Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Baykeeper" - LawsuitsRus

Baykeeper - doin' what they do, filing lawsuits.
Gonna have to keep an eye on these guys and their tactics.
Environment groups sue EPA

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  1. Baykeeper=Nichols, whose wife was Paul Gallegos' last campaign manager, who went to Crawford Texas to hang out with that miserable excuse of a mother Cindy Sheehan how meets with Hugo Chavez. Wow

  2. It would be good to keep an ear open to hear what they are telling people and making sure there are links to factual information whenever possible.

    At a Geologists meeting recently there were questions from participants about hydrocarbons breaking down into other toxic substances. Luckily Frans Lowman was present to explain that yes, hydrocarbons can break down-BUT it is to a lesser carbon chain (and would be lesser toxic) than the original substance. This takes many years depending on the substance in question.

    This has to do with the Earth's ability to heal itself.

    All the talk of Dioxins in the Bay caused me to ask Frans about those...he explained that Dioxins are underburned carbon after fires: forest fires, trash burning (from wood to plastics) and can come from *anywhere* ~ Just not the Balloon Track! I found that Interesting!

  3. So, as long as chemicals eventually break down, however long THAT takes, it's OK to keep on tossing them out there. That's the spirit, you "environmental (cough)activist". Jeez!

  4. mrsb814 is getting in the way of the State of Fear line o bs. mrsb814 don't you know you must be afraid, very afraid, very very very afraid or else the whole thing falls apart

  5. 8:04 cindy sheen is a wonderful mother and her son DIED in Iraq so have some respect you sick would you feel if your son died over some oil prices

  6. OK, so I learned a bunch of stuff about blogging. Like if you sit there long enough to make your butt go numb-you can tell who's posting even when they're anonymous! I love it when certain people get carried away and start answering themselves-but I would suggest outtaking that stuff in a word program and really honing it down to two voices before posting. And a further suggestion would be better timing-not one right after the other.

    It seems like multiple personalities could develop otherwise.

    The other thing I learned is this person/these people (How can you tell how many there are when they're all named 'Anonymous'(?) can get nasty in a hit and run sort of way. Someone wrote this: Anonymous said... mrsb814 sends in all those biased opinion pieces to the ER

    ---it almost ruined my day.

    I have to stop myself from responding to EVERYTHING. All I could think of at the time was Who isn't biased-everyone is biased. That's what makes us unique. And that's why it takes groups of people with diverse opinions to get 'things done'.

    At the PSC meeting later in the day-Ruth let it slip she had seen me get slammed on the blog and I was suddenly surrounded by people who cared and let me know I am 'articulate'. I received an email from Fred telling me the blogs can get 'brutal' and you have to have thick skin etc. Then CPR thanked me for posting on his page and I was all better. Friends are like band aides!

    And when I got up and turned on the computer, there was a post on Fred's-like a present, waiting for me! I was having fun again...Gosh, it's already 10:10 and I haven't gotten dressed yet! okay, okay I'm going!

  7. Left the thing running after the first shot over the windows-something I never do, but Joe was having a smoke on his porch across the street so I felt like I could get away with it.


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