Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Edited comments

The online version doesn't match the print version, so you'll have to get a hard copy of the TS to see their Editorial space running selected comments from this story.

It's interesting to note which ones they chose - as the most explosive comments were left out - comments from someone who claimed to be Jonni Honda's daughter talking about the child molestation charges against her father. She claims they were false, that the girls in question were lying, that they were foster kids who had been taken in by her parents, and who she claims manufactured these stories in retaliation against her father.

I do not know how to feel. Angry for killing my father, or relieved that he is in peace. My father is NOT NOT a child molester. Those girls used the system, just like everyone else. To get what they want. See my mom and dad did foster care, taking care of the children who had loser parents. They blamed my family for that and said that they would do what ever they had to do to go back to their family.

Well isn't ironic, they may have their family back, but now mine is gone. My dad would never hurt anyone in that way. You know the CPS law "Children never lie" BS, sometimes I wonder if they have children of their own. Chances didn't look good for him. Tell me, would you want to go to prison for something you didn't do. Something that serious?

I love my DAD so much, I know he was scared. He is a great man. He will be missed so very much.
Hon's Daughter | 12.09.06 - 10:08 am | #

I am just so shocked...children are engaging in sex at the ages of 10, they know what molestation. The system teach them. My dad went to court for almost two years...tying to have a fair trial. In a case like this, no evidence is needed. Just the word of the these kids. My family took in these kids to try and help them have a better life. F*** those girls. They will face God and be judged. I hope that the ones judging him will never have to endure what he has gone through the last two years. To Mr. Anonymous I pray that you will never have to be in my dad's shoes. He tried to go about it the legal way.

Stop judging and talking like you know what he went through.
Jon's Daughter | 12.09.06 - 12:57 pm | #

This is not a blog, but rather a place for people to leave comments on stories that appear on the TS. But this is interesting, and dangerous territory for a newspaper.

Is this person really who she says she is? Is there any truth to what she is saying? If there isn't, is it fair to the victims for this to be part of the newspaper record? Has the Times Standard or any other reporter interviewed her, and the others who claim to be family members on the site? Perhaps there is a story in the works. These are certainly important, if true, and if it isn't true, that needs to be clarified.

Either way - why not include these comments in the column?

Note: For those whose browsers are unable to load the TS comments on their site - I posted the first 113 comments here. Their comments run in reverse with the earliest at the bottom of the list and the most recent at the top, so to start from the beginning you have to scroll all the way to the bottom. The discussion degenerates as it goes along.


  1. The time standard by allowing this as part of their paper disgusts me..it doesn't matter if it is on line or in the paper itself. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will think to sue them?

  3. Everyone there that made the call to allow this ought to be taken outside and flogged. What a disgrace.


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