prison for life in exchange for a light sentence which will have him out in less than 6 years.

    That’s right Paul, ignore the people and ignore the legislature that made this a life offense.

  2. Well,he's got two strikes, he's going to prison, he's getting deported-- not the worst job our
    DA has done.The question is why he felt the defendant did not deserve life without parole. I mean, they went after Dowdy for murder on much weaker facts, and I doubt the kidnaper had a self defense argument. And dont tell us there was an unwilling victim. We know how the DA feels about uncooperative victims.
    Note to pauliphiliacs-- no one here is defending the kidnaper. Anti incompetence does not equal
    pro criminal.

  3. You are right - 2 strikes going to prison, out in a flash, deported and back in the country to do it again in six years.

    Oh, I feel so safe.

    a fellow anti-incompetence advocate.

  4. Was anybody following the comments thread at the Times-Standard? It has not only been closed but pulled down.

    What could be worse than the comments on Gundersen articles and Josiah Miller articles?

    And by the way, TS, I applaud you for pulling it down. Much as I believe in freedom to speak, including freedom to speak anonymously, I do not think it is right to include anonymous comments on a newspaper site.

    But what happened?

  5. 8 years for robbery and kidnapping is NOT ENOUGH. There is no excuse for this.


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