Monday, December 11, 2006

Who's being defensive?

The Times Standard is on the defensive this morning, in reaction to Murl Harpham's telling it like it is when he said that "he requested a state Attorney General’s Office Justice Criminal Investigation team to look into the Honda shooting.

“This request by no means should indicate to anyone that I think our officers acted outside the law, outside of procedure, or unprofessionally,” Harpham said. “It is only because of the recent incidents our officers have been forced into, and the negative reaction by some people and the spin by some media, that I am initiating this.”


  1. Mr. Harpham did the absolute best he could have both for the City of Eureka and EPD. What he did was to take the political spin of the event and negate it. So now Paulie and Dr Ken "Quack" Miller cannot hold the EPD hostage on this 1. It also calls to task Paulie for his inept handling and review of the Cheri Moore incident. I still maintain Paulie doesn't have a case and will hand it over to the Grand Jury, so they can take the heat for not prosecuting. None of us should discount Mr. Harpham's 50 years of law enforcement experience. He is the right person to be holding this position at this time. His uncanning ability to be able to speak the truth without caring about political fallout is priceless at this time. This is one person that Paulie and Dr. Ken "Quack" Miller are well advised to not attack, they and the Times Standard will not survive the comparisons of integrity with Mr. Harpham. Roy

  2. Roy-it would be wise to keep your compliments of Murl Harpham separate from your assasinations of Paul Gallegos and Ken Miller. It only invites them or their side if anyone is on it-to comment back negatively towards Harpham.

    In my opinion Harpham is more than ready to retire and doesn't deserve the crap of another incident and the associated comments.

    Murl handled this with class and the foresight of hindsight by having the FBI handy and being willing to stand there in freezing temperatures to wait this guy out. The overtime to the city must have been horendous-it would be nice if the T-S spent a minute asking that type of question (and it would be a nice change too).

    Reporting isn't about having the latest blow by blow from the latest nobody citizen on the street. Whatever happened to 'news you can use'?

  3. Good advice, thanks. Roy


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