Monday, December 04, 2006

Whistling in the dark

”We don't have a problem with attorneys wanting to stay,” Gallegos wrote. “Most district attorney's offices, just like most large- and medium-sized law firms, experience and expect a certain amount of attrition.”

Gallegos: Doing 'more with less'...TS...Chris Durant..1/18/06


  1. Anybody wanna buy some ocen front property in Iowa....Gag's has some for sale.

  2. the Humboldt County DA has not lost this many lawyers in years. The entire DA Attorney team has changed in 1 year.

    HE IS A MORON!!!

  3. Noooo, Keat, Fleming and Cardoza are still undermining Paul's progressive agenda. Thank god for
    Schwartz, Dollison, et al. Onward, Citizens, into our Brave New World.
    Someday, Humboldt will be free of these last holdouts, and the benevolent hand of Paul will stretch over an entirely purified
    District Attorney's office. Except for those ungrateful proletarian swine on the staff who are too stupid to recognize true genius.

  4. Its really ‘cute’ how your so down on Paul that you pull up almost year old news items, because your post on how wonderful Worth Dikeman was sort of crumbled around you. So now we have you looking into the archives to find something that you can post to make Paul look bad and bash him with.

    E.G. The date on your quote is 1/18/06 "Gallegos: Doing 'more with less'...TS...Chris Durant..1/18/06"

    Okay here’s the repose to that old hackney charge that Paul's loosing too many ADA's from the office:

    Damn near twice as many assistant district attorneys left when Terry Farmer started his 20-year service to our county, then have left or been removed by Paul. (No one ever deals with this statement though, because it doesn’t support the “Paul’s bad Group Fantasy” that this type of site operates under!)

    Though the same things, that are being said about Paul's office, were said by pro-DePaullie supporters, “The DA's office is in shambles, what is this Terry person trying to do? There is no one good left!”

    Hell these two DA’s first termS in office parallel each other so much, Terry even caught flack for letting off a child molester too easy, by his set of detractors, to PROVE how poorly he was doing. Its amazing how much the same this all is

    Let us not forget (or lets because it doesn’t fit the ‘Paul’s the root of all evil’ opinion.)

    Nor no one seems to address the FACT that Terry didn’t help Paul with the change over, something I brought up in my last set of posts, but again it was ignored. Its really sad to, because other then that, as far as I’m concerned, Terry was a real class act. But doing NOTHING to help with the change over (and Paul asked for help) help CREATED the hostile environment that Paul walked into, and lead to the situation where it was a ‘us and them’ feeling.

    How would any of you feel if you got elected and the person REFUSED to help you or show you the ropes? I’m mean talk about sour grapes, or a poor looser, I, as many, was absolutely stunned when this happened, its so unlike Terry. No matter how much you dislike someone, you have the common courtesy to show them where the bathroom key is (for gawds sakes) and help with the translation process.

    Also (of course) you still haven’t addressed the Farmer/Renner take over from DePollie – I guess you or your handlers weren’t here during that time and don’t know anyone who can tell you about it, or address it. This is probably why your not addressing the massive leaving of Farmers office when he took over. (Nes Pas?) And also nothing about Roger either, again none of this is ego systoic with your ‘Paul is Evil” perception of the world so if it doesn’t fit, you just don’t deal with it, toss it out, right?

    When Farmer took over that office from Bernie DePollie many, many more people quite or were terminated. Farmer was seen as the ‘great new Turk evil’ by many people. Also rumors were rampant and accusations flying from the DePollie camp that Farmer/Renner were being backed by anit timber, and MJ grower interests. Nothing new here, seen it all 20 years ago, Rose were you around for all this? Were you involved with politics? Were you here when Roger was almost impeached for his wanting to tax the growers in the hills? (Years before medical or anything like it.) Or is this all new to you, and your friends? Roger Rodine (we were told) was backed by eco / grower nuts in the hills and had to go! Again is this before your time in Humboldt Rose (et al)?

    If you WERE here you’d know damn near 2x ADA’s left the office when Terry took over from Bernie then since when Paul took over from Terry.

    But it don’t fit, with your world view, so don’t look at it.


  5. I was here.

    Who were the DDAs that left?

    There weren't even close to 18 DDAs in the Humboldt County DA's office in the 1980s.

    You are full of it.

    Why should Terry have to "show the ropes" to Gallegos. Gallegos had the audacity to run for the top position with no experience.

    Why do you feel such a need to defend Gallegos if there's nothing to what Rose says?

    You don't really know how that office works. The people who do are just watching it crumble. You can talk all you want, but it's falling apart and fast. Two more employees who are instrumental are leaving soon. You make as many excuses as you want and believe the tales you spin, but it won't help change the downward spiral.

  6. Who were the DDAs that left?

    All of the DePollie crew, that's who. As to the amount of DDA's (really called ADA's) please provide your citations as to amount of them in the office in the time that Farmer was in office. Terry's turn over (after the first batch - the 'DePollie crew' left) was HUGE - it was like he couldn't keep people in his office. They were leaving or he was asking them to leave. WAY over 18 ADA's came and went in Terry's term in office, like I say, first the DePollie crew - left or was asked to leave, then their was a bunch of turn over.

    As to why Terry should have shown Paul the ropes, and why, it’s called simple politeness. (Something you obviously lack, with your "full of shit" comment).

    Terry didn't NOT only NOT show Paul the ropes he didn't even have the courtesy to speak to him, like I say even show him were the restrooms were.

    As to why I 'feel the need' to defend Paul - I don't - I just was amazed that theirs such a web site - and get a kick out of coming in here - and laughing at it.

    Like I said - these references a post from a year ago, Rose dropped the one about how Wonderful Wroth Dikeman was, because it wasn't going like she planed. So she posted this old one. As to "I don't know how the office works" - well since we're both doing the Anonymous thing - I can there for assume YOU don't know how it works either. Chuckle...

    I spent plenty of time working with and around the office when Terry ran it, and (though now much less) has spent time around it now that Paul runs it.

    You sound very hurt and up set that two more people will be leaving soon, were you this up set in the early mid 1980's when people were leaving?

    Was the office in a 'downward spiral' when the DePollie crew left? We were sure told it was, and when their new replacements came in, young and basically untried, wet behind the ears staff (Like Worth was)? We heard all this before "the office is crumbling, now that DePollies gone, Terry's has gotten rid of all the good people and brought in new kids what will happen now?"

  7. Hey Rose don't you have a limit as to how much crap one ignorant person can write?

  8. Isn't there a limit on how obsessed a person can be?

  9. If you are the Anonymous who wrote all that garbage before my post, I certainly hope you were looking in the mirror when you posted your last comment.

  10. Nope, I wasen't.

  11. ADA would be Assistant District Attorney. (like Tim Stoen)

    DDA is Deputy District Attorney. That is, anyone in the office except the DA and ADA.

    Surely 3:57 can spell the people's names right - at the very least get the spelling for the sitting County Supervisor.

  12. Nothing's been dropped. But I notice 3:57's spelling and punctuation has improved a bit, and he knows a bit of html.

    Your talking points will be addressed, don't worry.

    Perhaps you should also go back and read the ad where Mel Brown endorsed Dikeman.

  13. 3:57 is so full of shit I almost fell off of my chair laughing. He can't spell anyones names correctly - got the facts so wrong it is obvious that he is retelling a story someone else filtered to him and is just plain revising history to try and spin things.

    It is DePaulie and Rodoni.

    There were over 2/3's LESS attorneys in that office when farmer took over. Farmer took over to "clean up the office" as DePaulie was a crook.

    Mock ran against Farmer in the next election and lost by a narrow margin. He left the office and Dikeman was hired to conduct the Price murder trial in which Depaulie was representing the Aryan Brotherhood murderous prisoner. Dikeman won

    DePaulie was disbarred in CAlifornia and went to Nevada. He subsequently landed in prison.

    There is only one ADA in the DA's office. All the other attorneys are DDAs NOT ADAs (futher showing your stupidity.

    Your mispelling and misinformation clearly demonstrates that you were not around and do not know shit from shinola....

    This is not even a bad attempt at spinning things dickie. Go spin your lies somewhere else numbnuts. I find your tactics you probably would fit right in with Paul!

  14. I thought DePauli didn't end in 'e' So spellcheck doesn't catch everything does it?

    Sherrif Renner was another crook-he even bragged openly about cooking the books.

    Either do more research or stay out of shark infested waters cause you'll get eat'n round here. Gallegos isn't in the same class with Farmer, Dikeman, any of the senior DDAs either still here or departed.

    As for knowing where the bathroom was-it isn't surprising that upon entering the office for the first time Paul was shitting his britches! He probably still is.

  15. It's Bernie DePaoli.
    Bernie DePaoli

    Terry Farmer beat him in 1982.
    In 1986 Farmer was challenged by Ed Parsons and Mike Mock.
    He was unopposed in 1990 but was challenged by former Eureka City Attorney David Prendergast in 1994.

    The fact is, at any given time any District Attorney can lose an election. The staff all knows that, and are prepared for it. It doesn't necessaarily affect their job, assuming the new DA is competent.

    The loss of people in today's DA's office has nothing to do with Terry Farmer, and everything to do with Paul Gallegos.

    And, 3:57, It is Roger Rodoni

  16. Ah yes-there you spellchecked me thanks Rose It's DePaoli!

  17. PG doesn't have a problem with attys wanting to STAY, he has a problem with not being able to get attys to COME here

  18. So lets see – you attack my spelling and are nasty, and almost threaten (chuckle with your ‘Your misspelling and misinformation clearly demonstrates that you were not around and do not know shit from shinola....” - gawds so That’s what counts SPELLING – cool! –

    Forget about answers ANY of the things I suggest – and just use any of it to go off on YOUR OWN tangents - great clear thinking here people.

    And “Rose” with her “Your talking points will be addressed, don't worry.” My gosh .. when your HANDLERS tell you how and what to right?

    Rose - really glad you got with your 'handlers' and they looked up who ran what races when, glad you could get back (up to speed with that)

    So as to 'it has nothing to do with Farmer' - No more or less then when Farmer took over - people were 'removed' from office, which had LOTS to do with Farmer then. Rose, go back and ask your handlers, about that!

    Of course it had to do with Bernie - just like today's removals have to do with Terry's people - and how they perform in office. I guess you people all work for someone and don't hire and fire. It sucks, but when you take over an office, and people don't do what you want them to, (ya good or bad - but that's how it is) you got to remove them - so things flow better.

    That's what Terry did back in his first few terms at office, BTW - I worked on Big Ed's campaign - FYI. Not that that matters, but did you work for Terry back then? Or did you just get hired to put this web site up and join Humboldt politics cir. April when Paul won again?

    Anyway, Yup Terry flushed the office of the Bernie influence, and caught hell for it (this was before Bernie was up on charges and HIS people were cripin' about how bad a job Terry was doing in the DA's seat, bring in these 'new-bes' like Worth, when Bernie had much more experanced people.

    Hay like I say I worked with Terry for years, just saw him at a Demo. fund raiser earlier this year, and still think he's a hell of a guy and made a great DA, but does that mean Paul sucks?

    If Paul was so BAD - how come he won?
    If Paul was so BAD - how come he won the Re-call?
    If Paul was so Bad - how come he won again?

    I know you all think 'the people' are fools - and Rose's handlers work to keep pumping up that idea.

    Okay to answer that – (why Paul keeps winning) – begs the same question as why would Worth post a “spin” (LIE) about his role and attitude about P215.

    Rose you said, “Worth is for decriminalization” – okay so why didn’t he put THAT (or have Steve Knight post that, on his campaign web site vs. this LIE/creation that Wroth created the 10 plant guidelines? Why the need to lie? Also Why YOUR need to defend him against this lie. And Finally Why are you going to ‘get back to me on that’?

    You still haven’t addressed WHY your ‘great man’ chose to post a blatant lie on his web site. People in glass houses shouldn’t toss stones. So Worth would be a better DA then Paul? Then why this lie (spin) on Worth’s involvement with the formation of p215 guidelines. Go to the Board of Sups web site, was Worth on ANY of the TF’s there? Nope! Is or was he ever listed as a participant in the talks in Arcata? Nope.

    In fact, the quote on P215 by Worth about "no p215 rights" –(previously cited) was at the same time (1997) that the Arcata Guidelines (by Mel Brown) were being adopted, ID cards et al. (also previously cited).

    So for Worth to post on his campaign web site a quote saying that HE was the frist LEO to come up with the guidelines is an out and out lie, plane and simple. Worth began entertaining those limits when he was FORCED to by local Judges threatened to hold him in contempt of court, if he didn’t stop prosecuting sick people who were legal. (case in 2001 where legal MS patient had less then 10 small plants in a locked green house)

    As to Mel Brown indorsing him – Yup I know that (Mel’s picture and endorsement is right next to the lie by Steve Knight: BOTH a spin by Worth to attract the P215 vote and live down his actual reputation) – AND HOW in the heck does that change the fact that Worth LIED about who started the 10 plant thing – or posted it on his web site the “FACT” that he was the FIRST Law Enforcement person to come up with it.

    When in FACT he had nothing to do with it – so you guys keep telling me how “Either do more research or stay out of shark infested waters cause you'll get eat'n round here.” and all that hoopla about spelling (I don’t have time to spell check, for this kind of post – so I just paste it in, NOPE I can’t spell –

    BUT I SURE can tell when someone is LYING for votes – which is what WORTH was doing by posting the ‘born again p215 BS’ on his web site. “First LEO to come up with the 10 plant limit” – what total BS

    Okay folks – once again – bottom line here – SHOW ME THE CITATIONS where ANYONE says (dated) pre-Mel Brown’s quotes on “10 plants” – this was to the Arcata City Council cir 1997 during the Medical ID Card and Ordnance proceedings was being held.

    Worth wasn’t there, he wasn’t part of any of those meetings. (Which I can understand, because it was Arcata City)

    Then the Humboldt County MJ TF was formed (the first one) and the ONLY person from the DA’s office was Terry Farmer. No Worth, and Terry agreed to adopt the 10 plants that Mel had come up with for Arcata.

    Worth was NOT in EITHER of those forming loops – no where no how –

    So again how come he puts it on his web site that ““Worth was the first person to have law enforcement leave 10 plants behind when the person had a p215 card.”

    ??? so Worth LIES and its okay??? Right???

    You still won’t answer this question – because (I suggest) that its non-ego sytoic to how your ‘spinning’ this web site = Paul is BAD – and others in his office are GOOD!

  19. Calm down. Some of your comments are addressed on the other post you are commenting on. You put alot in each of your comments, and I believe you deserve a fair response

    But let's get a few things real clear. No one pays for this site, or for my time. No one tells me what to write. In short, I have no handlers. Nice try though.

    In fact, I initially conceived this blog as a website - which would have a Good Boy Paul column and a Bad Boy Paul column - So that when the time came, the voters would have a chance to look at both sides, and make an informed decision based on the facts and the record, and not on PR spin.

    So you could submit your suggestions as to what -exactly - Paul has done right.

    Wanna give it a try?

  20. Attrition is one thing, but that is not the case here. What we have seen is a mass exodus and we all know why: Gallegos. Nancy

  21. PG doesn't have a problem with attys wanting to STAY, he has a problem with not being able to get attys to COME here

    Well, his most recent hire left after 5 days.

  22. What 3:57 doesn't know - or care to acknowledge - is the role Worth Dikeman played as mentor to, not only the people in the office itself, but to law enforcement officers and officials.

    To a man they describe going to him with questions, seeking guidance and perspective on all kinds of legal questions. When they had no case, he told them so. When they had a dilemma, he helped them solve it.

    They all describe a man who worked more than the normal work day - a man who never took a lunch break. And at a recent "goodbye" function, one person explained the reason why. He said that they would all go to see Worth during the lunch recess, to catch Worth while he wasn't in court - that often there would be a line at his office door.

    When I spoke with Mel Brown, he said that is what people do not realize, what an incredible resource Worth was to this community. Which is why he put aside his reserve and stepped forward to endorse Worth Dikeman. I believe he said he had never endorsed anyone before.

    Mel Brown himself was at the forefront of implementing the compassionate use guidelines and implementation of 215 in the City of Arcata. The rest of the state looked to him, I believe with good reason.

    He is another who was such an incredible asset to the community, we were lucky to have had him. Like Worth, he is described as beloved.

    Something people forget in the current climate.

  23. Jeez - 3:57 gets his panties in a bunch when he is corrected. Sounds too nuts to be anyone other than Dr. Pot himself.

    Ken, go back under your rock.

  24. Hey, remember it's winter and cold under those rocks.

  25. Paul won because not enough people knew the truth. Next time around, we'll make sure the voters are better informed. In the meantime, forget spellcheck. See if you can get your computer to run factcheck instead so you won't be such a blithering idiot.

  26. 11;44 may be right. Only a very few people care about the fact that Terry Farmer didn't welcome Paul with open arms and show him the ropes.

    It may be because of the lies spread by even the early Gallegos forces that brought this to be - but more likely it was that Paul was a known quantity to the people in the DAs office. They knew his level of experience, his level of competence, and his level of integrity - and they were not impressed with what they knew.

    They knew, for example, about the illegal taping of inmates conversations at Pelican Bay State Prison, as well as the alleged double-billing for representing those clients.

    Only very few people pulled up old news reports from Terry's early years, and those were dredged up as talking points in the KMUD debate during the Recall, as if whatever Farmer was alleged to have done 17 years prior excused any of Gallegos' failings - failings like the way he handled the drive by shootings, the Martinez-Hernandez case and others.

    And only very few people would refer to 215 as P215.

    Regardless 3:57's sole focus is on the pot issue - and because he sees Gallegos as a champion of the pot growers, he is willing to sacrifice and excuse away the loss of, ALL of the other functions of the DA's office.

    Pot is more important than protecting children and prosecuting Child Abusers.

    Pot is more important than prosecuting wife beaters.

    Pot is more important than the integrity of the judicial system in Humboldt County itself.

    That's the way I see it - and I have read and considered your anonymous comments 3:57. Very carefully.

  27. Pot is a symptom, not the disease.
    The disease is a total aversion to responsibility, sacrifice, self-reliance. The disease is a conviction that whatever "feels good" is an inalienable human right, coupled with a denial that
    one "has" to do anything in return for exercising that "right".
    Oops, surf's up, gotta go.


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