Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And condolences

to the Arkley family.
☛ TS Robin Arkley Sr. passes away
☛ Arcata Eye Robin Arkley 1925-2008
PLF Mourns Passing of Former Trustee Robin Arkley, Sr.


  1. I always found Robin to be impish, opinionated and delightful.

    May he rest in peace.

  2. What incredible irony.

    Robin leaves us just as Gallegos leaves the last vestige of his legacy in ruins.

  3. When I was 15 Robin gave me a job cleaning up at his mill. I worked nights after school and ball practice. We became friends and for 50 years he has always been in my corner. God Bless his family. Thank you Robin for the gift of your friendship.

  4. And hats off to him for being the first to recognize Gallegos for what he is.

    For those who missed it - the Times-Standard characterized him this way Prominent Humboldt County timber man and conservative Robin Arkley Sr. died in Arcata Monday. He was 83.
    A founder of the now-defunct Blue Lake Forest Products, Arkley was a lightning rod whose commentary in newspapers and local radio sparked outrage or passionate agreement -- depending on one's political views.
    KINS news radio reported Arkley's death Tuesday morning. The Humboldt County Coroner's Office confirmed that Arkley died of natural causes.

    Arkley has for years lodged observations and opinions on the AM news station's Community Comment segment. He famously offered $5,000 to anyone who would start a recall campaign to unseat District Attorney Paul Gallegos after the DA filed a major lawsuit against the Pacific Lumber Co. The recall failed, and recently the suit was tossed out on appeal.

    I remember him for many other things over the years, actually. Never met him. But my favorite quote was him talking about Alex Stillman's Arcata Business Improvement District efforts - he called it "the Iron Fist without the benefit of a Velvet Glove." Contrarian, but accurate to a point, it was funny. She is (and was) a powerhouse. Not exactly sure whether he really admired her for that, or whether he really disliked her.

  5. Whether he liked you or not he was always a gentleman. Deepest to his loved ones.


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