Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jury seated, Gundersen trial starts Monday

☛ TS Gundersen trial to begin Monday
☛ ER Gundersen trial ready to begin Monday
Since the Humboldt Superior Court was able to find at least 12 jurors to serve on the trial, Judge Bruce Watson denied a change-of-venue motion submitted by Gundersen’s defense attorney Russell Clanton.


  1. Stockholm Syndrome

    Bonding to one's captor (abuser) is a survival strategy for victims that has been observed in a variety of hostage-taking situations. This strategy was labeled Stockholm Syndrome after a hostage situation in a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973. Three (3) women and one (1) man were held hostage for six days by two (2) men. During this period, the four hostages and their captors bonded bi-directionally. The hostages even came to see their captors as protecting them from the police! Following the release of the hostages, one of the women became engaged to one of the captors, another of the hostage started a 'defense fund'. All this was done in the face of the fact that the hostages were bound with dynamite and generally mistreated! Such bonding to one's captor / abuser no longer considered unusual by professionals who negotiate with hostage-takers. In fact, it is encourage its development, for it improves the chances for survival of the hostages, despite the fact that it means the officials can no longer count on the cooperation of the hostages in working for their own release or in later prosecuting captors.

    Bonding with an abuser maybe the universal survival strategy for victims of interpersonal abuse. Studies of other hostage-like groups seem to bare this out. -- These groups are:

    *Concentration Camp prisoners
    *cult members
    *prisoners of war
    *civilians in Chinese Communist prisons
    *procured prostitutes
    *incest victims
    *physically and/or emotionally abused children
    *battered women

    Four Situation Factors that are Precursor to Stockholm Syndrome:

    1.) Perceived threat to one's physical or psychological survival and the belief that the captor would carry out the threat.

    2.) Perceived small kindness from the captor to the captive.
    (Note: letting the captive live is enough.)

    3.) Isolation from perspectives other than those of the captor.

    4.) Perceived inability to escape.

    Psychodynamics' Underlying Stockholm Syndrome

    An abuser traumatizes a victim (who does not believe they can escape, or truly can not) with a threat to the victim's survival. The traumatized victim, who perceives isolation from outsiders; who could provide nurturance and protection, must look to the abuser to meet those needs.
    If the abuser shows the victim some small kindness, the victim then must bond to the perceived positive side of the abuser, denying (or dissociating) the side of the abuser that produced the terror. The victim begins to work to see the world from the abuser's perspective so that they may know what keeps the abuser happy, thus helping to insure the victim's survival. As a result the victim becomes hypervigilant to the abuser's needs and unaware of their own. The victim comes to see the world from the perspective of the abuser, losing touch with their own perspective, which is unimportant or even counter-productive to their survival. With the denial of the violent side of the abuser, comes denial of the danger. It becomes progressively harder to separate from the abuser due to the fear of losing the only positive relationship identity that remains -- her/ himself as seen through the abuser's eyes (which in the case of the adult victim has replaced any previous sense of self, for a child this may be, and often is, the only sense of self known).

    Treatment for Stockholm Syndrome:

    Lessen the conditions that produce Stockholm Syndrome:

    1.) Isolation - Help the client identify sources of supportive intervention; Self-help groups or group therapy (group needs to be homogeneous to needs), also hot lines, crisis centers, shelters and friends.

    2.) Violence - As victims in abusive relationships minimize the abuse, or are in so much denial it may be necessary to ask directly about the different types of violent behavior. Many woman (and children) are confused about what is acceptable male (parental / authority) behavior. Journal keeping, autobiographical writing, reading of first hand accounts or seeing films that deal with abuse may be helpful to clients.

    3.) Perceived Kindness - Encourage the client to develop alternative sources of nurturance and caring (see #1).

    4.) Validating both Love and Terror - Helping the client integrate both disassociated 'sides' of the abuser, will assist her in giving up her dream that the relationship will become what she had hoped it would be.

    From these references:

    Grahm, D. Ph.D. & Rawlings, E. Ph.D. "Bonding with Absuive Dating Partners: Dynamics of Stockholm Syndrome." Dating Violence, Women in Danger ed. Barrie Levy. Seal Press. Seattle, Wa. 1991.
    - - - "Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD" Address, Western Clinical Confrence MP&D April 12, 1992. Costa Masa, CA.

  2. and, 12:52, you're talking about the left-over DDAs condition BECAUSE...?

  3. Thanks for the info on SS. It answeres other confusing questions. I've always been puzzeled why other wise normal seeming people could buy hook ,line and sinker the radical anti-everything line pushed by America hating Soros. Groups like local solutions,EPIC,baykeeper,HCDCC and their cult followers running for local elections have soiles our process,lowered the bar of compassion for the public and are so off mark and mean spirited that good people with balance won't enter into the political fray. Good seeming people who once were willing to see all sides of an issue are now so brain washed with ideology that will literally spit on anyone who even asks opposing questions. George Clark seems to be following that path. It is sad as he could turn his back on divisiveness.

  4. because he/she is an idiot?

  5. Lucy and Dave8/09/2008 10:17 AM

    Rose , you spellin' is bad and you need a bath ' cause your smellin' . Next time try using a little soap you trollish dope and wash your hair , too . Don't you know it smells worse than rat stew ? Your trollish nonsense cmmas make me wish there were more , Obama's but , none like you .

  6. What ARE you talking about 10:17?

  7. I think 10:17 has a hangover Rose and is losing it about the good job you are doing here.

    Pretty funny/ironic that the Gallegos supporters can only respond to you with insults. Guess it is illuminating as to just how warped some of them are.

  8. You know you have tampered with the pooch when you have to bring in "experts" to do some 'splainin' 'bout chour weeetnesses . . . .

    No wait a minute man, wha ha happen wa

    but not to worry. The jury will take one look at Clanton and KNOW his client is guilty. As usual.

  9. But of course. A person's guilt or innocence depends on who their attorney is. What a brilliant bunch of people there are here. 10:33 is the funniest on this thread, equating people recognizing the obvious environmental damage that is occurring to Stockholm Syndrome. If anything it's the people so captive by their corporate masters who have Stockholm Syndrome and it's a classic presentation. They abuse and exploit you and you defend them and attack others. You didn't learn a thing from Hurwitz. Unfuckingbelievable!

  10. What corporate masters?

    I don't know a single person who is held captive by any corporate masters.

    Can you give some examples? I mean it SOUNDS SO GOOD! SO Convincing. Like you've really thought this all through and have some really powerful credibility. I am in awe.

  11. Hurwitz? Corporate masters? Stockholm syndrome?
    So this is what Dirt First does when they're not sitting in trees.Yawn. You delinquents are over.


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