Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lipizzan Stallions 7:30 tonight

Redwood Acres, tonight's the last night. If you haven't read the Journal's Event listing read it now! Best joke of the year! Best thing about it - until you get to the point where they (the Arcata City Council) were stationing (APD) cops at all the exits to keep people from attending, it was 100% believable. You could absolutely see that happening in Arcata!
The Lipizzaner Backlash
TICKET PRICES: adult tickets are $22.50 each. Discounts for 12 and under and seniors 60 and over available at Great Western Clothing and Carl Johnson Co. Event information at 707-445-3037.
The World-Famous Lipizzan Stallions Great Show! Beautiful Horses!

(NO PROTESTORS there tonight, either!)


  1. they were great = we WON tickets at Relay so got to go - made a great evening of it. Din din at the Marina - then off to see the AMAZING horse work! WOW ...

    At times they didn't even look real.

    and gosh so 'abused' - 45 minutes training work out aday! -- and everything they do - is normaly done by a horse anyway in play, where do I sign up!!!


  2. Beautiful and powerful! Darn! I would've said "hey" if I'd seen ya!

  3. By the way, did you notice that after they performed their tricks, they got little treats? It was pretty discreet, but it was there.


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