Friday, December 15, 2006

A busy week for the DA's office

A case overturned, plea bargains, the DA on the stand and all this:
ER - Throckmorton found not guilty
TS - Throckmorton found not guilty
Graham sentencing continues Friday
Prosecution in Dinsmore trial calls FBI doctor as expert witness

Former Deputy DA sues county for alleged wrongful termination
I've been observing this trial - what strikes me most is the contrast between the prepared, informed, knowledgeable, professional, straight responses from ADA Wes Keat, Co. Risk Manager Kim Kerr and Linda Modell from the DAs office and the disinterested, unprepared, uninformed "I don't know" "I don't recall" all over the map statements from Gallegos.

And, in Trinity County
Malcolm attorney requests charges be dropped


  1. So do you think Albin-Sheets is making her case to the jury?

  2. Hey, Eric, have you switched to the beta-blogger version yet? You're going to love it. Much more user friendly.

  3. What do you think Eric? Are they making their case against the county, your pal Paul?

    He would have been better off to have just fired Sheets because of her at will status instead of the lies. The lies he is now dancing around.

  4. I think even Klien could win the Dinsmore case. Klien did OK, but this one seems to have lots of evidence, a slam dunk. Wonder how it will turn out. Dinsmore is a very dangerous man.

  5. I heard that fearless leader Gag's was in court last week and someone commented about his new glasses and his combover. Everyone laughed, Gag's got pissed, and there was a short recess ???? Any truth to the rumor.

    I have been noticing Gag's receeding hairline for the past 6-10 months or so.

  6. Graham case:Am I to understand that there is a specific special allegation for using a gun in a manslaughter, and
    the DA left it out, and now wants to put it in?

    Doesn't the jury have to find such allegations proven or unproven?

    How can you do this after the fact, and how can you be the head prosecutor and not get it right in the first place? I mean, have it in one charge and not the other? What the hell? Maybe the guy should take some law books with him next time he goes on vacation.

  7. I get a feeling that the Dinsmore verdict will shock local residents. I think the jury will decide the lesser charges.

  8. I don't think so. The audio taken by the meth addict parolee is pretty powerful stuff. I would be surprised that even a Humboldt jury would not find him guilty.

  9. Of course the irony is that Gloria was deadwood; she was infamous for being the laziest attorney in the office. The only prosecutor whose departure caused less retrenching was Mr. Stoen. He never had any cases, and she never showed up for hers.

  10. That's what's so funny. All PVG had to do was be honest about it, and he would have had the support of all the other deputies. But that's just not his instinct.

  11. Don't know where you get your information - but Gallegos has said that his attorneys handle some 550 cases a year - (Stoen had two) - and similar numbers are on budget and grant papers. (Hard to say how heavy the load is now with such a reduced staff).

    It's obvious from the trial that she was out on disability off and on. She was also assigned to juvenile court.

    You may also consider that the terms of the vertical prosecution DV Grant provide for a reduced case load, to focus on DV (Domestic Violence) cases and preclude her from carrying a normal load. That may have lead to your perception.

  12. Rose, defending GA's work ethic rather erodes your credibility.

  13. Well, Gallegos denied that he let her go for any reason other than "losing" a grant. He insisted that she was not "fired" but was "terminated."

    When asked to explain the difference, he said "firing" meant that you were detrimental to the ofice or he didn't want to work with you, but "termination" meant I am sorry, I don't have the money or I would keep you.

    "Gallegos said it was also important to note the difference between terminating employment and firing, especially in this situation.
    “(If I fired you), I would have asked you to leave, even if I had all the money in the world,” he said. “Termination means I don’t have the money, ‘Sorry, you have to go.’”"

  14. 12:32 - no the laziest in the office were Stoen and Vadas. Sheets was only on Gallegos' list cause she beat him in a domestic violence trial the year before he was elected.

  15. Stoen and Vadas were workaholics compared to youho and, perhaps
    Klein. In fact, the overall attorney work ethic has undergone a radical change, with the exception of the Farmer remnants who, we know, only put in the extra
    time "undermining" the progressive
    agenda of PVG. And Russ Clanton.
    And Sanders and and and, hey wait,
    did I hear a wave? gotta go.


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