Friday, August 08, 2008

Drive naked. Save fuel.

Why not?
If people really loved America, they would strip down, leave their clothes at home, and drive around buck naked. That would decrease the weight of our cars, which would increase our gas mileage so dramatically that we probably wouldn't have to drill for any new oil!

Genius, right?...


  1. I'm thinking that maybe if I lost that 20 pounds I'd save enough in gas over a year to fuel a small generator to pump enough water for a village in Sudan.

    But the Cheezits have a grip on my soul.

  2. Okay I know this blog is about Mr. Gag’s and how he maybe bringing down the whole free world single handedly.

    BUT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN – the Olympics have just started, there is a whole world of EVIL out there and we’re not even mentioning it?

    I got to say that some stuff makes me bust out in “God I’m grateful I’m an American TEARS” and the Olympics is one of them.(1)

    Okay for starters how about when the Afghani delegation walked in, and you knew the one woman Afghani athlete was not there because she was in hiding from the rebels that wanted to kill her because they thought that woman shouldn’t be allowed to compete! (She was training in Italy, then sought asylum because of the death threats, and now is ‘missing’ and thought to be in Norway.)

    God thank you for allowing me to be an American!

    Or the delegation from the country that the mean national income is $150 a year.

    Or the delegation who had NO WOMEN because their brand of Mosulum doesn’t think woman should be allowed to compete. (see Afghani info. above.) These guys are so ‘forward thinking’ that they don’t allow women to do anything with out prermission from their male person (father or husband) there women can’t drive nor travel alone!

    Or our USA Flag Bearer, Lopez, Lomong! From Sudan (see above post.) Does the above poster know that China has a horrible war going on in Sudan right now?

    Do you all know that Lomong was orphaned by the war in Sudan? Kidnapped by rebels at the age of 6. That he only got meat 2 a year (boiled over salted chicken on Christmas and Easter) and what inspired him to go to the Olympics was in 2000, as a refuge in Kenyan he walked 5 miles to see a black and white TV (the only one around) and saw Michael Johnson win the gold.

    He said “I’d like to run like THAT guy!” and “My dream was to run for Johnson’s country.”

    Winning the gold isn’t a big deal for someone who has to face the way they might have to run, when they go to sleep at night. Go threw a Sudanese camp, run away to Kenya and then get adopted by an American couple. His frist meal was Mac Donnals where he saved part of it, couldn’t bring him self to waste food, or eat that much food all at once.

    Ya dreams of Olympic gold is not that ridiculous when you’ve live a life like that. China kept some of our delegation out of the country because of fear that our people would cause a protest (those crazy free Americans!) But they didn’t keep Lomong out, he carried the US FLAG! The ‘official’ Chinese hand out on Lomong didn’t mention Sudan or his flight out of the country, or his US adoption, of course, because they are backing the ‘bad guys’ in that war right now!

    And as I saw OUR USA delegation walk in and our athletes looking like party animals, giving hand signs; everything from waving to thumbs up to the PEACE sign to the “devil horns” of Heavy Metal … some waving their hats, others the women looking like they were on a ‘Girl’s Gone Wild’ video, I went, “Oh ya world, that’s the US of A, FREEDOM BABY with a capitol F-R-E-E-D-O-M! DIG IT!”

    This morning the some of the American delegation were attacked, (two relative of the US volleyball couch) stabled to death others seriously wounded by a Chinese man. Some of the onlookers, locals, said “They knew something but couldn’t talk.” Police and ‘neighborhood watch’ (Gestapo) were some how ‘very present’ watching what everyone said to rapports. The Chinese are saying it was just an attack on some American tourests.

    As to drving nude? I spent a year or so nude back in the 60’s kept a flannel sheet in the car, if it got cold or I got stopped. And ya I got to loose weight too, but not right now, after Chemo I’ll worry about getting back into shape …

    That hippy, who is VERY GLAD to be an American

    PS – Say Rose did you get permission from your husband to post this blog? I guess being a father of a daughter I’m particularly sensitive to the women’s issues. When I saw OUR WOMAN walk in to the arena for the parade of countries, and they were ‘acting out’ like I say ‘Girls gone wild” I couldn’t be prouder, they were like any bunch of AMERICAN GIRLS having a great time – no fear – no worries about how they should walk, act or what was going to happen to their families or them if they didn’t act a certain way, like so many did from other counties. Fugitive haunted looks of many of the other countries athletes; “Who’s watching?” “How am I walking?” “Will it be reported?” “Will my family and I be safe when I get back?”

    None of that in the FREE WORLD Countries, just that “lets party” feel … I’m reminded that the Ozzy Osborn, Mötley Crüe metal tour did more to ‘liberate Russia, it fell apart soon after! People never saw that much freedom. In the stadium (Bird nest) there were some 1.6 million Chinese people, or those watching at home, I wonder if they will ever be the same, just the “vibe” of the free world athletes was so different!

    (1) Frist taste of “F* I’m glad I’m an American.” was at 15 when I stepped off a 707 back from visting reltives in Europe. I was 6’ 2” and 185 a swimmer and wressler when I left, a couple of months later I came back the same highth but 25 pounds lighter, 150. There was so little food to eat, and also the ‘kids’ my age were about 1/2 my size. I KNEW what it was to be an American then, and was sobbing as my grandparents and I waited to get back threw customs I kissed the ground with my tears!

    Later that night my mother (they had stayed here) found me standing infront of the ice box and asked what did I want?

    I said, “I just wanted to look, as I haven’t seen that much food in one place since I left.” The next day a local chain market was damn near amazing, so much food, and anyone could buy it, no lines for what ever was ‘in that day.’ – God thank you for allowing there to be an America and allowing me to grow up and live here!

  3. I'm with you 100%. Thank God (whatever you conceive God to be) every single day that we were lucky enough to be born here, in this day and time.

    So many minute reasons, just like you say - and big ones, too, like we don't have to worry about our kids getting shot when they walk out the door.

    Funny story, DT - I know a guy who is from the 'Old Country, who shops at Safeway. He goes there because he revels in the selection, his favorite place is the produce section because of the abundance. He says there is nothing comparable where he is from.

    I'm with ya on this one, man.

  4. Yes, the US athletes came out looking like arrogant and aggressive goons and the world took notice. They gave their biggest cheers for Iraqi and Iranian athletes.

    Yes, the US has lots of choices in the markets, certainly more than people in the third world. Ancient Rome had the best markets too in their time. It's a little pathetic, don't you think, that in order to feel superior you have to compare the US to countries where people starve to death?

    The US is #1 where it counts. We are considered the #1 threat to world peace by the majority of the rest of the world and #1 in energy usage. While other countries focused on alternative renewable energy, we were planning invasions of oil producing countries. We aren't #1 in education, health care, infant mortality, longevity, alternative energy production, or happiness but I guess you gotta focus on what you are good at.

  5. Move, then 8:59. Or, try turning off "Democracy Now" and look around you.

    Better yet. Do your part to decrease energy usage and turn off your computer. Pretty hypocritical to bitch about energy use while you're blogging.

    In case you weren't aware, off all the armed conflicts in the world, with the exception of Ireland, they all involve Muslim extremists, the greatest threat to world peace. The real threat. the ones who are willing to slit your throat, on camera, and revel in it.

    I feel sorry for you.

  6. No need to feel sorry for me. I don't run away from problems but work to fix them. We have the ability to be the greatest nation on earth again once we get rid of the corrupt and evil neocons who are destroying our liberty and our reputation. Your opinion as to who the greatest threat is to world peace is a tiny minority view as world wide polls have proven. People who think being a bully makes you superior are undoubtedly bullies themselves.

  7. Anonymous said...
    Yes, the US athletes came out looking like arrogant and aggressive goons and the world took notice. They gave their biggest cheers for Iraqi and Iranian athletes. ...

    Hum So a room full of 1,6 million chineess cheering for Iraqi and Iranian is a posstive thing?

    I'd cheer too if I lived there, if that was what the party told me to do. You betchch red rider!

    Have you ever lived in a Comie contry? LIVED there? I have - my grandparents were from Poland, I was there in 1964, great place! NOT! ---

    At 15 I lived with my relitives over there, I speak Polish well enough (as my grandma only spoke it) to live with them, (I was sent along to 'take care' of my Grandparents, carry their bags - be contact person if things got out of hand. I was 6'2" and my weight calls was 185+ so I was a big health 'American boy' who grew up early big and strong! Healthy enough to make sure they could get to a bath room on the plane and find hotel rooms and so forth.

    So we get there and Gustoph and Emealch are greated by about 100 of their relation at the Warsawvia Airport ... we spent the summer travling from one relitives 'home' to another ...

    I don't know where to start with how BAD their living condtions were ... frist thing I noticed was how SMALL the people were, and slow to mature other 15 year olds looked like the size of 9 or 10 ... adults were wareing cloths we had sent over - MY old cloths, and remember I was just 15 then ... typical strapping USA boy - I guess ... 1/2 art student 1/2 jock! (weird I know but hay it worked for me)...

    So back on track - little things like lines for what ever was in the market that day ... it didn't matter we'd go in and stock up on anything - tampons or what ever they woulld 'let' us buy - see we had MONEY but with out permits you can't buy things ...

    As I said I lost 25 LB's on that trip, I'd even go 'sneek out' and hit restruants to load up on food and still I couldn't get enough kelo-cals to keep my weight up!

    the frist meal was an 'hornor' for my grandparents. What was on each plate was about the size of what I'd eat eat as a MOUTH FULL!!! - well maybe that's a bit over stating it, but darn close. One small peice of sausge, one 1/4 potato, one leaf of cabbage. I knew enough to be polite and not complain but I was stunned - this was a FEAST for them. Later meals were less 'opulatant' ... watered down 'soup' and such with a crust of bread. Remember we were honored guests with money to help them buy food, there was just NONE to buy!

    And other 'little things' = My grandma and pa would want to look at a church (no big thing - just where they were married that sort of thing) or some famous one that they'd want to see.

    Our relatives would take us 'near' it - and then walk by it - so we'd know where it was (Nee-nee and Pops had come to American in 1918 or there abouts so they didn't remember and stuff was built up).

    But our relatives would not be seen pointing out the church or looking at it, or anything to do with it, because the 'secret police' would report them, and at least their ration tags would be cut back (I'm trying to remember the word for that in Polish - Orbese?) ... anyway they said it like that was ACCEPTED practice for even looking at a church, let alone walking into one! Note – I’m not into church or go to one, not a ‘church’ person – but to tell others they’d get in trouble for going to a church? – that to me is BULLYING!

    the frist 'decent' meal (enough food) I had was on a farm some relatives got to coop grow.

    Oh did I mention that our city dwelling family lived in cut up apartments? Imagine living in 1/2 a 2 bedroom apartment, with just a wall put up and a communal bathroom, you shared with another family, and a kitchen (cook space) that was kind of 'stubbed in' - perishables were stored out on a landing out side - no refg. or any thing like that. Only 'rich' party members got things like refrigerators – We’d call them Burocrats here – like the Code enforcement people … or building dept or any other Government job … But there that was THE best job to have – to be part of the Government – to be part of the PARTY!

    Okay abck to the frist meal I had where there was ‘enough’ – the restruant portions were small too – I’d have to order two or more to get full. I was used to an ‘athlitict’ diet of a swimmer, surfer, wressler another growing 15 year old California boy – another words I constantly ate back at ‘home’ just to keep my weight, health and streath up. There was no way to do it there …

    One area we could get enough food was the farm! We stayed there for a while, I was amazed but wondered what I was eating, there were chickens out side. But what was on the plate didn’t look like chiicnen. I was told that it wasn’t – that the chickens were counted (government man) as were the eggs so they couldn’t use any of their own production. So at night they’d go to the river and POCH eel’s. That was what we had ‘enough’ of was Eel meat! (YUM!) … if they were caught it was sever punishment – because poching suggests there is not enough food, as it was explained to me – and the goverrment didn’t want to look bad, like there wasn’t enough food – so you couldn’t fish. There were plenty of eels so we’d go out at night and sneek around and chetch eels to have enough to eat. Again this was NOT from some quota or endangerd speacies thing – it was because ‘the man’ (government) didn’t want to look bad – its like when they band vitamins … because to need or use a vitaman would suggest there was something wrong with communism and that their was not enough vitiamas in their diet already – as provided by the wonderful STATE …

    How do I know? – Because I asked for some – could I buy them. I was looked at like I had asked to have someone killed or some great illegal deed – I was told “SHUUU we’ll talk later!” – (we were at a store at the time – and I thought it was an aproprate place to ask .. food supplements, vitamas so I wouldn’t get sick – if I couldn’t get enough food – maybe some muilt-vitmans would help – but I was silenced and given looks to kill – that I should say something like that in public …

    So I guess if you’ve never been to an oppressive place / form of government – it’s a waste on you to try to relate. Do I want my kid to starve for a lie?

    Do youo know what CAUSED the Veitnam War? – Really pushed it? –

    We just found out –
    (disclammer: I’m an anti-war activest from the jump – I was at Centruy City and other major protests. I’ve seen my borhters and sisters beaten – I’m against the current war in Iraq) – that said …

    What we just learned was that the Chi-Com (chiness comuniests) were starving – but because of PRIDE and wanting to “LOOK GOOD” they would not tel the world that their form of government wasn’t working – so they did a PUSH on Vietnam to take it over – because its rice production was so high – they “invaded” for FOOD.

    I always think we could do better at spreading democfacy – if we’d just air lift and drop food and rock and roll into countries. Our way works …
    As to the rest of the world – PEFSONALLY I don’t back anyone who persuctest people do to race, creed or sex .. Iraq and Iran – go there live there – as a woman and come back and tell me how great it is – try to ‘protesdt’ what ever the government is saying – there as a local citizen … You’d be tossed into a camp or ‘disapered’ so fast your head would spin.

    I don’t agree with what’s goiung on in the USofA – but man it is the BEST PLACE to be …. Unless you like buying into a “party line’ and not being abel to go down to Old Town and carry signs, try the ‘women in black’ protest (I LOVE YOU WOMEN!) any where else – say in Iraq or Iran – what you were saying got the biggewst cheers …

    Or a ain’t war protest – you’d be beheaded in the streets – publicallly –

    Nope – America may suck – but it beats the heckk out of what ever is in second place ---

    I was just (April) Dx’ed with Cancer – the Big C -- if I lived in a country with nationalized medicen I’d still be on a list to be seen, here I’m 2/3rdfs though my treatment! – Now I’m for EVERYONE having health insurance – like I’m for everyone having car insurance … and yup its expencive – but you know what – go out and make some money and PAY for it - no jobs? What your that stupid that people won’t hire you – we are begging for empolyes – just like every empooyer in this county is …

    FUNNEST THING I SEE – is people BEGGING for money infront of a Help wanted sign … do they want to work? --- I don’t know I’m the lazest hippy person I know – so I just emply people to work for me … they eat and I get jobs done –

    And that brings me to the bottom line – as my relitves in Poland said – and my mom echoed – “You take everything away from everybody – and redi8strubte it evenaly – in less then a year those who have will have again – thouse who don’t won’t – Comunisem and oppressive governments don’t work – the cat’s out of the bag – freedom works it’s the only thing that does!”


  8. For all our faults, we are indeed the greatest nation the world has ever seen. You are blessed to have the incredible good fortune to live here in this day and time.

    Your regurgitating leftist talking points is really getting old.

  9. Anonymous said...
    ... People who think being a bully makes you superior are undoubtedly bullies themselves.

    Yor talking about the Afganies who put the death threat on the only woman who dared to thing she was able to compete or the delegation who didn't allow women at all? Or the the ones that got all those cheers who make their women ware covers over their heads and faces, or get punished? Which set of bullies are you talking about?


  10. My comment above was for 10:51.

    Who should consider that the reason the Iranian and Iraqi athletes get so much applause is because we are all so happy that they are able to be there! To compete. To represent their countries against incredible odds. It is a joyous thing.

    The Olympics represent the laying down of arms, and the coming together in friendly competition by ALL of the world's nations, by all of the world's leaders, despite our differences. It is a celebration of what we have in common. And what makes us great.

    Snarky degrading remarks about the American athletes - there's no excusing it.

    You should pay attention to what DT is saying. You're into speaking truth to power. Then you should listen to it when you hear it.

  11. "You're into speaking truth to power."

    Try that in Iran or Irag or Sudan or China for that matter. I'm always so sad when an athlete from one of 'those' type of country looses. I wonder what the punishment for them and their faimlies will be.

    Here win, loose or draw - its cool - no pressure just glad you made it to the Olympics. Other places its way diffrent!

    How many American's have to ask for asslum to other countries?

    Oh that's right we let our people leave if they want ...

  12. Chine doesn't allow chruchs either! Great place NO relgious freedom!

    Not that I go to church but WOW what a thing to put someone in jail for!!!

    And they use it: ie just this week their (Chi-com goverment) says "Oh Muslums MAYBE a problem - so lets round a bunch up!"

    and they did just that and said that their was a 'hail of grenaids' and rounded up a bunch of people ...

    the neghbors said "no noise no one was shooting - the goverment just came in and rounded a bunch of people who were muslums and said they were terrorest"

    What they are trying to do - is remove a section of socity. Great place I tell you - want to be just like them.

    People worried about the Fed's here and MJ - man THERE you get busted for having a book on Relgion! ...

    Amazing! -- Bush went to chruch today, it was a 'state aproved service'

    Again I'm not a church guy, but I have one hell (pun) of a bunch of books about relgion! I'd be busted for what I READ in China!



  13. Reading about the catacombs when I was a kid was the first time I realized that I may not think I care about the church or religion - but if they try to take it away from people, it sure as hell is worth fighting to stop that.

    One of the many great things about this country is the provision for freedom of religion, a true example of the lion and the lamb coexisting - all these different religions and denominations and no violent altercations!

    You are so right - we really do forget just how many rights we have, how many small rights we have.

    Thank God our women are free. There are so many places where they are not. How is that even possible in this day and age!

  14. Ya Rose -- thing is that I keep thining about the whole 'knee jerk libral'thing.

    I may NOT aggree with Bush and even think he' an idiot a lot of the time, and even think he's dangrious with his friends (Halburten et al) ...

    But you know I just saw him interviewed and thought "Ya he may be an asshole- but he's MY asshole - and YOU IDIOTS (chiness) make him look GREAT!"

    -- I was thinking about the whole MMJ / MJ thing and laughing and thinking about how in China that:

    The Internet
    Religous books
    and so much more is ILLEGAL - and MMJ? - ha ha ha ... marijuana?

    "China regularly steps up executions of drug traffickers ahead of the June 26 anti-drug day to signal its determination in fighting narcotics-related crime."
    ~China Executes Three To Mark Anti-Drug Day: South China Morning Post 6 25 08

  15. The US is China's biggest customer. It makes sense that their leaders told them to cheer for Iran and Iraq. They spread the message through their mind control implants so no one else would know about the instructions!

  16. The US doesn't have the only bullies in the world, just the best armed. Just because you have bombs dropping from airplanes and long range missles to kill with rather than swords doesn't make you less a bully. Bullies always have to have their brainless cheerleaders to root them on. You guys fill the part quite well.

  17. So I take it, 11:18, that you prefer bullies who butcher their women for minor transgressions, who induct their men into forced military servitude, and shoot them - or worse - if they attempt to defect. You prefer the killing fields, and the mass graves with glorious rulers who built gilt palaces with the money that was meant for antibiotics for their children... you want your wife in a burkha, and you'll kill your daughter if she takes a boyfriend, you support killing someone of a different faith simply because they are of a different faith, and, you believe that in Iran, there are no homosexuals.


  18. I never said I preferred any of those things. I also don't prefer my country helping to overthrow democratically elected leaders to install a brutal dictator like the Shah. I don't prefer my country invade another on fraudulent pretexts and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people. I don't like bullies of any nationality, not even my own, unlike you.

  19. I also don't prefer that anyone justifying bombing my country and killing hundreds of thousands of people using the atrocities of John Gacey or Richard Manson to justify it. Slaughtering innocent people because of what their non-elected (some were even "appointed" and / or supported by the US)leaders do leaders do to them makes as much sense as killing a child because their parent abuses them.


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